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Congratulations!!  Annie is such a beautiful girl!
Jenni O.
Congratulations you guys! Hope I get to meet her!!
Congratulations to Annie and her new family!
Miss Annie left for her new home this morning!  Thank you to Dean for getting Annie to her new home safe and sound.  We look forward to hearing how things go.  [smile]  
Congratulations to Randy/Cathy.. *Annie* will make you both proud/happy. She is one gorgeous girl, and I love the *white heart* shape  on her forehead. Hope you can send plenty of photos/updates.[smile][thumb]
Congratulations on the adoption of Annie.
Thank you so much for the opportunity to take care of this special girl. She has been mellow from the second she got off of the trailer. Everyone at the farm says how beautiful and calm she is. Randy & I took both of our girls for a short walk tonight, at a small distance from each other since they are still figuring each other out, but that won't take too long since both Annie & Jackie are quiet girls and seem to like everyone.
Fantasia is currently staying outside with Annie, then in a few weeks Lola (the boss mare) will stay out with her so they can bond. I'm told Lola isn't so tough when the rest of the girls aren't around. We'll see. Everyone at the barn watches out for all the horses, especially the newbies that come, so don't worry about Annie. Eyes are everywhere.

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*Annie* looks like she is waiting for the OK to take her drink.  Thanks for sharing such nice photos, and now it will be exciting to read about your updates and experiences on the bonding with other horses.[angel][smile]
Cathy G
Gary, the owner of the facility, and myself were showing Annie around her paddock when she arrived & how the automatic waterer works. She is such a sweet girl. She seems very happy already. I will continue to send pictures as she gets comfortable with her pasture mates & surroundings. Today we are having my vet come out to check the scratches (mud fever) on her hind legs and hopefully get her healed quickly.

Thank you everyone for your congratulations!
Cathy G
Thank you Karen & Scott for posting my pictures and email I sent to you last night.

In the picture with the automatic waterer, Gary was actually trying to get Annie to drink after her long trip. She took 2 sips then realized it wasn't too bad so kept drinking.
Jenni O.
Nice pictures! One of ours has scratches too. Rain is nice, but wet pastures aren't so great.
Cathy G
Annie was perfect for her vet appt. Her treatment is underway to clear up her scratches. A blood test was taken just to make sure there is no underlying condition causing her sores, for example eating a certain type of weed. Randy is being such active caring new dad to his girl. I'll try to send some pictures from this morning where my horse Jackie and Annie having been grazing together all morning. Jackie is such a sweetie, I knew she would take Annie under her wing right away.

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Cathy G, sounds like you have a TROPHY husband & caring daddy to his girl. SWEET, and then you have  another hoofer, *Jackie* who is taking *Annie* under her wing and bonding.. Sounds like it will be a very *Happy* family. 2 humans & 2 hoofers. Hope for some photos, because your update is a pleasant/cheerie one. Thanx for sharing.[angel][angel][love][thumb]
Cathy G
Last night when I stopped at the stable after work, I found all the girls in the dry paddock drinking & eating around the hay feeder but Jackie & Annie. Jackie was actually standing guard in front of Annie at the gate leading to & from the pasture. Jackie would not come in without her new friend. I haltered Annie to walk her to the water but she was hesitate about leaving Jackie and really had her eyes on the other girls so I walked her back to the pasture took the lead rope off & lead Jackie instead......Annie followed right by her side.
That is so sweet!
Cathy G
Annie is doing well and getting along better with some of the other girls in her pasture. She walked nicely next to Jackie in the outdoor arena when Randy rode her briefly on Sunday to try out his new saddle & pad. I'm glad that the girls are getting along so well. Because Annie has a short body, the pad seems to long. I will post a picture later to see what everyone else thinks. Also Annie does not want to lower her head and open for a bit, which I noticed & forgot about when we did the test ride on her, thus the 2 times Randy rode her he had Jackie's Rank No Bit Bridle on her which she seems to do fine with. I'm not sure if that is why the previous owner usually rode her with just a halter on. I have not ridden her as of yet so I can not comment on how well she would respond to a bit verses a no bit bridle. I'm looking for any suggestions on working with her to lower her head and taking a bit or comments on different types of No Bit Bridles or what other people have found to work.  Thanks.
Scott: MHWF
Hi Cathy, 

The vast majority of the time, Annie's donor rode her without a bit, so I would have to assume that she would prefer that and is most used to that. 

If you want to teach her to lower her head for a bridle, you will be surprised at how easy it actually is. 

Put a treat that she likes in one hand and slowly and gently put the bridle on her head when she lowers her head to take the treat. In time she will learn to associate the two and will always lower her head for you, with out without the treat. 

I would also make sure that whatever bit you use, that is does not have shanks on it. A simple snaffle bit will serve you much better than anything harsh that has shanks.
Cathy G
Thanks for your suggestions Scott. I think Randy is more interested in using a Bitless Bridle but we have a full cheek snaffle bit for Annie if we decide to use it. Other people have also suggested putting molasses or rub bit flavored wipes on the bit. A certified horse trainer at our stable helped Randy do a saddle & pad fit test so we are all set with that.

I have a Rank No Bit Bridle that Jackie works well in. Does anyone have any suggestions of types or brands of bitless bridles that they prefer?

Thanks, Cathy
We have had loads of discussions on this forum regarding bitless bridles and what type people prefer, etc., so  I did a quick search and found a couple of threads for you that you might want to read through, there are even links on those threads to a couple of different bitless bridles.  




Cathy G
wonderul, thanks Karen
Annie is doing wonderfully. Her coat has turned a deep brown color which almost looks black and is getting a nice winter coat. Randy has been working with her several times a week on ground work, desensitizing and going to great lengths to make sure she has the proper fitted riding equipment on given her short body. He's been going thru several pads and adjusting the saddle size so he can find the right fit so she is comfortable. That's the hardest thing he's been dealing with so he hasn't done much riding on her as of each. He's starting her from the ground first and letting her adjust to everything. This is all a learning process for both Randy and Annie as this is Randy's first horse. They are both doing so well learning together.

Annie loves to see Randy and walks up to him as soon as he comes into the paddock. You know when she's enjoying you scratching her because she stretches out her neck & her lips are flapping.
Annie and Jackie are still pasture pals and look forward to seeing each other every morning as they knicker at each other when Jackie is brought out from the barn.

We'll send pictures soon.
Hey guys just thought I might take some time to say a few words and she is doing really good she's outdoors and her coat is growing very well so far the vet is amazed have kept her scratches away during these wet times I will try to send some pictures as soon as I can but Annie is a very beautiful girl she staying well mannered even though she does have her Moments. lol

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[comp] Well, I thought while the computer was still hot, and the Packers haven't started their game yet. I would tell some more of Annie. She is a very smart little gal. She knows when she can push her way. But, that's all calming down the more I work with her, and she with me. When you get an animal, its always a learning experience. I must admit that we are still bonding, just starting to get the communication going between us. So, progress is slow but rewarding when things come about. I just wanted to help people with the scratches. I've learned a lot about different issues, and health from head to tail, by the use of the internet. I found that if you use Banixx, and Vitericyn (misspelled), alternately when curing the mud fever. You will keep the organism from changing its DNA to withstand what's killing it. Use the Bannix as every three day grooming additive to your regular maintenance of your animal.
I found that when fighting the scratches, the scabs become extremely easy to remove after 3 days of using these products. Especially use after a good rain. Annie and I use a lot different exercises, and something new that blends in what I'm working on. She has a lot personality, which makes it a riot with her. She keeps me laughing.

Be good folks.
Jenni O.
Sounds like you two are spending quite a bit of time together getting to know each other. Good for you. She looks great. Good luck with the scratches, I know what a pain they can be.
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