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Carina P.
All right everyone time to step up. . . over $5000 left to go on the hay drive. I'm going to challenge each of you to give what you can. If 1000 people gave $5 each the goal would almost be met. So don't think in terms of oh I can only give a little bit. Every little bit helps.
MHWF and the horses would like to thank Todd S. for his very thoughtful and generous donation to the Hay Drive today. 

Thank you Todd!
We are about 2/3 of the way to the yearly goal for the Hay Drive, but there are some names that we have not yet heard from that are more than a little surprising to us.

Everyone can afford to donate $10.00, literally everyone, so what do we have to do to get those people who have not yet donated to send in a $10.00?

If we could make that happen, the Hay Drive would be no more and what a wonderful thing for us, this program and the horses that would be.

Pandora wanted to take a moment out of her day to send out a very heartfelt and warm THANK YOU to everyone who is helping with the hay drive!!  (Pandora's buddy, Serenity, seemed too busy eating the hay to pose for a picture)

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Cute photo and really nice looking hay.  Their expressions say it all, so, so, tasty.  A few more bucks coming your way.
We would like to thank a few more people who made donations to the Hay Drive last night and today....both of these good folks have made multiple donations to the Hay Drive already this year and we cannot thank each of them enough for their generosity.

Thank you....

Nick and Christine A.
Diane B.

Thank you Carina P. for your donation to the Hay Drive yesterday!
The horses, the staff and the volunteers who work so hard at MHWF to make sure the horses have what they need would like to thank two more wonderful people for their generous donations to the Hay Drive today.

A very big thank you to: 

Nancy C.
Jan A.
Jan N.
The Hay Drive has completely died off....HELP!

Hay is being delivered daily and it has to be paid for. Horses like Quest, Pandora, Cheyenne, Mac, etc. are counting on us and you to come through for them!
Carina P.
I am mailing out another small donation today. I challenge 10 more people to give something today. I'm a stay at home mom with 3 kids under the age of 4. If I can give something then so can you.
Sue J
OK people let's get our second wind going and get this done so Scott and Karen can breath a sign of relief. Every little bit helps!
I have a check in the mail towards your challenge, Carina!
Carina P.
Awesome Carla. Now nine more people step up and give and that will be a beginning.😀
Thank you once again Carina P. for another donation and for the challenge to get 10 people to donate tonight!

Thank you Carla Z. for mailing yet another donation...you rock!

And, thank you to Sue J. as well as Nancy C. for your donations in response to Carina's challenge!

That's three people....seven more people needed to make 10 donations tonight!
Well Carina, we could not get 10 people to donate, pretty sad, but your help did get us closer to our goal and got 4 people to donate. Thank you!

We would like to thank Carina and those 4 people for sending in their donations to help and not just ignoring them, leaving it for someone else to worry about. These are the true heroes, thank you to:

Carina P.
Carla Z.
Sue J.
Nancy C.
Marisa D.
Carina P.
We need six more people to step up. Maybe send the $20 you were going to spend on Starbucks this week.
A very special thank you to Jennifer M. and Geraldine S. for their donations to the Hay Drive today!

Both of these people have made multiple donations to the Hay Drive, thank you!


If you have not yet made a donation to the Hay Drive, what are you waiting for?

If you are not concerned with the welfare of horses in need or whether or not programs like MHWF continue to exist, if you cannot give up $5 or $10 to help make the world a better place for a needy animal, then maybe this is not the site for you.....

Programs like MHWF and fundraisers like the Hay Drive rely on good people willing to pitch in to help make the lives of animals safer and better. If that does not move you to make even a small donation......

It seems that with the Hay Drive, or any fundraiser we do, we see the same names over and over, thanking them for their donations...yet, there are many people out there who have adopted good horses from us, or who we have helped bail out of a tough situation, or who we have spent a lot of time answering questions or standing in the cold, rain or snow to show them horses who still have not contributed one penny.

What does it take? Do we need to post photos of horses like Cheyenne before she got here? Do we have to beg you and make you feel special? If you cannot simply skip one movie or order one less item at dinner and cannot convince yourself that helping someone or something else is worth it......why do you come to this site?

Your small contribution does make a difference and if we can get some of you to read this and act on it, what a difference it could make.
Pam I
Just sent donation via Paypal   not much but hope it helps.
My donation coming "Snail mail"  

Also my wonderful friend Tammie who is very involved in Husky Rescue has also sent a donation and she has forwarded the plea to her horse friends.  Hoping many will open their hearts and give.  Thanks Karen and Scott for your never ending efforts to help horses in need.     Loretta
Some very kind-hearted souls listened and helped out and we cannot thank each of them enough for their donations to the Hay Drive last night and today.

A very, very special thank you to:

Joan S.
Tamara V.
Kristin W.
Kristin K.
Pam I.
Deb L.

Thank you!
A very big thank you to Matt & Cassandra S. for their donation to the Hay Drive and toward Carla's challenge today. You guys not only came and spent the day working her for Vet Day, but also made a donation today.....that is very special, thank you!

$400.00 to go to meet Carla's challenge by Sunday!
Carla's challenge has been met!!!

A very special thank you to a few more generous people who not only got us there, but got us past the challenge goal.

Thank you very, very much to:

Kathy K.
Barb S.
Jurita L.
Denise J.
Robin and Will G.
Sallie S.
Melissa S.
Gregg C.
Catherine M.
Barbara W.
Christine P.
Nichole B.
Cathy F.

Thank you again!!!
We would also like to thank a few more wonderful donors to the Hay Drive today. Of course, we want to thank Carla Z. once again for her very generous challenge and matching donation of $500.00. Carla....you are a super hero and have taken a huge bite out of the Hay Drive this year with your multiple donations. Thank you!

We also want to thank Carina P. and Loretta M. for their thoughtful and generous donations as well.

Thank you!!!!
MHWF would like to thank a few more wonderful, generous people for their donations to the Hay Drive this past week. A very big thank you to:

Jane B.
Nancy C.
Lorraine L.
Don & Marianna A.

Thank you each very, very much!
Nick & Christine & Outlook Group Challenge!

Nick and Christine A., along with the company Christine works for have very generously offered a matching funds challenge in honor to help with the Hay Drive.

If we can raise $250.00 by 8 pm Monday night, Nick & Christine and the Outlook Group will double it and match your donation.

Thank you very, very much to Outlook Group and Nick & Christine!

What do you all think? Can we raise $250.00 by 8 pm Monday?
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