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Donna R
A busy life for Mickey, Sassy, and Muffin. Lucky herd!
Hi Kristin! Sorry I didn’t reply sooner... we did put a blanket on Mickey from time to time. However, he always grew a mega winter coat but when it was going to be really cold winds, he was put in his stall. I am so happy to hear he is loved and found an awesome home with your family. Give him a hug for me!! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!
Mickey's Family
Happy 2020 from Mickey, Muffin, Sassy and family! 

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Happy new year to you and the snow ponies!
Jan N
I love this photo, guys!
Snowy winter fun!

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Oh my gosh!! Look at how awesome Mickey is doing! Melts my heart to see your daughter’s smiling face sitting on his back.... not to mention no bridle and a bareback pad❤️❤️ Thank you and your family for loving him! He couldn’t have found a better home! Love the pictures and the updates!
MHWF, Inc.
Mickey, Sassy and Muffin 😉

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Mickey Mouse
Look closely at Mickey's mouth.😆

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Heike B
Now this is a horse living his best life!!!
Kate G
LOL. Eating and rolling! 
Don and Marianna
Who said that a horse couldn't two things at once!   Three thumbs up Mickey..... [thumb][thumb][thumb]
Mickey Mouse
Mickey appreciates his fly mask and fly spray too.

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Kristin- Mickey’s Mom
Your pictures make my heart smile!!
Amy, do you know when Mickey's birthday is? We don't have that information and my daughters are anxious to celebrate. They were going to pick a random day in July, we believe he'll be 12 this year. Let us know his birthday if you know it. Thanks! Mickey is doing well but he prefers that the flies take a hike.😉 He loves being on pasture. ❤️
Hi Kristin,

Mickey’s Birthday is April 12, 2008! Glad to hear he is loved and doing well!!

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