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UPDATE:  MHWF Fall Trail Ride and Scavenger Hunt will be the weekend of Sept. 26-27

This year has been flipped on its ear.  Normally we would have been planning a date for the fall trail ride already, but as you all know... the ear flip thing...  I'm posting this to let you all know that we do want to do a fall trail ride and we know we can do this safely.  We also are going to add in a scavenger hunt instead of the obstacle course this year!  With this scavenger hunt, you will not have to gather items, but take pics with your cellphone or however you can produce showing the pics of the items you find.  

Now what I need from all of you is the dates of weekends in September and first half of October that you CAN make it to the MHWF Fall 2020 Trail Ride & Scavenger Hunt.  

Please post and give the weekends you CAN do the weekend ride and camp.  People are welcome to come for the day on Saturday as well to do the scavenger hunt.  

It's looking like the weekend of Sept. 26-27 is the best weekend to pull this off.  

Michelle S.
September 12-13
September 26-27
October 10-11
October 17-18
Well lookie who is the first to respond??  šŸ˜‰  Gotta love those camping trips with all you!

I'm free any week end. 

We are already booked there on Sept 11, 12 with some other friends but could just include them in the festivities if they desire.  

So count me in any time.  My life is just SO exciting this year, I can't stand it. [frown]

The Scavenger hunt is a fun idea.  I'm game to help set up if I can get there a day early.  

Heike B
I'm so glad you're doing this!  We are pretty open, so far there is no weekend that is booked (my how things change!!!).  The scavenger hunt sounds like fun!!
Donna R
We can go the weekend of Sept. 26th and 27th.  We can also go the 5th and 6th although that is Labor Day weekend.  We can't go the two weekends in between. 

October looks open for us.
Jenni O.
I have a possible wedding Labor Day weekend, and we have plans Sept 12/13. I think everything else is open so far. The scavenger hunt sounds like a great idea!
We are leaning heavily towards the weekend of September 26-27.  
Kara B.
I don't have any horses I could bring anymore. [frown] Someday I'll make one of these again... 
Donna M
Kara I can bring a horse for you if you are interested. Raven and Sugar are both great trail horses. Raven can be a kicker if another horse gets to close to her caboose. šŸ˜†
I would come to trail ride and camp Sept 5/6 or 12/13
Ukarydee is booked for us in the group site area for September 25 -27 !

PLEASE call them SOON and book a site in our group.. tell them you are with MHWF.

Their phone number is 608-564-2233,  Mike or Mary.  

Web site is https://horsecampukarydee.com/  to check which sites you may want.  
We are in sites 17-29 area.   Karen and Scott will be in number 1.

Excited to see everyone there!  
Heike B
I'm site 23, Tracy is 24.  Looking for ward to this!!
Update 9/1/2020 (yaaaay, it's September!!)  

We just got internet back late yesterday, still suffering from the lightning strike that fried our phone lines which also effected internet.... they ran a temporary line while waiting for permits to burrow under the highway to replace our fried lines.  Anyway, I can now get on the internet for more than a couple of seconds at a time from sketchy cellphone service, so going to be catching up with everything over the next couple of days.  I'll start here.  

The trail ride/camping weekend is on for sure, as mentioned above (September 25-27).  

Scavenger Hunt:
I have the scavenger hunt map almost complete and ready to share.  Everyone will get a copy of the scavenger hunt map at camp so they have it to carry with them, as it has a list of the items that you will need to look for.  

While the scavenger hunt isn't going to be a big fundraiser for the horses of MHWF, we are going to have a $10 entry fee per person, just to offset any costs and maybe raise a few dollars for the horses while having a blast doing it.  

The scavenger hunt will take place on Saturday, hours to be determined yet, and will have a time limit of 3 hours (which is plenty of time).  All of the items you will be looking for will be on the purple trail, which is circled on the map as well.  All items are to be left in place where you find them and you only need to take a picture with your cellphone to be able to show the judges back at camp when you come back.  If you do not have a way to take pics of the items to show to the judges back at camp, then you will not be able to participate.  This is a no-contact event and we will have all items out on the trail before the hunt, and we will take them all down when we are done.  

The items are all worth points, and we will be awarding places 1st through 3rd with an MHWF ribbon/medal along with another prize for each place as well.  

I will post the map of the scavenger hunt that has all items listed here on the forum as soon as I have it finalized, but we will be providing a hard copy at camp for anyone who is participating.  

Camping Weekend:  
I think we should stick with the usual tradition of doing pot luck Saturday night, and people bring a dish to pass.  We know that Laura and Tim are not coming, and Tim has been our camp cook for the past few years, so we will figure out another person to be camp cook and figure out what exactly we will be cooking over the fire.  šŸ˜‰  

Looking forward to MHWF Horse Camp 2020!!  

An additional note and thought about pot luck Saturday night - 
Everyone bring a dish to pass and also if they want some type of meat to be cooked on the grill over the fire, go ahead and bring their meat of choice - except no chicken.  (reason for no chicken is because it's a very different cooking time from anything else and would take up too much grill time)  
Besides the above message about "no chicken" for the grill on Saturday night, let's do a roll call!!!  

Who is coming, and what site are you in?  
We'll be in site 1 like usual, and host the pot luck Saturday night at our camp.  
Feleicia and Ralphie
We are in sites 16&17
I'm in 27 
Donna R
We are in site 28A
Donna M
Iā€™m in site 26
Anyone else coming and want to share what site they're staying in?  

Here is a copy of the map for the scavenger hunt that I will give everyone on Saturday for the hunt.  All of the items will be located on the purple trail (lower), and I have that outlined in the black dots.  [wink]  šŸ˜‰  The list of items is on the map, so that you can have that with you and check them off as you find them and take a picture of them.  This is taking a picture only of the items, you leave the item there.  On the top left of this map you will see there are 4 items that are blacked out - I blacked that out for now, but it will be visible for you when you get the map on Saturday.  The Bonus Item will also have a clue on the map when I give you the map.  

The second map posted is the map that Ukarydee re-did with the mileage of the trails on it, so you can get an idea of how long you will be riding on the different trails - just thought I'd include that for fun.  šŸ˜‰  

Really looking forward to seeing everyone!!

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Heike B
Chloe R
Wish we could come! Sounds like a blast! But no truck and trailer to bring the boys [frown] hopefully by next year. Have an awesome time!
Jenni O.
We are in 29A. I'm crossing my fingers for good weather.
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