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Glad you are ok Scott.  What a story....hope you have used up all your bad luck so the rest goes smoothly!
We have been putting off posting this because we were hoping for some small miracle that would allow us not to post it, but as of yet, no small miracles have happened.

While we are working on the new arena, taking in new horses and finding homes for horses have had to come to a complete stop....there just is not time for appointments right now, while we have the help and rented equipment to get this huge job done and we do not anticipate being able to start back up with appointments for another week or two.

Add to it that things are going slower than planned (big surprise) and we are over budget with no money coming in because there have been no adoptions.

So, sadly, we are asking that those who can help with a few dollars, please consider doing so. If there has ever been a time when you have wondered if your donation will go to a good cause and be super appreciated, now is the best time we can think of. No donation is too small and little donations add up quick and are appreciated as much as big ones.

Please consider helping one more time with this massive undertaking. Thank you!

Donations can be sent via any of the "Donate" buttons on our website or Facebook page or can be snail mailed to:

10990 State Hwy. 73
Pittsville, WI 54466

If everyone pitches in just a few dollars, one of the major stresses we are going through right now can be washed away and we can concentrate on getting this arena done without the worries of appointments, adoptions, grain, hay, you name it.

Thank you in advance fore your time and consideration. This project will end eventually and when it is over, it will have all been worth it, for the horses and for the people who offer them their homes and love.

Thank you again!
Scott: MHWF
The heat and humidity the past few days has been pure torture, but we still managed to get 3 solid 12 hours days of work in on the arena and I think we are just now starting to get a system going. It is actually starting to look like the shell of an actual building now.

This has been a monumental process and now I know why almost nobody puts their own up. Every part is super long and heavy and everything seems to be 45 feet off the ground. We are making decent progress now though and will share some updated photos next week  [smile] 

Here are a couple of photos from Monday of this week, will get newer pictures up next week.  

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Name: arena-progress-july10-IMGL0833-copy.jpg, Views: 517, Size: 340.87 KB

Name: arena-progress-july10-IMGL0837-copy.jpg, Views: 517, Size: 272.88 KB

I'm impressed at your progress.  Me, I won't even leave the house in the kind of hot, humid
weather we've been having. Like Cheyenne, I want shade and a fan.
I give you all the credit in the world, to you and your helpers, having to work in those kind of conditions.  I couldn't do it.  What you do is truly a labor of love, love for all those equines that you have already helped and will help in the future.  Once done, the arena will enable you to do so much more, and a lot more comfortable too, in all kinds of weather conditions.  [thumb]  Progress in slow, but now one can see it coming together, for real.
Looking great!  Thanks so much for giving up so much of your life to run this program.  The horses and all of us appreciate every minute of hard work!
Kara B.
Looking GREAT! [smile]
A reason for celebration......the pony walls are set, the trusses are assembled and installed and all the lateral braces are now up. All the heaviest, hardest parts are now done [smile]

It does not look like much, but each concrete block weighs 3500 pounds. There are 70 of them. Each truss is 65 feet wide and 45 feet tall and each one weights about 1500 pounds. Really happy all the heaviest lifting and prying and pounding is behind us now. 

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Kara B.
WOW!!  I am super impressed!  Well done!
Fabulous!  I'm so glad this huge job is completed and with no injuries to anyone.  Now let's hope for a few windless, rainless days.
There are still quite a few things that have to get done before we attempt the canvas cover, mostly a million cables and ratchets, and the end wall entry and garage door framing, but at least none of that is super heavy lifting.
That's amazing work!! Well done and everyone is safe!! You guys are awesome ☺️
Jan N
Ok gonna publicly correct Scott right here on the forum.

Scott said, "It doesn't look like much now...."


LISTEN up now, Scott, you and your helpers have accomplished "Fabulosity". Really.

We are all mightily impressed.

Faye - WI
I am so impressed! There should be a superman pose next to this beauty.
As hard as it is to say this, this is quickly becoming an emergency. 

The lift that we are using to put the arena up is a rented one of course and we only have it for 5 more days. While we have it, we have to keep pushing forward with the arena until it has to go back next week. That means that we have to stay closed and not do appointments, bring in new horses, no adoptions and no time for fundraisers until then. 

In the meantime, we are struggling to keep things going day to day and for the first time in a very, very long time, we do not have the funds to pay the program's bills that are coming up next week.

Everyone is about due for their next trim, the oldsters like Cheyenne, Faith and Sheba need their grain and the list goes on.

The majority of our supporters have been curiously AWOL the past few weeks and we really need them now more than ever until we can get past this month and start working toward being the program most of you are more used to seeing, with new horses coming in, adoptions, events and fundraisers.

So this is hopefully our last plea to all of our adopters, donors, supporters and anyone who cares about horses to please consider making your donation today to help us get through this tight spot we are currently in. With your help we can pull through this and every donation and every dollar counts, but without your help and support we are going to be in a tough spot at the end of this month.

Please consider making a donation today! It is very, very much needed and we would not ask if it were not crucial at this moment.

Thank you,
Jan N
OK folks it is time to reach in your pockets as quickly as you can! Think of it like there is a severe abuse case needing to have money raised ASAP to get him or her to the Foundation for rescue and care. You'd help if you possibly could, right ?? I think that is how desperate the need is for day to day expenses Right. Now.

I made a donation last night for feed/whatever Scott and Karen need while MHWF must remain closed to get the arena up. It was $55 because that was the limit of what I could grab from another part of my personal budget (while putting off another bill less "worthy" than MHWF's current need).

I challenge anyone who can help in this time of *extreme operating funds need* for the Foundation:

For each and every individual donation of $55 donation made by Sunday night I will kick in another $20. I can't pay up the ($20 X the total number of match donations) until the very end of the month. But Scott makes it clear the need for assistance in keeping afloat to provide what the horses need is a need for, like, Right. Now.   

What Scott says is a need is something I just accept as a need. No two ways about it. Let's see how many matching donations can pile up by Sunday at midnight!! Donations of smaller amounts are very very welcome too, everything helps keep the horses' needs met.

Thank you all in advance. Let's get this thing rolling with a bang!!
Carla (Wis)
My $55 snail mail check will be in the mailbox tomorrow!  Thanks for the challenge, Jan N.!!! 
Here is a different view of the arena, from standing out in the pasture looking up towards the barn.  

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Name: arena-july24-IMG_6443-copy.jpg, Views: 205, Size: 302.89 KB

WOW!  Looking at it from that angle it looks HUGE!  Truly blown away and so excited for what this arena means to this program. 
I will be honest...this has been such a tough project in so many respects, completely taken over every waking moment and effected every aspect of our lives and the program, that there have been many times that I wished we had not even attempted it.  (I've been eating a lot of Tums)  I just have to keep remembering that it will eventually get finished and that it is going to be the best thing that ever happened to this program.  The support of all of you incredibly understanding, giving, caring and special people truly does mean the world to us.  

Jenn, there is no doubt that people are not going to miss us and drive on past now when they come to visit.
I see side wall construction! Woohoo! It is incredible to see in person and can't even imagine how in the heck this enormous project was taken on!! Superstars!!
We will all give a great sigh of relief when the arena is finished.  Just how big is it again?
I will let Scott update with the specifics after he gets back from a run to the feed store, but I can say that the end walls are now up.  The big piece of equipment was picked up from the rental company.  A lot of work to be done yet, but that shell is now almost complete (I know some concrete needs to be poured for something or other as well yet too, to truly call the shell complete).  

Medusa, in my mind the arena is 100 x 225, but in reality it is 65 x 100.  [wink]  [smile]  
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