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McCues's Kittens Sundae (Mini Bar) - 16 years 

$500 - Mini Bar is an APHA registered 16 year old mare. She is 15.1 hands tall and is sound, healthy. current on all her shots, wormers and trims, has always had excellent care and is very well trained. Mini bar is a horse who has done a ton of arena work, shows, 2nd level dressage and some jumping. This is a beautiful mare with excellent ground manners, wonderful under saddle and a lot of experience. Most or all of her riding has been in the arena and not out on the trails. Flying lead changes, no problem. If you want a really good show horse, here she is. She is also super sweet and gets along with everyone in the pasture. She tends to be low on the totem pole, but has mixed in with the herd very well since she has been at MHWF. Mini Bar has one blue eye which can be sensitive to sunlight, so she wears and shaded mask when out to pasture so that it does not tear up. No real special needs, the perfect age, tons of training and very likeable all in one very nice looking package! We have a lot more info on Mini Bar to share with any potential adopters and have tons of photos of her being ridden, competing and be loved in. This is a horse that had a great home with a good horsewoman and it shows.

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Holy gorgeous, batman!  She looks very well loved, so glad she'll be able to continue that lifestyle through you guys [smile]
Sue b
Riding video please
Thank you for your interest, Sue.  We just completed the 1-Day Open Door Shelter that took place on Sunday and Monday, and are still wrapping up things with that event yet.  Mini Bar just came in on Saturday.  I may be able to get some riding videos from her previous owner and post those, but it may be a while before we can get to doing any videos of Mini Bar.  I know it will not be this week anyway.
She's so cute.  

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Barb S
Omg!😂What a character 😂
Jess K
Who are her sire and dam?  I'm curious if she's related to a Paint mare I used to own.
Is she considered a Medicine Hat? Sure looks like it. If so, I believe that in itself makes her special/unique as they are considered rather rare. How cool is that:-)
Jess, I'll have to dig out her papers and get back to you on that...her folder is filed and when I get a few minutes I'll check.  I do know that adoption horse named Haze (Hazard Two McCue) and Mini Bar both have Kingfisher McCue on the topside, but I cannot remember her sire and dam's names.  

HorseGal, I am not that well versed in the Medicine Hat thing, but she sure looks to be to me.  

I've had someone contact me who has known Mini Bar and has told me what an wonderful horse she is.  She is as sweet as pie, that's for sure.  We're looking forward to test riding her soon (hopefully Saturday or Sunday).  
Mini Bar has always received excellent care by her previous owner who loves her very much and enjoyed riding her. Mini Bar is a beautiful girl, anyone who adopts her will love her too.

Mini Bar was pastured with my boyfriends horse Cheyenne Annie who is adopted from MWHF.
Kate G
She looks like she is wearing a "war bonnet" to me. I read that legend has it that those riding a medicine hat horse would never get injured while riding them...applicable while in battle. 
The Lady who owned this horse boarded at my barn. Mini Bar is a super sweet horse, the cutest personality.
You definitely can't go wrong with a McCue! I may be biased, but they're some willing horses, that's for sure! I'd snatch up a sibling of Hazes in a heartbeat if I could!
A huge thank-you to Jurita for coming out today and helping around here, and for riding!  

Mini Bar is such a wonderful horse!  She is new here, has just been here a week and did great coming out and being ridden.  Jurita had a blast riding her and didn't want to stop.  [smile]  

Here are a couple of pictures from today's ride.  I am going to upload a short video clip as well, but have to do that after I post this because we cannot use the internet while something is uploading.  Our internet does not allow much for uploading video, so the clip will be very short, but it's coming soon.  

Here are some pics of Jurita riding Mini Bar today, 10/28/2017.  

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chloe m
wow shes gourgess!!!! i would love to come out and see her!!!! when you do a ''test ride'' what are the restrictions? i am looking for a dressage/show jumper and she looks perfect!!! definently will be calling for more info on her!!!
Hi Chloe, thank you for your interest in adoption!  Mini Bar is a really nice horse.  Her previous owner told us that she didn't think Mini Bar could go past level 2 with Dressage, so I don't know if that plays into what your plans may be.  You can give us a call and we can go over all of the details that we have about Mini Bar that are too lengthy to type.  [smile]  

Like I said earlier, where we live, trying to upload videos is a bit of a feat with our internet connection.  I kept a clip super short and got it uploaded, so here that is.  

or click here
Well, you can see how nice she looks. I love her little bonnet and her eye patch.

It was not ideal conditions for riding today. It would have been nice to ride in the new indoor arena for more space and better footing to really show Mini Bar off but it’s currently the quarantine area. Outside it was cold and very windy. Chickens running around doing chicken things and trucks going by on the road. Mini Bar was not at all spooky. She was great under saddle. I had so much fun riding her. If I was looking for another horse I probably would have adopted her myself. Love her.
What a stunning mare in all respects!  Looking good with Jurita on board!
Mini Bar was my mare, I love her to death. It was the hardest desigion iv ever had to make to re home her [frown] I cried for days. The thought never even crossed my mind. I planned to have her forever. But she couldn't do the hard riding I do any more. And I wanted to keep moving up. I've schooled moves through level 2 dressage with her. I got a baby ottb and with all the other riding I do and work I didn't have the time to give her the love and attention she deserves. I didn't seem fair to just keep her for myself as a pasture pet basically. She loves to work. And rather than try and sell her and worry she goes to a good home, I decided to take her to mhwf to be sure she goes to a good place. This mare means the world to me. I have a million pictures. And I really want to keep in contact with her new owner. I know this mare inside and out! I miss her so much. If any one has any questions don't hesitate to ask. Or if her new adopter has any issues or questions I will help with anything! I wrote out an entire essay about her essentially u can read if u go see her! Every thing u could possibly think to ask lol..
Jenni O.
Mandi, you have my utmost respect for donating Mini Bar. It had to be a very hard decision. You know she is in great hands, and I hope she finds someone who enjoys her as much as you did.
Mandi, Scott and Karen will find a good home for her and now that she is an MHWF horse she will have a safety net if ever she would need one. She’s in good hands.

What a great little horse she is. I said I wouldn’t own a mare, a white horse or another paint. After spending some time with Mini Bar last weekend she made me a liar because I fell in love with her and wanted to take her home. I asked my husband and he said no because we don’t have room. I already have two riding horses and two minis adopted through MHWF. I even suggested we board her at the barn my friend’s have just down the road. He still didn’t budge.

If you can talk my husband into it I would adopt her.

I’m sure she will find a good home soon.
Kate G
I have no doubt she will find a loving home. She has a lot to give. 
chloe m.
who adopted her?
Mini Bar did get adopted this weekend!  Mini Bar is still here with us until transportation can be arranged, and we will be sharing an adoption day photo when that day comes.  

Chloe M., we did get your message the other evening after and checked our files and you do not have an application on file with us.  The person who adopted Mini Bar already has an approved application on file and made the appointment to come and meet Mini Bar over a week ago for this past Sunday, 11/5/2017.  We all made the decision for the adoption to happen this Sunday.  [smile]  We will be posting that adoption day picture and story soon!  
I’m happy she got adopted. I would have liked her for myself but that just can’t happen. Someone is lucky and will have a blast riding her. And saved my marriage...LOL!
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