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Some of the misinformation we hear each and every day.....

1. Adoption horses are all rescue horses or abuse/neglect cases.

Wrong, the vast majority of horses at MHWF come from individuals who truly care about their horse and simply cannot keep it for a variety of reasons....divorce, finances, health problems, moving, you name it. Some do come in as rescues, but being a rescue certainly does not mean that they have issues or health problems.

2. You get paid for this, so you should be polite no matter how nasty someone treats you and we should be available whenever someone wants to reach us.

Wrong, MHWF is 100% volunteer, meaning we are ALL volunteers and have regular jobs to pay our personal bills. Because of our responsibilities to our jobs, we have to set MHWF hours. We not only have to work our regular jobs and take phone calls, answer emails, do endless paperwork, chores, and appointments, but we still have to do all the things everyone else has to do as well, like doing dishes, mowing the lawn, sleep, eat, laundry. Please keep in mind that volunteer does not mean kicking dummy or personal slave. You will find that volunteers give back the same amount of respect as they are given and have lives, friends and family outside of their volunteer duties. Treat a volunteer with understanding and respect and you will get the same in return.

3. Programs like MHWF take in money left and right.

In reality, programs like MHWF spend as much time fundraising to keep the program going as they do with the horses. This is a fact. Every penny that comes into MHWF goes toward the cost of keeping the horses and this program alive and healthy and a huge part of that is fundraising.

4. When horses come in from neglect/abuse cases, the county, state, ASPCA, etc. pay MHWF for the care of the horses in our custody.

We truly wish this was the case. It it were true, we could do a lot less fundraising and spend more time with the horses and adopters. The truth is that MHWF does not get any funds from any authorities or organizations when we take in rescue horses. We take these horses in knowing full well that we will have to either fund-raise for their care or can absorb the costs.

5. Programs like MHWF get really good deals on the things needed to care for a large herd of horses.

While we do get a better deal in some cases than people who have a couple or a few horses, MHWF does have to pay for all the feed, hay, and most vet and farrier work that is done. These bills can often be huge, well into the thousands and never stop coming. This is why MHWF always seems to have some kind of fundraiser going on. Some fundraisers make money for the horses, others do not, but we have to keep trying new things and improving the events we do hold.


These are only a few and the ones we hear most often. We will add more when they come to mind 😉 In the meantime, we hope that some people will read this and understand more about what it is like to run a program like MHWF. Sometimes it is fun, sometimes not, but it is important to the horses that it helps and that is what truly matters.
Jamie M
Being on the board for our local animal shelter, I know of one that you also share in

People that drop by at any time and think you are available to show them around and show them the horses they may or may not even be interested in adopting.

We get that at the shelter all the time.   People don't realize that the shelter is closed at certain times of the day because the workers have to clean up and care for the animals first before they can be shown.  Coming by unexpected interrupts the workers ability to take care of the day to day chores and duties that MUST be done.

You need an appointment!
Very true Jamie! Happens almost daily around here.

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