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It's that time that we need to plan our annual MHWF Fall Trail Ride!  

We need your help to let us know what weekend works best for you, and we will choose the weekend that the most people are able to make it.  

We will not pick Labor Day weekend, and the weekend of Sept. 30th is out.  
Our choices for the MHWF Fall Trail Ride in September 2017 are the weekends of:  
September 9 and 10
September 16 and 17
September 23 and 24 is the weekend of the trail ride!!!  

Please post and let us know what weekend is best for you, or which weekend of those three does not work for you.  We really appreciate your help in picking out a good weekend!  Thanks everyone, and we look forward to this fun time!!  

Suzanne McKichan
The first weekend I'm out of town, the second weekend I could come for Saturday night, but the third weekend I'm wide open!
Jenni O.
We are going to do the obstacle challenge again, right? Also, how about wearing some crazy (or cool) leggings/tights on the Saturday of the ride?

Yes, definitely bringing obstacles to do an obstacle course!  I'm getting fairly decent at making obstacles portable.  [smile]  

Leggings or tights Saturday it is!  I think I have mine picked out already.  

Donna M
I hope the leggings are optional. This gal is edging closer to 60. Pretty sure I would be breaking a law or something!
Laura R gave us a REAL soccer ball... it's huge and will make a good obstacle if we can get it there. [biggrin]

Before I get snarky comments, it's really tough too.. So far the dogs haven't even caused it damage.  I think we can get through a course without destroying it this time.  HA. 
Someone needs to share links to the leggingsโ€‹ store ๐Ÿ˜‰. Hoping they have magic leggings!!
Jenni O.
Donna, leggings are optional. If you want to go pantsless, that's your business.๐Ÿ˜

Deb, you are going last in the obstacle challenge. Not because you're a ballbuster, but just because.


There's a link for magic leggings!
Let's set this thing in ink on our calendars!  Looks like we will all be able to do the weekend of September 23rd and 24th!  We will get to reserving some sites at Ukarydee.  
Wendy W - WI
I believe I am off that weekend.  While I won't be bringing a horse, I may come for one night of camping.  
Yes!!  I sure hope you do Wen!!!  
ATTENTION ALL CAMPERS!   FUN, FUN FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  September 22nd thru 24th! (arriving Friday evening of 22nd)

I got our group the sites where we were 2 years ago.. sites 30 through 25, with Scott and Karen in site 1.

Everyone needs to call in to reserve their names on a site and send in a deposit ASAP.

                        Call Mike or Mary at 608-564-2233.   

Hope to see you all there again, and don't forget the obstacle stuff!


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Jenni O.
Thanks, Deb! Hope we get great weather. It's always a fun time though.
Heike B
Tracy H and I are in site 15!  Can't wait to see and ride with everyone!
How much do they require for a deposit?
I'm not sure about the deposit...I think we just send in the money when we book our spot.  

Here is what the map looks like so far.  I'm sure more people will be joining us, but these are the ones I know of so far.

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So excited for Ukarydee! See you all there!
Very excited for this horse camping trip!!  A huge highlight of my year!!  

Jaime, the weekend has been chosen as the weekend of Sept. 23 and 24.  See above with the map and link to Ukarydee's site and reservation information.  
Donna R
Looking forward to Ukarydee!  Hopefully the weather will be as perfect as it was a couple of years ago.  If not we will still have a great time with  great people!  Amanda is planning to go with us this year. Glad to see Wendy's name on the map too [smile]
How does pot luck for Saturday night again sound to everyone?  
Fine to me.
Sounds good! We're in โ˜บ๏ธ
Donna M
I'm in site 24 I think. Jurita ~ are you bringing your crybaby? 
Jenni O.
Yes, Donna, I believe Jurita is bringing her husband. But kind of harsh, don't you think? He isn't THAT bad! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Laura B
We also booked site 21 for the extra round pen to split up the horses. If there is anyone is going to come down with out horses they are welcome to camp at our 2nd site.
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