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Mickey (Mouse) - 11 yrs.

$600 - Mickey is an 11 year old QH gelding. He is sound, healthy and well broke. He stands at 14.2 hands tall and has a brand new Coggins and a fresh trim. We will get him vaccinated in the next day or two, so he will be ready to go for the year. Mickey is very well broke and has always been ridden Western, almost exclusively as a trail horse. He has good manners, lead, loads, ties and is great for the vet and farrier. He is a very outgoing, fun horse. Mickey and Charger have been pasture mates for many years and became part of the herd here at MHWF without so much as a squeal.

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Barb S
Wow! Be still my heart. I’m smitten with him already. What a beautiful boy and sounds like fun to be with. Sadly my barn is full.

Mickey and Charger are settling in well here at MHWF.  They are a pleasure to be around, did great for the farrier last week, easy to catch in the pasture (come right up to you), and are fitting in the herd great with zero issues.  They both got to come out for the first time and be saddled up and ridden on Sunday, 8/18/2019.  They both did very well.  Mickey stood well for saddling and bridling and didn't question his rider.  

I snapped a few pictures of Mickey being ridden on Sunday.  He sure looks great under saddle too!  

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Mickey looks great, and looks like he rides great as well!


I mentioned on Charger's thread how funny it is how horses will settle into a new place with new horses, and funny enough even though Mickey and Charger lived together for some years, Charger has completely ditched Mickey as his friend and hangs out with different horses now.  Mickey has a couple of his own new friends now too.  

Mickey loves coming out for attention and grooming.  Last night he was lucky enough to have a couple of visitors named Paige and Claire, who are the adopters of Sassy and Muffin mini's.  It was a fun opportunity to get a picture of Mickey wearing a t-shirt for the local campaign that is going on through Weiler's Convenience Stores in Marshfield, WI - a generous person has donated a bunch of these very cool t-shirts to sell at their 3 locations in Marshfield and 100% of the money from the shirts gets divided between 3 local shelter/rescues.  MHWF, Clark County Humane Society and Marshfield Area Pet Shelter.  We are beyond thrilled that the horses were included in this!  So many times horses get overlooked when it comes to things like this and we are so thankful.  Anyway, here is a cute picture of Mickey showing off one of the cool tee's with Claire and Paige.  Thanks for the fun girls!!  

(the tee's say "You can't buy love but you can rescue it" and on the back say "#we R their voice")  

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that last picture...oh my heart, so very sweet.
Jan N
What Jenn said [love]
I think I’m going need one of them T-shirts ...
Barb S
Oh Mickey looks like you’re a lucky horse. Now who and where are you going? I have a good guess

It is official!  Mickey did get adopted and left for his new home yesterday.  

I think some of you may have guessed because of the picture I shared above.  I'm sure most of you remember the story of Sassy the mini that was rescued as well as Muffin, who both went on to find the most perfect home last year with Kristin, Wyatt and their children, Owen, Paige and Claire.  We are so very happy to announce that Mickey has joined this crew and is going to be one of the most loved on horses you can imagine.  They came and met Mickey and everyone fell in love with him, and they did fantastic riding him too.  

We can't thank them enough for the great home they've provided for Sassy and Muffin, and now Mickey too!  A big congratulations to all of you also.  We really look forward to hearing of your adventures with the Mickey Mouse.  I have a feeling he's going to be easier to deal with in some ways that the girls.  [wink]  😉  

Here is the official adoption day picture for Mickey and his new family.  

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Congrats! So good to see young kids growing up with horses.
Thank you so much Scott and Karen for this sweet guy!  Mickey is so mellow and is taking everything in stride.  The scariest thing for him right now is our mini, "Muffin" - aka "Muffalo."  She is boss mare deluxe!  Sassy is very intrigued by Mickey and I think they will become good friends.  

Our horse crazy girls couldn't wait to get home from school yesterday.  They said it was the longest bus ride ever!  After inhaling their supper, they went out to spend hours with him.  He loved every minute of it.  They walked him around our property and he enjoyed their companionship.  We look forward to all the adventures that lie ahead.  One thing is for sure, we've all fallen in love with this big guy. [smile]

Here are a few photos from last night.

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Jan N
Too wonderful for words!
Sue J
This makes my day![love]
Donna R
So sweet!  Lucky guy!  Congratulations to all of you on a great choice to add to your herd of two princess minis.
Amy H.
I’m at a loss for words right now. Seeing the loving home Mouse is at makes me smile. Enjoy him... he’s a good boy!! Please update me ... not just about, but your adventures with that sweet boy!!
Thanks everyone!  We are simple smitten with this sweet boy! 

Amy, thank you for donating him.  He certainly is a special boy and is a dream come true for our twin daughters!  I will certainly keep you updated on our adventures with Mickey.  Can you tell me what his favorite treats are?  He seems to love apples but doesn't want anything to do with carrots.  We have many apple trees and a large vegetable garden so we have an abundance of both. [smile]

I'll try to get more pictures posted.  It takes me a while to figure out how to resize them so I can upload them to the forum.
Love this!!
Kristin.....Thank you and your family for taking Mouse and loving him!! He loves treats.... and what we always got for them were the Fleet Farm brand peppermint, apple and carrot flavored treats. Mouse will be picky, but he will adjust quickly. We gave him hay every morning; grained him at night (Strategy) and hay for dinner. He was loved here and I know he’ll be loved by your family. Thank you for that.
Mickey (Mouse) had a big day!  This morning Claire groomed him and braided his mane and tail.  He stood so patiently!  Then this afternoon our girls each took their first ride on him and he was such a good boy.  He is settling in so well and seems to tolerate the mini's, Sassy & Muffin, better than we expected.  Old Sassy girl is so curious about him but Muffin tends to chase Sassy away from him.  All 3 do graze peacefully together in the pasture.

Here are some pictures of Mickey's big day.  We are enjoying him so much and can't believe what a good boy he is.

Amy, thanks for the treat tips.  I will get him some of those. [smile]  On Monday he's getting treated to a massage and the following week the equine dentist is coming to float his teeth.  I can't wait for our farrier to meet him.  He'll be so relieved to trim a big horse!  Mini's are hard on the back.

Thank you again Amy, Scott and Karen for allowing us to adopt this gem of a guy!

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20190914_104551 - Edited.jpg 20190914_091856 - Edited (1).jpg MickeyI - Edited.jpg

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Jane Liess
Mickey (or Mouse?) seems to be tolerating braiding practice well.  Good work!
Bet he's totally loving that!!!
Mickey and friends.  We couldn't be happier with him; he's a real "dream come true" for our daughters. [smile]

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Mickey's even winning over our non-horse kid. [wink]

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