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MHWF and Current Events

In light of recent events and with great sadness we feel we must announce the postponement of our annual Soup and Pie Social that was scheduled for this coming Sunday, March 22nd. We are postponing this event for a variety of reasons, starting with not wanting to risk anyone’s health.  With pretty much every event being cancelled, we do not want to be the ones acting irresponsibly by hosting an event that gets people together and increases their chances of getting sick, especially at an event centered around food. It is for this that we have to cancel the event. We will reschedule the Soup & Pie Social and will announce the new date as soon as we know when.

We are also very sad that the Midwest Horse Fair in Madison, WI is also cancelled. This will be our first year in over 20 years that we will not be at the horse fair and it feels like a pretty big deal to us. The horse fair is the official kick off to our busy season and is a time when we get to see all of the familiar faces we have come to know over the years. It is where we get to see all of you, get to spend time with you, go to dinner, talk horses, sell MHWF clothing, share the word about MHWF and of course, raise much needed funds after a long, hard winter. The horse fair is outright cancelled this year and will not be rescheduled. While we understand that there was really no choice in shutting it down, it came as really sad news for us personally and devastating news for MHWF. We also want to acknowledge Chloe and all the word she has done with Comet to prepare for the competition that was to be held at the horse fair. Tee shirts were made, banners designed and ordered, all the work Chloe and Deb put into Comet, then this sad news came. How devastating, we all were really looking forward to this and the chance to cheer them on in the big arena in the Coliseum at the horse fair. We have made plans to go to where Comet is being trained to let them show off their new tricks for a small group of us wearing our tee shirts and sporting our banner. We will share that live on Facebook and will upload it for all to see on our website and forum.

We are also equally sad to say that Spring Vet Day also had to be cancelled. This is also a huge deal to MHWF. This is when all the horses got their teeth floated, new Coggins, vaccinations and whatever else needs to be done, all at no cost.  This is as much about the UW Madison Vet Students, as well as the veterinarians that volunteer their time for our vet days as it is about how much it helps MHWF. Sadly, a UW Madison vet employee tested positive and the vet school is on lock down, many of the students have gone home since campus is shut down. This cannot be rescheduled because of the time the students can make it up here, so we are very sad to say that vet day has to be cancelled. We will somehow find a way to get done what needs to be done without vet day and all that comes with it.

On a happier note, the 2020 Raffle Party will go on as normal and in light of all the bad news, we might even have a few things to add to the raffle party.

As you can imagine, the news of all these cancellations is devastating to a small adoption program and charity like MHWF. The Soup and Pie Social was not only fun and a chance for us to see all of you after a long, boring winter, but also brings in much needed funds to help us limp through the last weeks of winter. The really sad part is that early last week, before all the cancellations started, we went out and spent a small fortune on all the food and supplies we needed for the Soup & Pie Social. Some of it will store just fine and be available for whenever it gets rescheduled, some of it will not.

The cancellation of the horse fair is really a big deal, not only personally, but a huge financial hit to MHWF. After the horse fair there is always a “hype” in the air about adopting horses and things pick up very quickly once the horse fair is over. We sell thousands of dollars worth of MHWF clothing at the horse fair and many of our supporters come by our booth that weekend to make their donations and share their stories and updates.

Last but not least, losing Vet Day is huge. Vet day gets us all our Coggins, dental work, and vaccinations done for the season and not only do we get all the help we need to get it done in one day, we also get it sponsored, so all the de-wormers, shots, sedation drugs, dental work.....everything is cost free for MHWF. The work done here on Vet Day often exceeds $10,000 if we had to pay for everything that was done.

So, while we know a lot of people and businesses are going to suffer from all the cancellations and precautions we all need to deal with, this is a massive hit to MHWF and at a time of year that we can least afford it.  If there was ever a time that you thought of making a donation or offering your help to MHWF, that time is now.

There are many ways you can help and any way you can help means a great deal to us and the horses of MHWF. Donations, large or small, are always very much appreciated of course. You can make those donations through any of the “Donate” buttons on our website or mail a check to MHWF as well. You can help us sell raffle tickets, or buy some tickets. Maybe you have an item or a skill that you can donate? We take those too.....what we cannot use, we can sell and raise funds that way.

So during this rough time for everyone, we ask that you also think about the volunteers in the trenches and the animals that need someone.  We ask that you do what you can to help us through this rough patch. Our supporters have always been there for us and MHWF when we needed a little help and we are confident and super thankful that we know you will be there for us again and until this is all over. In the meantime, we ask that you take care of yourselves and family and if you can spare anything to help us get through this, we will thank you and appreciate it more than you know.


Thanks for reading, see you all very soon,

The volunteers and horses at MHWF

Carla Z.
I feel so sad about losing both events!  I have been wondering about the soup day, if it would be held.  We will just muster thru best we can!
Scott: MHWF


With all that has been going on lately, we hope this post finds you safe and healthy. We will get through this and sometime soon, we will all be able to go out to eat, hang out with friends, go to concerts and movies and live our lives again.  

In the meantime, we have been doing our best here at MHWF to keep afloat and get caught up on the million things that need to get done on a daily basis and after a long winter.  We have filled some of the time getting paperwork done, cleaning and redoing our filing cabinets, fixing fence, replacing gates and posts, etc. It fills the time and needs to get done, but it is not the same as the time we normally spend with our adopters, supporters and friends. It seems a little weird around here, but then the entire world seems a little weird lately. 

What we can say is that we are ok, the horses are doing great and we are filling up our time getting things done that needed to be done, waiting for this all to calm down and waiting for a time when we can once again spend some time with our fundraisers and some of our adopters and friends.  

In the meantime, please take care of yourselves, stay safe and healthy and we will see you all soon. We will still be here, doing the best we can. Thank you once again.

Thank you. 

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