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I was out visiting the horses, Scott and Karen while dropping off my items for the tack swap this weekend and got to see the progress that has been made. It looks amazing and I can't wait to see what it will look like once the arena is up.

I challenge everyone to contribute something, and if $500 can be raised by 10 pm this Saturday (20th) I will match it. we can do this!
And a very big thank you to Heike B.  and Carla Z. for contributing to the challenge!
A big thank you to Jane L. for her donation toward the challenge last night as well!

$350.00 by tomorrow night to meet the challenge!
Lisa B.
I put a check in the mail today. Will it count toward the challenge?
Wendy W - WI
I will bring a donation tomorrow.  

Thank you everyone!  I only have a second here but wanted to share a fresh picture as Humpty Dumpty is putting it all back together again.  We have the paddock back up, the fencing next to where the arena will go and the fencing by the main gate and that back up! (the main gate had to be taken out along with a section of wooden fencing for the equipment to get in)  Big progress, in this horrible weather!  Will it ever stop raining?????  Anyway, here is a fresh picture.  
THANK YOU!!!  We are getting there!  

View from the back porch of the house looking towards the barn/pasture/arena area.  

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Name: arena-pasture-view-from-house-may19-20170519_195616_resized.jpg, Views: 709, Size: 421.02 KB

Name: arena-closer-from-house-view-babycakes-and-lefty-may19-...7_834061548_n.jpg, Views: 708, Size: 336.80 KB

Thank you Lisa B.! 

Sure, we can make it count toward the challenge, but you will have to email me before tonight to let me know how much it is so we know how far to go for the challenge yet [smile]

Scott: MHWF
Today was not only the end of Laura B.'s very generous challenge, but was also the day or our tack sale/flea market, so we were away from the computers and email from 7 am this morning until now....having no idea how it would play out.....would we lose a challenge for the first time ever or would our heroes knock it out of the park for us while we were away from our computers.....

I am very happy.....delighted to say that now only did we reach the total needed for Laura's challenge, we exceeded it!

We have some very special people to thank for that....and here they are:

Dr. Jan N.
Lisa B.
Len and Donna R.
Kris S.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. A simple post on a forum does not convey our thanks and admiration for each of these people and their generosity and we will thank each of them personally before the night ends, but please know how much your help and support, your kindness and generosity means to us, this program and the horses in it and getting this arena done is the most exciting and extensive project MHWF has ever been a part of. It is because of each of the people who have pitched in to make this dream a reality that we can even do this.....thank you!

We also do not want to forget Laura B. for her super generous challenge. Laura is young, but has been part of the MHWF family for quite a while now. She has been and still is one of the most generous donors we have and we cannot thank her enough for being there absolutely every time we have needed a little help. So a huge thank you to Laura B. for her selflessness and generosity!
Carla (Wis)
Many thanks to Laura B for getting that challenge up! 
Lisa B.
Thank you everyone!
What are the prospects for getting the arena started? In my part of the state there have been just five non-rainy days in May.  I hope June is better.
Hopefully very soon!!  

Wow, 5 days in May without rain....we may have had 3, if we were lucky.  [smile]  Forecast still isn't looking so hot.  
Scott: MHWF
I guess we have been pretty quiet about the new indoor arena the past few weeks and it is about time we did an update to let everyone know where we are at with the arena.

The reason we have not gotten much done on the arena lately is because a lot of things need to fall in place to take the next step and we have been super busy with new horses coming in, chores, health reports, getting ready for the raffle party, the tack sale, online auction, shipping, our jobs and the rain and heat. Time to get back to it and get this thing done now.

The site is now 100% ready for the new arena, all the fencing and gates are added or are put back up and done. MHWF is now almost mud free, despite the heavy rains, and the pastures look very different because of the arena area and some new fencing and gates. All 6 of the three-sided shelters have been cleaned out and sand was put in place of the mud and manure. The shelters still need a little more repair and some paint, then one last topping of sand and they are like new.

There are a lot of things that had to fall into place to get going on the arena, giant concrete blocks need to be poured, delivered, set up, leveled and squared up, we need a heavy duty lift to get that done. Once the concrete blocks are set, then we can frame the arena, which should only take a couple of days. The final step is stretching the giant canvas tops. That is the hardest part, requires a team of people and absolute perfect weather with not so much as a breeze.

So, immediately after the raffle party next weekend, the concrete blocks will get delivered. We will then set, level and square them up, then attach the building anchors.

Once that is done, the rented 55 foot crane will be dropped off and we can put the frame together and mount it. This should only take a few days and once we get this step done, it is really going to start to look like something, with basically just the cover left to stretch and waiting for the perfect combination of weather and help.

Once this is all up, there will still be lights needed, entry doors and a little of this and that, but the arena will be up and available for use. It won't be long now!
How exciting, a lot of work, but it is going to be so rewarding in the end!! [thumb][biggrin]
Great progress!! Ready for the "barn raising" 💜
Scott: MHWF
Concrete blocks and the crane both arrive on June 26th!
Jan N
Like many, I am very excited and full of anticipation. I will take this opportunity to comment again in recognition of and thanks to the donors who are divvying up payment coverage of the monthly loan obligation on the building purchase. Thank you very very very very very very very much !!! You know who you are [angel][angel] .

It's been said more than once through this "indoor arena odyssey" that it takes all varieties of people with their differing talents/abilities to make the community of support for MHWF one which allows progress like this arena to happen. I feel especially honored to keep company online and otherwise with such folks, and simply want to give a high-five to everyone who has helped along the way and to those who will help in whatever way they can in the future.
Here we go, Monday, 6/26/2017 and the concrete pony walls for the arena being delivered!  These will be getting set up, and once they are set up, then the building goes up!  That sounds fast and easy, but it's going to be a ton of work, but we're almost there!  

Attached Images
Name: blocks-delivered-for-arena-june25.jpg, Views: 318, Size: 275.53 KB

Scott: MHWF
Monday, June 26, 2017

Arena construction progress: Day 1

55 foot telescoping forklift got delivered today and all 70 concrete blocks (3400 lbs each) also got delivered. That was 5 truck loads.

Made a trip into town to pick up supplies (super heavy duty 20 foot chain chain, hammer drill and a 300 foot tape measure. (plus more Triple Crown Senior for Cheyenne).

The first pony wall was marked out, squared up and the first 6 concrete blocks were set in place before we lost light at around 9:40 tonight. Back at it tomorrow.

Time for supper and some down time.....more photos tomorrow!
So exciting!  Praying for good weather.
Tuesday, 6/27/2017 update:  

Beautiful weather today!!!  Sunshine and lovely temperature, no humidity.  THANKFUL!!  Very thankful for the weather and the help!  

Here are a few snapshots of the work flow that is going on today with setting the concrete pony walls around the perimeter of the arena.  

Attached Images
Name: crane1-scott-june27-IMGL0024-copy.jpg, Views: 234, Size: 315.72 KB

Name: crane2-june27-IMGL0027-copy.jpg, Views: 238, Size: 386.12 KB

Name: crane3-june27-IMGL0031-copy.jpg, Views: 233, Size: 400.15 KB

Name: crane4-june27-IMGL0034-copy.jpg, Views: 232, Size: 373.08 KB

Name: crane5-june27-IMGL0038-copy.jpg, Views: 232, Size: 242.93 KB

Name: crane6-june27-IMGL0049-copy.jpg, Views: 232, Size: 280.27 KB

Name: crane7-june27-IMGL0054-copy.jpg, Views: 236, Size: 295.19 KB

Name: crane8-june27-IMGL0058-copy.jpg, Views: 223, Size: 277.04 KB

Update Wednesday, 6/28/2017:  Pouring rain.  Waiting on help to see if they will work in the rain.  One pony wall got completed yesterday, need to get the other one finished.  
Bummer.  Just what you needed....rain. [frown]
Scott: MHWF
6/29/2017, Thursday: Nice weather today and got 11 hours in on the pony walls today. Got the second wall done...the bad part, had to redo part of the first pony wall. Anyway.....one wall done, second wall, 1/2 done. Long day....
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