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Miss Cheyenne Annie - 13 yrs.

$450- Miss Cheyenne Annie is a 13 year old registered AQHA mare. She stands at 14.3 hands tall, is super laid back, very nice looking, broke to ride and is sound and healthy. She just had all her 2015 shots and is ready to go. Annie has been in the same home since she was three years old. She was owned by a teenage girl who is now in her 4th year old college and was having a hard time keeping up with board. Because she cares so much for this mare, she opted to bring her to MHWF and have her under contract and safe for years to come. Annie has been ridden both English and Western, but mostly Western. She has been used primarily as a trail horse, but has done some arena work as well. She has been ridden bareback quite a bit also. Annie is a very easy keeper and has no special needs. She gets long very well with her pasture mates...she leads, loads, ties and does all the things a good horse should. 

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Jenni O.
Wow, love her coloring! She sure is built.
*Annie* is a beautiful and STUNNING mare. GORGEOUS and she will find her home QUICKLY... WOW.[smile]
I think this girl could be the one!!!
Diane T.
I am very interested in Miss Annie, I have had horses all my life except for the last few years and I am really missing having one. I live in Tulsa, but, would be boarding her at a very nice stable. Rockridge Ranch.
It is a small family operation, the stalls are quite roomy with a turn out with each stall, rubber mats on the floor plus bedding. She would be turned out every day with 2 other horses at this time. 
I work 12 hour day for 3 days and 6 hrs 1 day. Off Fri,Sat, Sun. I would be with her those days and of course working the others. I work for the city of Tulsa.

Let me know what I need to do. 
Thank you, Diane     
Kara B.
She is beautiful!
Annie looks like an awesome horse!
Hello Diane, and welcome to the MHWF forum. 

We prefer not to adopt horses out to states that far away, we stick to Wisconsin and will go as far as just the surrounding states to Wisconsin.  One of the requirements is for the potential adopter to get here to the farm and spend time with an adoption horse before they can adopt the horse, and that would be very tough with living that many states away. 

Here is a list of some horse rescue and adoption facilities in your state and surrounding area, much closer to you than we are, where I am sure you can find a wonderful horse who would be lucky to have you.  Any of these people can point you in the right direction for your area and what you are looking for.  Best of luck! 








Sandy K
She's beautiful!
Lisa B
Oh My!

I have a friend that is VERY interested in her.  Problem is she doesn't have all of her paperwork together but can get it done tonight (they're in the process of finishing up fencing and barn accomodations.

Crossing fingers that she doesn't go too fast.
Well, we have the raffle party this weekend, so we are not entertaining any appointments this week or this weekend (we are waaaaay too busy getting ready), so she might have a shot.  
I am going to post a message right here so that it hopefully reaches people.  We are closed this week and weekend because of the Annual Raffle Party here at the MHWF farm on the 27th and preparing for that.  We will not be setting up appointments or showing horses until next week, we are opened back up on Tuesday, June 30th.  

Annie has only been ridden once in the past two years, so before we can even represent her, we need to test ride her. That will not take place until sometime after this weekend. Once we do, we will update her listing and start taking calls on her then.
Loretta M
Will you post on the forum if you have an appointment set for her so we don't drive you crazy with phone calls?
Loretta, we will set up appointments for people to meet Annie as we get the calls after we get time to spend with Annie and learn more about her and go from there.  We will put people in line as they call, and we don't ever turn anyone away from calling because many times someone ahead in line changes their mind or can't make it, or even when it gets to the time of meeting the horse it may not be a good match.  Many times it is not the first person in line who winds up adopting the horse.  
*Annie* is such a gorgeous and UNIQUE mare. She is built so nice, and her coloring is MEZMERIZING. After she has her DEMO ride or rides, she will find her new adopter quickly...I love her coloring.
Very nice mare.
Cathy G
Annie has such beautiful coloring. A nice solid looking girl like my buckskin.
I usually prefer geldings, but something about this girl is very appealing.... I'm sure she won't last long.
I can report that we learned one more thing about Annie today, and that is she is great for the farrier.  She got trimmed today and was a perfect angel.  

Not to hijack Annie's thread here, but BetC, the more I am around more horses and work with more horses over the years, the more I am becoming a "mare person", for what that statement is worth.  Although I would never ever choose a horse by their gender, unless there was a major reason for that, such as all one gender in my pasture and not wanting to rock that boat, etc.

Update: 7-2-2015

We finally found some time to take Annie out for her first test ride since coming here to MHWF today (Thank you Jurita). Annie stood nice and was well-behaved while we tacked her up, bug sprayed her and groomed her.  Annie really knows her stuff with ground work.  She stood nice and still to be mounted and moved off with no problems. Other than one short ride before coming to MHWF, Annie had not been ridden in about two years, so we were not sure what to expect. Walk-trot, very good, side pass, stop and back, not bad. You can tell she is a little rusty though. When asked for a canter, she got a little owly and threatened to give a little buck, she didn't, but clearly did not want to canter. We were told by her donor that this was the norm for her and that we should expect it, so that was not a surprise. Being that this was her first ride here and only her second ride in two years, we did not feel as though we needed to push the issue and ended her ride on a good note. All in all, we were very happy with the way Annie rode. She was calm, cool and relaxed and other than the canter, she did everything asked pretty well. This is clearly a horse with some time under saddle. She just needs a handful of short rides to knock some of the rust off and she will make someone a great trail partner, beautiful, nicely put together, polite, sound and healthy. This is not a kids horse or a horse for a newby or timid rider, but with a few more rides to freshen her up, she will make someone a great horse. She is not a project, just a horse that has had some time off and needs to get back into the swing of things.

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Randy D.
Cathy G. and I are really excited how Annie did on her ride. Like you said, she sounds a little rusty. Not bad for a horse that hasn't been ridden for a couple of years. Waiting on things to fall in place. Can't wait!
IMO the 7-2-2015 update describes Annie perfectly. I spent some time with her and did ground work which she does very well and I obviously rode her.  I will add that I think this is a smart horse and she knows her stuff. She has just been on unemployment for too long. A few rides and I'm sure she'd do fine.  She is also very pretty. Honestly, when she came up on the adoption page I didn't really pay much attention to her as she really didn't catch my eye/interest. She caught my eye right away when I saw her out in the pasture. I like this horse a lot. [smile]
Sounds like a really decent ride for so much time off.  Love that she sidepassed!  Nice riding, Jurita!
Randy D
Thank You Karen &  Scott for the opportunity to ride Annie today and see what a great girl she is. Cathy and I are looking forward to working with her. We can't believe how calm & quiet she was for everything today, and especially for it being her 3rd ride in 2 years.
Hi Randy, thank you for posting, and it was a lot of fun hanging out with you and Cathy today!  
Annie did find her new home today.  We know there was a lot of interest in Annie and I am sure a lot of disappointed people that they did not get the chance to come and meet Annie.  We always do this process as fairly as possible to everyone, and Randy and Cathy happened to be the first ones in line to meet Annie.  Sometimes the first person doesn't adopt the popular horse, and then we would move on to the next person, but Randy and Cathy fell in love with Annie and had fun riding her too.  They all got along really great.  Annie is still with us until transportation can be arranged, but that should be soon.  I will post a picture from official adoption day today anyway, since today was official.  [smile]  

Thank you so much to Randy and Cathy, we look forward to hearing how Annie gets along with your other girl and the fun you are going to have.  Congratulations!  

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