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2020 MHWF 9th Annual Fun Show

Come and have a blast while helping horses at the same time! 

❤➜ Hey adopters, come show off your adoption horse in the Adoption Horse Demo!!

If you have an adoption horse for the Demo Class be sure to do a brief write up of your horse and submit it with your entry form so it can be read during the Demo.

This is a great time to showcase your adopted horse and let the crowd see the amazing horses that are a part of this program. 

Leadline is accepted in every youth class and welcomed! 

Spectators may come watch FREE of charge!  Bring the family and/or your friends!  Delicious food and beverages available at concession stand.  Come and enjoy the day and help us raise some money for horses in need, all proceeds going directly to the MHWF horses!

Saturday August 8, 2020 ▪ Classes Start at 9:00 AM Sharp.

PRE-REGISTRATION STRONGLY ENCOURAGED!!!!  Please help us keep close contact to a minimum! 

Grounds will open at 7:30am and check in opens at 8:00am ▪ Rain or Shine! 

Held at Marshfield Saddle Club: 202788 County Road E Marshfield, WI 54449

Class Fees: $5/class per horse/rider combo or $40 unlimited classes per horse/rider combo.    

Fun for everyone!

*Exhibition Barrels $3.00 each run, 2-run limit.

*Jackpot Barrels $30.00: 50% Jackpot, 100% added money!

(Exhibition and Jackpot Barrels separate fee, NOT included in unlimited registration - must participate in at least 3 other classes to enter Jackpot Barrels)

First to fourth place ribbons awarded in each class.



Directions to Marshfield Saddle Club grounds, 202788 County Road E, Marshfield, WI:  

From the east take Hwy 10 west to State Hwy 13. Take Hwy 13 north to Hwy 97 (Central Avenue). Take Hwy 97 north to WalMart, turn left on Hwy E. Showgrounds are 1 1/2 miles north on Hwy E. Driveway is on the left side of the road.

From the west take Hwy 10 east to State Hwy 13. Take Hwy 13 north to Hwy 97 (Central Avenue). Take Hwy 97 north to WalMart, turn left on Hwy E. Showgrounds are 1 1/2 miles north on Hwy E. Driveway is on the left side of the road.

From the north, take State Hwy 29 to Hwy 97. Take Hwy 97 south to Marshfield. At WalMart, turn right on Hwy E. Showgrounds are 1 1/2 miles north on Hwy E. Driveway is on the left side of the road.

Here is a breakdown with explanation of each class: 


Class Descriptions:   

Pantyhose Race:  Teams of two riders each holding end of a pair of pantyhose race to end of arena, around barrel (plug race type placement) and return across the line without dropping or breaking contact between the two riders and the panty hose. Both riders must be connected to the pantyhose and the panty hose remains in one piece at time of crossing the timer line. No Time for dropping, disconnecting each other by tearing panty hose, knocking down the barrel or coming off the horse. The barrel may be touched on the way around.

Flag Race:  Two barrels are at one end of the arena, one on each side. Ride down to the first one, pick up a flag out of the bucket on the barrel, ride to the next barrel, put the black in the bucket, ride back to the finish. Time penalties for missed buckets or knocked over barrels, and if you go on the inside of the barrels you are disqualified.

Ball and Bucket:  Rider enters arena with a ball in hand, races down to barrel that has bucket on top, goes around barrel and puts the ball inside of bucket and races back to finish line.

Underwear Race:  You have a starting point at one end of the arena and on horseback, you head to the other end of the arena where you will dismount, put on an over-sized bra and pair of over-sized panties, and head back to the finish line. 

Chin Apple:  Riders each receive an apple and with the apple tucked under their chin, must follow commands to walk, trot, canter, stop, turn and are eliminated by dropping the apple. Riders will be eliminated for holding the apple by any other means or not responding to commands of judge to change gaits etc., or for coming off their horse.  Placing is by order of elimination with last rider the winner.

Egg Stomp:  Eggs are placed on the ground at other end of arena for each horse competing.  Timing starts when they are told to go, and all riders go to the end with the eggs and get their horse to step on the egg to break it, and once horse breaks their egg, then return back to other end of the arena for their finish time.

Jackpot Barrels:  This is 50% payback, one winner.  The 50% of the jackpot/entry fee goes to the winner with the other 50% going to the Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation (MHWF).  There is added money to this class as well, and the added money all goes to the winner. 

Open Bareback Tandem Simon Says:  Simon Says, played just like the children’s game, but with two riders on a horse bareback.  They follow the ring steward’s (Simon) orders such as “Simon says walk, Simon says trot, Simon says change position”, etc.  Riders are eliminated when they perform something the steward tells them without saying “Simon says” or by not being able to perform the task.  Placements are awarded for the last four remaining, with first place to the last rider pair remaining.

Bareback Ride A Buck:  A dollar bill is placed by the judge under the rider’s knee, seat, thigh or calf. This class is run as a typical pleasure class – walk, trot and lope – although other maneuvers may be added. If you lose your dollar, you’re out. The rider who keeps their dollar the longest wins all the dollars.  

Bribe Your Horse:  Cones are placed in the middle of the arena. Contestants are allowed treats. The starting line is just inside the in-gate. The horse must be free and the purpose of the game is to successfully bribe your horse to and around the cones and back to the finish line. It's a timed event and is a hoot to watch. 

Open Trail/Obstacle Class:  The Trail class displays the ability of the rider and animal to navigate obstacles such as those encountered on a trail ride. The animal should be well-mannered, quiet, and a pleasure to ride, with the ability to handle the obstacles with a calm and willing attitude.  Please note that Trail is not a speed event, but rather a test of control and obedience.  The event is timed and also credit will be given to animals negotiating the obstacles with style, without hesitancy, and to animals showing the capability of picking their own way through course when obstacles warrant it, and willingly responding to rider’s cues on more difficult obstacles.  We may have a "bonus" obstacle this year for extra points, but not a required obstacle. 

MHWF Adoption Horse Demo:  This fun show is open to the public and while many of the people at the show do learn that a lot of the horses there are adoption horses and have been adopted through MHWF, many don't even realize it, or exactly which ones are the adoption horses.  The adoption horses have never had the spotlight just on them and it’s time to spotlight the adoption horses and let everyone know what fantastic horses they are!  This class is going to be just for the adoption horses of MHWF, and they will all come into the ring at the same time.  We will give a description of each one separately and then that horse will be in the middle of ring for their description, and can do whatever they like in the middle of the ring during their individual spotlight.  Of course if someone really does not want to be in the ring for this with their adoption horse because of stage fright, we can always have someone else bring their horse in the ring for them.  

Link to the event on Facebook:


or click here

If you'd like to volunteer, please email Karen at karen@equineadoption.com 

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Excited for this! And I second that pre-registration plea! Please please please PRE-REGISTER and come and have some safe, social distancing fun, while helping the horses and this program that need it ❤️
Heike B.
Heike B.
What if any are the overnight accommodations?  Camping allowed? Hookup?  Also if we make a weekend of it, can anyone recommend trails in the area we could explore on Sunday?  Thanks!

There is no camping or overnight accommodations at the Marshfield Saddle Club grounds.  

You can camp at the Central Wisconsin State Fairgrounds, that is about 5-10 minutes from the Saddle Club grounds.  Here is the website link with info:  

Ukarydee is only about 45 minutes from Marshfield and would be kind of on your way home on Sunday if you'd want to go there. 

Another place would be Saddle Mound, which is beautiful, but would take you out of the direction of heading south/home.  
Here is a link to a little info about Saddle Mound:  

There is always the Eau Pleine, and then there is Nine Mile and the Kronenewetter/Leather Camp Forest Trails.  Here is a link to those three places in Marathon County - not very far from Marshfield, but not on your route home/south either.  

In Clark County more close to MHWF there is Wild Rock for trail riding, here is a link with some info:  
This may have more info:  

More towards the southern direction, there are trails along the way like White Mound in Sauk County:  


Thank you for all of this great info Karen!!
Time is a ticking and we're getting really excited to see everyone at the fun show!!  

Have you pre-registered yet?  

Pretty, pretty please get that done and get your pre-registrations in!  We want to keep everyone safe and as little contact as possible for these things.  Pre-registration helps us out a ton!  

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For the pantyhose race can one person be on more than one team?
Yes, one person can be on more than one team.  😉  
The fun show was awesome. You all did an amazing job putting it together and we had a great time!

Wow, you guys... you knocked our socks off with the great show of support for horses and MHWF, from everyone who came to the fun show and participated, everyone who helped and everyone who came to the show and shared in loads of laughs and smiles. I am going to try and get a bunch of photos from the show uploaded here, but know that we got struck by lightning at our home the day of the show and it fried our phone and internet lines, so this has been a challenge to get photos up. Also know that I will be putting all of these photos plus more as soon as I can into a photo sharing site where you can grab them there as well. Going through the photos I had a huge smile on my face the whole time - looking at so many smiling faces and people having so much fun, and reflecting on how much all of this means to MHWF and horses that we all love and care about. You all knocked this out of the park! Your support with this show helps in so many ways, but one specific thing that you accomplished with this is that a horse named Klasse who needs dental surgery for her tooth disease is now going to be able to get all of that scheduled and done! Words can't convey how grateful we are to all of you, each and every single one of you. Thank you, and also thank you for lifting so many spirits on Saturday!! We're still smiling 😉 THANK YOU!!!

Here is a link to the photos that are posted on Facebook - and I will be getting more uploaded to my photo hosting site to share as soon as I can!  

click here

or here:  


We brought Luna and her sassy Sassy. It was her first show. She said it was great. She said it "was better than Disney World" (she's been there a couple times) and she wants to go again.
Wow you guys.. You're better than Disney!!!
Heike B
That's awesome Jurita!  Luna did great!  Our kids also really enjoyed the day.  And I'm glad we weren't the only ones there with a butt head pony [rofl].  Chris already asked if you're having the show next year.
This looks like a blast! We need a list of adoption horses that were there
Here are the adoption horses that participated in the demo.  

We have: 
Chief with his rider, Grayson.  
Sassy with her person, Luna.  
Pea with her rider, Jenni.  
Eli with his rider, Jurita.  
Sox with his rider, Chris.  

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Thank you! It is so awesome seeing these adoption horses looking so good and living the life
Something new after the Fun Show - it had never occurred to me to report back with the placings of each class until Tracy H. asked if we posted the results.  So, I went through the results and put them together and here they are!  

MHWF Fun Show 2020 - Class placings: 


1.  Youth Pantyhose Race: 

1st Place:  #16 Reese&Bristal

2nd Place:  #17 Kelsey&Reese


2.  Jr. Pantyhose Race: 

1st Place:  #14 and #15, Kylie and Macy

2nd Place:  #42 and #41, Allyson and Karin


3.  Sr. Pantyhose Race: 

1st Place:  #26 and #27, Reta and Siri 

2nd Place:  #37 and #39, Emily and Rachelle 

3rd Place:  #46 and #47, Kelly and Veronica 

4th Place:  #35 and #36, Jane and Jocelyn 


4.  Youth Flag Race: 

1st Place:  #30, Grayson

2nd Place:  #24, Chris 

3rd Place:  #20, Luna 


5.  Jr. Flag Race: 

1st Place:  #15, Macy 

2nd Place:  #14, Kylie 


6.  Sr. Flag Race: 

1st Place:  #47, Veronica 

2nd Place:  #39, Rachelle 

3rd Place:  #26, Reta 

4th Place:  #36, Jocelyn 


7.  Youth Ball and Bucket: 

1st Place:  #16, Reece 

2nd Place:  #22, Bristal 

3rd Place:  #31, Skye 

4th Place:  #29, Natalie 


8.  Jr. Ball and Bucket: 

1st Place:  #42 Allyson (other entries DQ’d)


9.  Sr. Ball and Bucket: 

1st Place:  #47, Veronica 

2nd Place:  #27, Siri 

3rd Place:  #33, Chloe 

4th Place:  #19, Jurita 


10.  Youth Underwear Race: 

1st Place:  #16, Reece 

2nd Place:  #17, Kelsey 

3rd Place:  #22, Bristal 

4th Place:  #43, Ava 


11.  Jr. Underwear Race

1st Place:  #42, Allyson 


12.  Sr. Underwear Race 

1st Place:  #41, Karin 

2nd Place:  #18, Jenni 

3rd Place:  #47, Veronica 

4th Place:  #33, Chloe 


13.  Youth Chin Apple 

1st Place:  #16, Reese 

2nd Place:  #17, Kelsey 

3rd Place:  #30, Grayson 

4th Place:  #31, Skye 


14.  Jr. Chin Apple 

1st Place:  #14, Kylie 

2nd Place:  #15, Macy 


15.  Sr. Chin Apple 

1st Place:  #47, Veronica 

2nd Place:  #46, Kelly 

3rd Place:  #36, Jocelyn 


16.  Youth Egg Stomp 

1st Place:  #16, Reese 

2nd Place:  #43, Ava 

3rd Place:  #30, Grayson 

4th Place:  #24, Chris 


17.  Jr. Egg Stomp 

1st Place:  #42, Allyson 

2nd Place:  #14, Kylie 

3rd Place:  #15, Macy 


18.  Sr. Egg Stomp: 

1st Place:  #39, Rachelle 

2nd Place:  #45, Scott M.

3rd Place:  #37, Emily

4th Place:  #47, Veronica 

19.  MHWF Adoption Horse Demo

Thank you to the awesome participants who came and showed off their MHWF adoption horse all day, and especially in this demo.  Chris and Sox, Grayson and Chief, Luna and Sassy, Jurita and Eli, and Jenni and Pea.  Hope to see more adoption horses next year for this special show. 


20.  Exhibition Barrels - Exhibition only, no awards given for placement 


21.  Jackpot Barrels.  This year there were six contestants.  Entry fee for Jackpot Barrels is $30, separate from other show fees.  There is only one winner of Jackpot Barrels, and they get to keep half of the entry fees that are brought in for the class, with the other half that goes to the horses of MHWF.  There is always “added money” for this class, which the winner gets to keep 100% of the added money.  We always look for sponsors to throw in added money for this class.  This year we did not look for a sponsor ahead of time because we were so unsure if we were going to be able to hold this show or not.  We had planned on MHWF just throwing in $100 for the added money.  Christine stepped up and donated $100 for the added money to the Jackpot Barrels because she did not want to see MHWF have to take that away from the earnings of the show.  What a super generous thing for Christine to do, besides giving her whole day volunteering for the show and being an awesome announcer.  Big round of applause for Christine, thank you!!!!! 
*The winner of Jackpot Barrels was #26, Reta, with a time of 18.55 seconds.  Reta got to take home $190.00!!!!  Congratulations Reta! 

The second fastest time was #47, Veronica at 19.88 seconds, third was #37, Emily at 20.65 seconds and fourth was #5, Jonathan at 22.78 seconds. 


22.  Open Bareback Tandem Simon Says 

The winners were #22, Bristal and #17, Kelsey 


23.  Youth Bareback Ride a Buck 

The winner was #17, Kelsey 


24.  Jr. Bareback Ride a Buck - no contestants 


25.  Sr. Bareback Ride a Buck

The winner was #47, Veronica    


26.  Open Bribe Your Horse 

1st Place:  #18, Jenni 

2nd Place:  #19, Jurita 

3rd Place:  #47, Veronica 

4th Place:  #4, Serenity 


27.  Open Costume Class 

1st Place, #41, Karin

2nd Place, #20, Luna   

3rd Place, #43, Ava and Hazel

4th Place, #31, Skye


28.  Open Trail Class 

1st Place:  #37, Emily 

2nd Place:  #19, Jurita 

3rd Place:  #39, Rachelle 

4th Place:  #47, Veronica 



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