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Brad T
Darn, it's my weekend to work
Paige W.
Would we be allowed to go on the ride for just the day on Saturday (September 23)?
Scott: MHWF
Absolutely Paige! You will still need to check in at the office when you arrive. They will need your current Coggins and there is a small fee.
This weekend!!!!

Saturday feel free to bring a dish to pass!

Obstacle course on Saturday afternoon.....bring your obstacle stuff!
Jenni O.
It's almost here! I'm bringing buffalo chicken dip for Saturday night. And various things for the obstacle course, of course. We should have done a heat wave theme...plug in the barn fan and turn it on, walk through a kiddie pool of water, walk through a sprinkler, make an icy beverage, drink the beverage and weave through some cones, strip down to a swimsuit, splash around in the kiddie pool, make another icy beverage, give it to the woman holding the stopwatch, etc.
Great Idea Jenni O!  I suggest an "Ice bucket challenge"  [smile]   and  sprinkler run through!
I have to share this forecast picture just so we can look back at it next year and chuckle.  

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Man oh man, I'm just seeing these comments now! Since I'm usually the one holding the stopwatch I really would have rallied for this idea!!! IT. WAS. HOT.!!!!
Facebook feeds crammed full of photos from the trail ride this past weekend.....please post your photos here too!
Since I can't even update my own horse's threads because I can't upload pictures, feel free to nab them off of the community album on Facebook! LOL
After being away for the weekend for the ride, there is a lot of catching up to do!  We want to thank everyone who came to the ride and spent some time with us, we truly enjoyed your company, all of you!!!  This is always such a fun time with friends and horses, and it means the world to us to see all of you!  Even though the heat was exhausting, this is such a refreshing time for us to see so many happy adoption horses with their awesome people, as well as friends who don't have adoption horses as well.  It was a pretty incredible feeling going out on a trail ride on Sunday and looking around and realizing that every one of the horses there had been a part of MHWF.  

Thank you all so much for the great time!!!  It was just what our hearts needed.  

Here are some pictures from the weekend.  [smile]  

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