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Sounds like you are getting to know your girl!  Awesome!
Somewhere along the line (and it might have even been on this forum) I read that someone used hand sanitizer on scratches/mud fever/Ringworm/Rain rot with great results. I used this product this summer on scratches and last fall on a horse with rain rot. Both horses cleared up within five to seven days. Best part was it was cheap to use. Bought the super-sized model at our local Sams Club. Oh, and another great thing, can be used in the winter, no bathing required:-)
Annie had a sample of what a therapeutic massage is on Sunday & loved it. She did a lot of licking and chewing which are signs of relaxation and release of tension. We scheduled her first actual therapeutic massage along with Jackie for April 3rd. I'll post pictures from their next scheduled massage.
Hey Folks! I'm sorry, for my lack of info on Annie lately. In December I tore my calf muscle really bad, so I found a 14 year old to help me out with exercising her. She was earning money to show her horse this coming spring. January, I rented a stall up till the first of March, now Annie is back outside claiming her hierarchy of the mares, wow what an attitude she has! Lol! For the past 3 months I have been dealing with saddle fitters, and have gained a lot of knowledge in the process. A lot of them want to sell their saddles with pics, and forms they send you. But, save your mind! They don't work! Annie has a right shoulder that's pretty predominate, plus being short bodied. My old saddle was pinching her shoulder, and riding on her loins. That's why she started bucking! I found a company Synergist Saddles in Cheyenne Wyoming. They use a Equimeasure kit. You have to check them out! So, hopefully Annie will get her new handmade saddle in 8 weeks. She and I still working on dominance games at time, but I still rein as herd leader. I'm still having to fight off the girls feeding her treats, when I'm not around the stables. That's what creates the dominance games! Cathy and I are having fun selling the raffle tickets, most of mine are to people that know I have a rescue horse. They always ask about Annie. Take care. [wave]
Jenni O.
Ooh, hope you like your new saddle. We will need a photo of Annie with it on! Hope the calf muscle is good to go, riding is just around the corner.

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Cheyenne Annie had a massage and stretching session.

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Cheyenne Annie is doing very well. Her problem with scratches/mud fever has been little to none this year since Randy is on top of any site of it.
Her are some pictures from a trail ride this summer.
Cathy G.

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[comp]    Hey gang! Long time no hear from me heah! Annie is just finished her check up last week, as
usual the vet is always impressed on how healthy she is. She and I have really become close, as team mates. I will include some pics of the new saddle that she is enjoying. I'm trying out a new hackamore called the zilco flower, and getting away from the rope halter I was using last year. Hopefully I can get you the health report soon, the vet has not sent it to me yet. Can't wait for this crazy weather to let up.

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Leslie V
Annie looks wonderful and it looks like you are having a great time with her!  I'm with you on the weather.  :-)
Jenni O.
She looks great! Love the saddle, and I bet you will like the new hackamore.
Looking good with the saddle.  I have heard great things about the flower hacks...good luck!
Hey gang how's things going on the frontier! Lol! Annie and I are doing well, she is defiantly trusting me now. We haven't ridden much due to much distraction in me being busy, but when we are able to slap  on the saddle, she has been a perfect angle. Clinton Anderson, has always instilled that ground work is the key to keeping you safe and how your horse responds with you when riding. Another one is, horses are like motorcycles. They are both inherently dangerous. So, if you haven't been able to see them every day, then take them out for a round pen work out. Its been a long two years for Annie and me, but I won't trade a day different for what she means to me now.
Jaane Liess

Thanks for the update, Randy.  Always nice to hear news from the front.

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Annie looks great!
MHWF, Inc.
Miss Cheyenne Annie (and Randy D.)!

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Heike B
Annie is such a beauty.  Great pictures!
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