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2018 Hay Drive


It is that time of the year once again, time to start the MHWF 2018 Hay Drive.

This year we are much more worried about the Hay Drive than we have been in previous years. It seems that since we took on the situation with the Lucky 13 horses, MHWF has been trying to survive on little to no income. Just about every penny we have taken in from every fundraiser we have done has gone directly into the care, feeding, hauling, training, vetting, vaccinating, trimming, Coggins testing, gelding and everything that comes with taking on 13 horses that were previously unhandled or vetted. Last we looked, we had spent well over $25,000 in this situation and are by no means near the end. Horses are now starting to come back from foster and training and pastures are quickly becoming full to capacity. At the same time, interest in adopting horses and donations seem to have dropped for the time being. We were very worried when the Lucky 13 situation was dropped into our lap and some of those worries are now becoming a reality.

Our most important goal for right now is in raising the funds we need to make sure thet the winter's supply of hay is here and paid for before the cold weather hits. Our very first load of hay came in this week and there are many, many more coming over the next few weeks. Luckily, the good people who we get our hay from know us and know that we will eventually pay them for the huge quantities of hay we bring in each fall, but that does not make it any less stressful....to have a pasture full of horses, hay coming in and wondering and hoping that this year's Hay Drive does well.

With all that being said, you, our supporters, have never let us down and in fact, the last couple of years, you have come through in a really big way and have taken care of the hay Drive in record time. This year has a feeling that is even more urgent than in past years and all we can do is be up front and honest about it and hope that our supporters are there once again to help us and the horses out.


How to help:

So, if you can help with a donation toward the 2018 Hay Drive, we can sure use it. Donations are tax-deductible and 100% of the funds raised for the Hay Drive go directly to the cost of hay to feed the horses this fall and winter.

Making a donation to the Hay Drive is easy....simply send a check or money order to our office or use any of the "Donate" buttons on our website to send your donation with your credit or debit card, or PayPal account. We will reply back to every donation that is received.


Checks and money orders can be mailed to:

MHWF Hay Drive

10990 State Hwy. 73

Pittsville, WI 54466

Please consider making your donation today. Time is always of the essence and this is not a year that we can even consider failing to meet our much needed goal.

Thank you!


Hay Drive Goal: $14,000

Raised so far: $14,210.00 


Your donations go directly to the cost of hay to feed horses currently waiting for their new families at MHWF. Please help us help them.

Thank you!

Check's in the  mail[smile]
MHWF and all the horses would like to extend a very big and heart-felt thank you to the following people for their generosity and support for our 2018 Hay Drive. 

Thank you!

Rita S.
Merry S.
Alison D.
Cythia G.
Maria C.
Catherine M.
Kristin M.
Sue J.
Nichole C.
Lorraine L.
Lori S.

Karen R.

You, yes you, we can see you there.

Way too early to hit a wall already! Please, if you can help, make your donation today!

Don't just pretend you did not see this....it takes every "supporter" to reach this goal, every one. Have you pitched in to help yet? Can you spare $5, $10?
MHWF and all the horses would like to extend a very big and heart-felt thank you to the following people for their generosity and support for our 2018 Hay Drive. 

Thank you!

Christine A.
Harriet M.
Martha G.
Barbara W.

Wondering if we can pull off some kind of a rally toward the Hay Drive today.....what would it take to get all of our supporters, adopters, donors, everyone we have tried to help to make one small donation.....today.

Let's face it, there are some people that won't make a donation no matter what....plthhhhh You know who you are.

But for those of you who we have spent time helping, taken in your horse when it really needed a place to go, help you find your dream horse or those that simply know how much work and heartache go into this program day to day.....what would it take for YOU to make a small donation today?

If even half of the people who came to this forum and website took the time to make a $10.00 donation (cost of your lunch), the Hay Drive would be just about over already. "You don't mean me do you". 

Programs like MHWF do not run on good wishes and website clicks. It takes cold, hard cash to pay for hay, grain, farrier and vet bills and it takes a ton of energy, stamina, and thick skin as well as tons of blood, sweat and tears, daily to keep this program going. Without you and your support, we can't do it...it is as simple as that.

So if you read this and still chose not to help out.....

Can we do it, can we get our supporters to read and act...can we get a rally toward the Hay Drive going today?
Great things can be accomplished when we all pitch in together to make a difference, whether that be a horse, dog, cat, another person.....

Our rally made a very nice dent in the Hay Drive yesterday and we want to put out a public thank you to each and every person who responded and pitched in to help. These are special people, people who care and are willing to do something to help and not just talk. That is very special and becoming more and more rare these days. So a very big, hearty and appreciative thank you to the following people:

Jane B. (mom)
Geraldine S.
Susan W.
Kristina M.
Catherine Y.
Kim B.
Len and Donna R.
Mary H.
Chris K.
JoAnne K.
Sonia R.
Janice N.
Sheryl S.
Amanda M.
Merry S.
Christel N.
Doreen D.
Kay D.
Kathy K.
Jennifer M.
Nancy C.
Melissa P.
Suzanne M.
Julie S.
Anna W.
Brynne P.
Christy O.
Kellen H.
Heike B.
Courtney P.
Jane L.

We also want to share about and acknowledge Carla Z. who has very generously offered the first Hay Drive challenge of 2018. 

Carla will match up to $500.00 if we can raise $500.00 by Thursday night at 10 pm!

Thank you once again Carla!!!
We also want to share about and acknowledge Carla Z. who has very generously offered the first Hay Drive challenge of 2018. 

Carla will match up to $500.00 if we can raise $500.00 by Thursday night at 10 pm!

Thank you once again Carla!!!
MHWF would like to acknowledge and thank the following people for their generosity and support of MHWF and the Hay Drive last night and this morning. We want each of you to know how much your kindness and donations mean to us and this program....thank you!

Jeremy and Jennifer O.
Don and Mary A.
John and Nancy W.
Marlin and Diane B.
Staci J.
Jennifer F.
Kristal K.
Kathy K.
Dan and Marisa D.
Hannah J.
Donna M.

Only $100.00 to go by Thursday night to meet Carla's challenge!

Not only did we hit Carla's Hay Drive goal and meet the challenge 13 hours before the deadline, we exceeded it a little!!!

A very special thank you to the following people for getting us over the finish line!

Mary H.
Lori H.
Lisa B.

Thank you so much for your generosity.....the Hay Drive challenge has been met.

We also want to send out a very special thank you to Carla Z. for putting out this very generous Hay Drive challenge and for her matching $500.00!!!

Everyone at MHWF, especially the horses, would like to extend a very warm thank you to the following people for their generosity and support toward the Hay Drive today.

Thank you to: 

Deb W.
Patricia R.Betty G. and Roger & Jamie M.
Kristin W.
Nancy C.

Thank you!!!!

Major Hay Drive Challenge!!!!

Adopter and supporter extraordinaire Laura B. has issued a huge and super generous Hay Drive Challenge tonight and if we meet this challenge, the Hay Drive will be more than 1/2 completed, which would be HUGE for MHWF and the horses it will feed this winter.

So here it is.....

If we can raise $1500.00 by Wednesday, September 26 at 10 pm, she will match it! We cannot fail on this opportunity and super generous offer.

There it is, $1500 by Wednesday, September 26th at 10 pm.

Can we do this and be over half way through the Hay Drive? 
Thank you to Nick and Christine A. for sending in their second Hay Drive donation, this time toward the biggest and latest Hay Drive challenge!
While we were away and during the Wisconsin Rescue Horse Trainer's Challenge, some very nice, generous people made donations toward the Hay Drive and Laura's super generous challenge. We would like to thank the following people for their kindness and support today the challenge!

Geraldine S.
Jennifer M.
Nancy C.
Lori B.
Jan N.
Sandy P.
Betsy W.
Terri M.
Heike B.
Sharon E.
Mel D.

A huge thank you to each of these wonderful people!

Everyone here, especially the horses, would like to extend yet another very big thank you to more wonderful supporters and donors (some of them on their 2nd and 3rd Hay Drive donations) who have stepped up to help with the Hay Drive and Laura's massive challenge.

So a big thank you to:

Len and Donna R.
Kristin K.
Carla Z.
Loretta M.
Jeff S. & Kerri L.

Thank you!!!

So I counted....70 people have donated to the hay drive, some multiple times but only 70 of us donated and have already raised a little over 5 THOUSAND DOLLARS.  Now I know for a fact more than 70 people have benefited from this program and the forum.  My family and I have been supporters of this organization pretty close to 10 years now and I gotta tell you the same names keep popping up year after year to help out when MHWF is in need. 

COME ON PEOPLE!!!!!  Even if it is just one dollar, help us out here!!!  One year I asked all my FB friends if they would send me a dollar and guess what?!  I was able to make an additional donation of almost 100 dollars more thanks to them!  The dollars DO and WILL add up!!!  Lets get some names on this list that we've seen asking for help on the forum, help us keep this organzation going so they are able to take care of the horses and do the work most of us can only dream of being able to do. 
Getting a little nervous with only about 24 hours left to the challenge at the time of this post, but wanted to thank some more very special people for their donations to the Hay Drive and Laura's super challenge.

With that, we send our very best thanks to the following people for their help today.....

Kara B.
Sheryl S.
Sue J.
Deborah L.

Thank you!
Thank you once again to Jenny and Jeremy O. for yet another donation to the Hay Drive and toward Laura's challenge!

You two rock!
These 3 kids are sending in half of the money they've earned so far selling their pumpkins.  If 3 kids can send in $75, I'm sure the hundreds of daily forum readers can come up with a $5-10 donation, right?  Pass on the $5 Starbucks today or the Culver's value meal.  These horses need your help!  

- Kristin W.

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Hay Drive Challenge met and exceeded!

We had a load of round bales come in after chores this morning, then on the road to go pick up a load of small squares.....three more loads of big rounds coming yet today.

While we were away, the Hay Drive challenge was not only met, but exceeded!

We have to admit, this one made us pretty nervous and it looked like we might not meet the challenge, but some very special people stepped up once again and made it happen!

With that, we would like to thank the following people for their donations to the Hay Drive and toward the challenge today.....

Thank you to: 

Lori S.
Melissa P.
Diane B.
Karla B.

WE also cannot forget the person who made this challenge possible, and it was a very generous one, Laura B. Thank you very, very much Laura and everyone who made this challenge work and got us past the 1/2 way point for the Hay Drive 2018!!!!
A very big thank you to Auntie Nana's Childrens Books for a very generous and thoughtful donation to the Hay Drive yesterday!

Thank you!!!
We met Laura's very generous Hay Drive challenge and went past the 1/2 ways mark for the Hay Drive for 2018......then it stalled out.

A couple of super supporters, Len and Donna R. noticed and have very generously just issued a very generous Hay Drive challenge themselves.......

If we can raise $500 by Wednesday night at 9 pm, they will match it, doubling your donation!

Thank you for this challenge and all you do for MHWF and the horses Len and Donna!

Can we do this folks? Can we raise $500 toward the Hay Drive by Wednesday night?
We have some very thoughtful and generous people to thank for their donations to the Hay Drive and Len & Donna challenge today.

A very special thank you goes out to:

Susan W.
Nick and Christine A.
Kristen W. and family
Nancy C.

Thank you all very, very much!

MHWF would like to thank Sue J. for once again sending in a donation toward the Hay Drive and Len & Donna's challenge.

Thank you again Sue J.!!!

$275.00 to go to meet the challenge by Wednesday night!
Challenge has been met and even exceeded!

A very big and very thank you to two more wonderfully generous people for knocking out the rest of Len & Donna's Hay Drive challenge......thank you!

Carla Z.
Vicki C.

We even went over a bit!

We also want to thank Len and Donna R. for issuing the challenge and for being here for us and the horses absolutely every time we need them....very special people who have become very dear friends.....thank you!
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