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Miss Kitty - 16 yrs.

$400 - Miss Kitty is a 16 year old registered APHA mare. She stands at 14.3 hands tall and is sound and healthy. Miss Kitty is current with all her spring shots, has a brand new Coggins and just had her feet trimmed. She is also very sweet and wants to please. She has had some rough training in the past and her donors did pretty well bonding with her and building her trust, but she still has a way to go. Miss Kitty will need someone with time to bond with her and the experience to work with her and continue her training. We are told that she is broke to ride and has been on a couple of trail rides, but that was quite a while ago and her adopter should be someone knowledgeable and willing to put the work into her.

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Now she's just darling! And of course that song comes to mind about Miss Kitty have you ever thought of runnin' away 😉... to her new forever
Oh what a beautiful mare, and a nice eye.  Be a rewarding project for the right someone!

We are so happy to announce that both Ellie and Miss Kitty (adoption horses at Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation, Inc.) are now in training with Emily at Equine Endeavors Training! Ellie needing some sorting out and looking to patch up some holes in her training, and Miss Kitty is getting a whole new start. Emily reports the girls have settled in just great and they don't seem to care a bit that they are somewhere new. Emily says that Ellie was following her around so she decided to sit on her and she was so good. These girls will both be ready for adoption at the end of the training sessions, so please do follow along. A couple of pictures that Emily shared of their first day.

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Jenni O.
Awesome! This is Emily that trained Glory, now Annie?
Yes!  The same Emily that trained Glory aka Annie.  😉
Such great news!
Miss Kitty and Ellie are both doing great and making progress with Emily.  
Here are some of Emily's words as well as some video clips:  

From July 4, 2020:  

A great first official evening working with these girls. I see so much potential in both of them.

Both spent some time on the patience pole and had baths to cool off. I’m not thrilled with my neighbors shooting off fireworks right next to us but luckily these two didn’t bat an eye.

It’s obvious Miss Kitty doesn’t respect or trust me. We spent a great deal of time working on join up but the reward was great. Though she didn’t fully turn into me, she did stop, lick n chew, and then followed me when I “picked her up”. We worked on some moving her hindquarters and shoulder with the flag then called it quits on a good note.

Ellie I’ll probably hop on tomorrow - spent just a little time moving her on the lungeline and admiring her forward trot. She walked over the bridge and cavaletti and checked out the calves.

Happy 4th!!!

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From July 6, 2020:  

A very successful evening for Miss Kitty - we really did a lot and she took it all in with stride. It’s amazing how much horses will trust when you give them the opportunity. She does try to test me but guiding her in the right direction is the key.

We were able to get the start of a sidepass after some flag work on moving the shoulder and hindquarters, trotted over a raised pole, learned to bend/give to pressure, accepted a saddle, and accepted rider weight on one side. Though we have a lot of work to do before riding, it’s important to me to show her the tools early on.

Finished everything with a fresh bridle path clip and seriously, she didn’t bat an eye. She is another adoptable horse from Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation, Inc. who sure is flashy!  

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From July 8, 2020

Miss Kitty has really improved on her handling, including stopping with me and backing up out of my space.  

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Such great progress already!!  

Updates on Miss Kitty!  

Miss Kitty update, 7/13/2020:  
Did a thing today 😁
(And did it very well)

For video:  Click here

Miss Kitty update, 7/16/2020:
Slow and steady with Miss Kitty

For video:  Click here

Miss Kitty update, 7/19/2020:  
Side passing in hand tonight, Miss Kitty dojng great!

For video:  click here

Beat the heat this morning and got our usual workout in early, followed by a walk down the road for some exposure to new things!  

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From Emily:  

A friend helping a friend...

Super proud of Ellie for ponying Miss Kitty like a champ and happy with Miss Kitty for following along 😊

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Heike B.
It's so great to follow the progress on these two!

Miss Kitty update!  This one is so incredible and exciting to see!  

From Emily:  

"Can’t get over how smart this horse is.

Miss Kitty does well with ground mounting but likes to swing her butt away from the mounting block. Today I decided to start to work on “pick me up”. Using a series of small taps from my training stick, I’m able to get her to swing her butt to me and line up with the mounting block. Eventually she will set up nicely and swing her butt in line to pick up her rider no matter where she starts from.

This is after only 10 minutes and probably three or four tries. It’s not perfect but it is a huge milestone for Miss Kitty. Pretty great!"

For video:  Click here

Barb S

An update on Miss Kitty.  

Wow, Miss Kitty is doing fantastic! What a great solid foundation she is getting from Emily.
Words from Emily: "Miss Kitty’s first time long lining was a success. We had a few sticky spots and my fumbling with my long lines but overall very proud of her! She mastered walking, trotting, and stopping with my cues. Plus we made it out of the roundpen on the first try!

Though I’ve been putting some light rides on her, the long lining helps to reiterate the stopping and turning cues I ask for under saddle. Additionally it provides exposure to things around the legs and encourages not panicking when something is back there."

Here is video:  

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