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Omg!, I’m so overwhelmed with happiness to see what you and your family have done with Mouse. Thank you for loving him.... please give him extras hugs for me! Dave and I couldn’t be more proud of the home this guy went to.
I so love this. You can tell in the pictures by his expression he is soaking up all the loving and at peace
Wonderful update wonderful pics!
Kristin.... Dave and I were just sitting here talking about Mickey and realized we totally forgot to tell Karen and Scott that Mickey cannot have too much alfalfa in his hay. He has some weird allergy to it and he will almost pass out from it. It happened once when we first got him but the vet said to limit the amount of alfalfa. Some is ok, but grassy hay is better.
Hi Amy, thank you for sharing about the alfalfa. We have been mixing straight grass hay with hay that has some alfalfa in it. He seems to be tolerating it thus far. I'll keep a close eye on him and will let our vet know. She's coming out on Wednesday when he has his teeth done. 🙂
Mickey has a new BFF... Sassy.  He is such a good boy and always shares his hay.  Poor guy has to put up with pink water buckets and pink hay nets, he's such a good sport. [smile]

Claire got ambushed by her equine friends after school the other day... actually, we see this scene every day after school.[love]

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Best greeting to come home to!!  Your horses are spoiled and I love it!!
Great pics!!  It is so nice to have horses who like to share!
Absolutely... LOVE you guys for loving Mickey!!
Amy, he's easy to love.❤️ Such a good boy. We're really happy with how well he's settling in. 😊
Kristin.... love the pictures you post of Mickey and I’m SO HAPPY for him! I think pink is a good color for Mouse.... hehehe! He’s a character and I really think he’s found the best home!!
Our son, Owen, got his first ride on Mickey yesterday.  What a beautiful day it was!  Mickey, as always, was a very good boy.  [smile]

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I forgot to post this cute photo.  A few weeks ago Mickey had his teeth floated and little Sassy supervised the entire process.  She was very concerned about her new friend, and seemed more relieved than Mickey when it was finally over. [smile]

Mickey has filled out a bit since having his teeth done.  So happy we could get that done for him before winter.

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Wow!! So happy to see the amount of love that you guys have for Mickey! Thank you for that! Love the picture of his concerned friend looking in on him... brings a smile to my face!
Today was our farrier day.  Mickey stood pretty well for his trim.  He's really bonding with little Sass and didn't like leaving her for his trim but she REALLY didn't like leaving him for hers.  Later this afternoon my sister and I are having our first riding lesson on Mickey.  We're so excited. [biggrin]  

Thank you Amy and Scott & Karen for allowing us to adopt Mickey.  He's my dream come true! [love]


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Happy Halloween!

Our girls had a little fun getting pictures taken with Mickey before heading out for trick-or-treating.  We tried to get photos with my son but he scared the heck out of the horses.  His mask is still giving me nightmares.  I'll try to upload a photo of his costume.  For some reason I'm having issues resizing it.

Mickey is always a good sport.  He can literally stand all day while the girls mess around with him, he's such a good boy. [smile]

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Happy Halloween from Mickey, Sassy and Muffin's kids!

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Jenni O.
Lol, I can see why the mask scared the horse! Love the costumes though, and it looks like all the equines are really loved.
Jan N
Mickey, you are a smart horsie, a very very smart horsie to put plenty of room between you and that young man, er...fiendish clown!
Wow! Mickey is spoiled beyond belief! Love the pictures you post of him and your family! Can’t wait to see holiday photos☺️
Mickey IS smart!!  You should always run from clowns like that!
Mickey seems rather grumpy about winter. [wink]

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LOVE the Halloween pics!  That deranged Ronald McDonald would make me spook too!  lol!  Mickey is living the dream over there with his little mini pasturemates and the girls loving on him.  A guy friend of ours once said "After I die I want to come back as a girls horse, they get cuddled and fussed with more than I ever have" 
Mickey is tolerating his mini equine friends really well.  He's such an easy going guy and puts up with all of Muffin's shenanigans.  He's always really careful around them and seems to almost protect Sassy.  Sassy is so comfortable around him, we've actually seen her walk right underneath him!  Mickey enjoys laying in the sun and Sassy will often lay down right next to him.  Naturally, when I run to get my camera he's already standing up.

Amy, if you read this, did you guys ever blanket Mickey during the winter?  Was he stalled overnight?  Mickey is doing really well and is very social and talkative.  He LOVES his hay and let's us know it! [smile]  We are really enjoying him and want you to know that we love and adore him.

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