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Missa - 26 years

Missa is a 26 year old TB mare that came to us on Sunday (6-17-2018} in need of help. She is very thin and her donor was having no luck getting weight on her and could no longer afford to board her, so we offered Missa a spot here about a month ago. Missa got vaccinated and de-wormed as soon as she came off the trailer when she arrived, but it still going to need a new Coggins and her dental work done, along with a lot of calories. We realize that we have been collecting donations for over a week already, trying to raise money for the Lucky 13 horses, but if you can spare a few dollars or some senior feed, we can use the help with this girl as well. In the meantime, we will share updates and photos as often as there is something to share. Hopefully the weight will start to come on once her dental work is done. She is still sound, ultra-sweet and mellow and is well broke, having always been ridden English.

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Lisa B.
Oh my...what a sweet face!
Donna M
Break out the super hero capes. With all you have going on, along comes Missa. Seems like a relatively simple fix for folks of your caliber but in addition to the exhaustive efforts you are already expending, when do you sleep? 

Welcome to Midwest Missa. You might not know it yet pretty girl, but you've hit the jackpot. 
Scott: MHWF
Thank you Donna, but we do not deserve the thanks. It is our supporters and donors that make taking in horses like Missa possible. That is a fact.

With that in mind, Missa acts like she has been here for years....fit right in and Charley and Cougar follow her around like lost puppies πŸ˜‰
Barb S
She’s got big shoes to fill if she’s going to take Faiths place until she finds her forever home. Lol
Thank you so much for your support everyone, we absolutely love being able to help horses like Missa and their owners.  

Missa has settled in absolutely beautifully, surprisingly well.  She acts as if she has always lived here.  My heart is very much hurting from the loss of Faith, I know Faith would have loved Missa and I was really looking forward to Faith meeting her and helping her through her rehab period.  Mac and the girls have taken in Missa like a family member already though, so Missa truly does feel at home.  

Here is a picture of Missa with Charlie, as they were having a little snack together this morning.  Nevermind the mud, as we've had a lot of rain over the past couple of days.  


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What lovely expression this mare has!  Cant wait to see her all filled out..you guys do such a great job.
Update on Missa, 7/6/2018:  

Missa has settled in really well.  What a sweet girl she is.  The weight gain is certainly slow, but we are seeing some!!  I just snapped a quick pic of Missa while she was eating her dinner.  

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Jenni O.
She looks better already! I'd guess she feels better too.
Missa is really feeling good now, we can really see a difference!  She is very bright eyed and has really good energy.  Missa is getting her teeth floated on Monday (been so busy that is the first day we could make the appointment), so we are really looking forward to that.  She has gained this weight with the extra calories she is getting.  
Here is a quick snap cell phone picture from just the other day of Missa with Cougar and Charlie.  

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Good news! Is Missa being a good aunt to the babies?
Medusa, funny thing, when Missa first came in, right up until about 3 days ago, she was letting the babies push her around some.  Now that she is feeling really good, she is definitely being a good aunty to them and she is no longer letting them push her around.  πŸ˜‰  
She is looking so good! She's such a looker!
We had a vet appointment today, 7/16/2018, and Missa was one of the horses on the list to get her teeth done.  She had lots of sharpness on her teeth that needed filing but she had no major problems in her mouth and no wave or anything bad, so that is good news.  Now when her mouth heals up and the all the sharp points are gone, we expect that she is going to finish filling out pretty easily.  
Jan N

Missa is doing great and feeling fantastic!  She has gained a lot of weight, her dental work is up-to-date and she is doing very well in that regard, and Missa is sound and healthy!  She has gained a very nice amount of weight since she came in mid June and is continually gaining now at this point.  Missa is very, very close to being able to say she is ready to move on to her new home!  

Here are some pictures I snapped today while playing with Missa in the round pen.

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Heike B
Wow, she sure has filled out![love]
Her belly sticks out on both sides too now!  Love it.
She looks great!!
Scott: MHWF
Getting there, slow, but progress.
Wow she looks do much better. When do you think she'll be able to carry a rider ?
Missa has really filled out so nicely!  And what a nice ground covering trot!  
Missa has now put on the weight she needed to make her available. She has been on a regular de-worming plan, has all her vaccinations, have been getting trimmed regularly and got her dental work done a while back. Once we put a couple of rides on her to see how she does, we can finally make her available πŸ˜‰
Exciting news!
A big thank-you to Jurita for coming and helping us out today and taking Missa for a spin!  πŸ˜‰  

Missa is a good girl, she listens to her handler well.  She is not a horse for a complete beginner, but just about anyone can ride her who has ridden.  Missa has a lot of experience under her belt and will make someone a great horse!  She is still sound as can be and although we don't want to see her being jumped or anything that strenuous, she has lots and lots of life in her.  Jurita did walk and trot with Missa today - since she hasn't been ridden for a while and has been just working on putting on the weight she needs, we felt that this was enough for the day.  Nice trail horse here, or combination trail horse and some fun arena stuff too.   What do you think, pretty nice looking TB girl, huh?  

Update: 8/26/2018

$300 - Missa has finally gained all the weight she needs, got her teeth floated, feet trimmed, got all her shots and got a few rounds of de-wormer and we can finally make her available for adoption. She is a really nice, quiet horse who never causes any trouble and still has a lot of gas left in the tank. She is a horse that just about anyone who has ridden before will be able to ride and handle and really has no special needs other than a little grain twice a day. A really sweet, easy going, happy go lucky gal with some great years trail riding and/or fun shows left in her. Do not let her age fool you, no arthritis and no old poke here. Missa is in fantastic shape.

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