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Carla (Wis)
I showed the pics to my husband and even he was taken aback by the size of this project!
Anyone know how long....and how many people it takes to put one of these monstrosities up if a company does it? 
High and heavy construction projects scare me!  Even just plain tree cutting scares me!  I would have spent all my time inside the house with the tv turned loud and a pillow over my head!
Carla, we don't know exactly how long it would take or exactly how many people would be on the crew from the company the building came from to put it up, but we know they charge approximately $25,000.00 to do it.  

It is not a loud project, that is a good thing, but there were definitely parts I couldn't watch.  
MHWF, Inc.
Reason for a short breather and small celebration: the steel frame for the indoor arena is now done!!!

Of course, the covers still need to go on, trenching electric, lights, doors and some concrete footings still need to go in, but having the steel frame finally complete is a huge relief for the people who have been working on this monster with me. We are all tired, worn out and sore in places we did not even know existed. We will take a short break to rest up, heal up and catch up on all the things that I have fallen behind on, then get back to it very soon.

Thank you to everyone who has pitched in so far to help make this dream a reality!

Pics coming soon!
Scott: MHWF
As promised, photos of the new arena, all framed up and almost ready to get the covers installed!

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Jan N
So far I am only able to come up with one response to what Scott and his helpers have accomplished: Bal* busting!! Beyond description !! Oops that is two. Trying to be family-reader-friendly here 😏
What an accomplishment!  Congratulations!!
Wow! That is quite an accomplishment!!!
So happy to see what's already been done.  A big step toward the final goal has been completed.  Yeah!!  [thumb][thumb]
Very impressive!  Congratulations!
Sandy K
I was in awe at how huge that structure is when you actually see it in person . I give you a lot of credit for getting that up by yourselves ( and your helpers ).
I spy something white out there by the arena that is going up!  Scott, Seth, Robby and Garrison are out there working like crazy today.  

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So exciting!!!!
Jan H
You don't realize how big it actually is until you see someone standing on the pony wall.  This is going to be great for winter or crappy weather adoptions!!!
The lift that is helping them get that canvas up and secured.  Sorry for the poor quality cell phone pic, will get better pictures this week.  

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  Exciting to see the progress!
Carla (Wis)
Yikes!  Another lift!?!
I can't think of another way to work 40 feet off the ground than a lift.  There is a lot of work that needs to be done up there at the top.  
So exciting to see the progress on the next stage is moving forward!  [smile]
Carla (Wis)
Yes, Karen, I see that a lift is needed to put that cover up.  Another high and dangerous activity....and I would again be 'hiding' in the house with the tv blaring and my head under a pillow! 
I feel way, way better about this one.  There is not the heavy work like with the other one, that was so horribly dangerous.  Well, this can be dangerous surely, but not nearly as bad as that other work.  I actually took a lift in this thing today and took a few pictures into the pasture of the horses from the view.  I'm afraid of heights, but it wasn't too bad.  [smile]  
Look at the size of that nail!  

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Wendy W - WI
Holy crap!  That is huge!

I can't believe you went up in that Karen.  I would have been shaking and hyperventilating.   
Jenni O.
That nail is huge! But the arena looks big too. How exciting! Such a sucky job, but it will be a dim memory in enough time (and with enough alcohol, maybe, to dull the memory).
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