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Scott: MHWF
As most of you already know, we lost our Bassett Hound, Bella, about 6 weeks or so. She is still missed a great deal and the house and other two dogs have not been the same since. So, we have been keeping an eye out for a dog who really needs a new home and that might fit in here with our oddball lifestyles.

Today we found that dog.....

We are pleased to have you all meet Hairy Styles, a 4 year old Cocker Spaniel that we are adopting from the Clark County Humane Society. Not only cute, but a really well-behaved, sweet dog who should fit right in around here.

Hairy Styles was picked up as a stray in Georgia and there is no history that comes with him, so Hairy Styles is just his temporary shelter name until we come up with a better one. Because we are working the Packer game on Sunday, Hairy won't be coming home with us until sometime after this weekend.

When you come to meet the horses, you will get to meet Mr. Hairy Styles too!

Welcome Hairy!

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Diane B
Wendy W - WI
Soooo dang cute!  You are a lucky boy Hairy!!  Congrats!!
Jenni O.
So cute! Congratulations!
Kristin W.
What a cutie! He hit the jackpot with you guys! ❤️
Welcome to your new home fuzzy wuzzy Hairy. I think you should name him Joe Cocker [wink]
Faye - WI
Harry! What a sweet looking boy.
Sue J
Welcome Hairy! Your going to have a blast on the farm.
Congrats! He looks like a sweet boy
Scott: MHWF
The new guy came home with us today and is fitting right in....no drama at all and everyone seems to be getting along really well.

Hairy on his way home with us today......and hairy getting cuddly on the couch.

No name has been decided yet.

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Congrats [smile]
Wendy W - WI

What a little doll and it looks like he totally loves his new home.  

Lucky little pup.   Congratulations again!

Lucky dog!  Plenty of outdoor life, something always going on, slavishly devoted owners.

Awwww...congrats!  What a sweetie!
Hairy has been with us for exactly one week now and he fit right in, like he has been here for years. We were super busy the couple of days after we brought him home and did not have any time to think about what his new name might end up being. By the time we had a break to think about it, he was already starting to recognize the name Hairy, so it stuck and we decided to keep his name Hairy Styles.

We picked him up last Monday and on Tuesday night we brought him to horse adopter extraordinaire, Laura B. who squeezed us in and was nice enough to groom him for us right away Tuesday night. He needed it. She bathed him twice, clipped his nails and trimmed him. It took almost 3 hours.....no small project. Thank you so much Laura!!!

Hairy gets along great with Caine and Monty and they have accepted him as one of the pack, no issues at all. Every day Hairy gets more and more comfortable and used to our routine and he is always a happy go lucky guy, exited to see us when we come in the door or when it is time to cuddle in for the night.

Karen snapped this photo of him outside the other day that we meant to share, but didn't have the time until now.

We lucked out finding Hairy and he is a great dog already.

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What a change.  Hairy looks great!  Isn't there a cocker rescue person among MHWF's supporters/adopters?
Love him!!
Jenni O.
Great job, Laura! He looks like he feels like a million bucks.
Very cute.  Reminds me of my little Lily....my first dog back when I was single.  Sweetest dog ever.  Hugs little Hairy.
Kate G
He looks like "Professor" in that picture. Very regal looking. 
Caine said it was okay to bring Hairy on a little road trip to pick up some hay today.
(Monty in the front with me)

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Wendy W - WI
What a good brother Caine. Hairy looks happy and content.
Jenni O.
Lucky, lucky dogs! And what a trio-they're all so different.
Mr. Hairy Styles and Caine discussing the Christmas photo that we were about to attempt.  

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Wendy W - WI
So dang adorable.
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