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Missa is a doll. She really could move out but I could also slow her down by slowing my posting down or half halt. She also had good brakes. She did a canter in hand but as Karen mentioned we felt that with her rehab gaining her weight back best to leave it at trot and walk under saddle for the day. Isn’t she cute?
Jan N
Lovely ladies!  Missa looks pretty happy and relaxed in those shots.
So very happy for your adoption, sweet Missa.
Yay! I'm so happy to see this. I really like this little doll of a horse. Excited to see adoption photos.
Yes, Missa did get adopted over the weekend and we are really happy for her and her new adopter, Martha!

Missa will have to stay here with us a little while longer, but we will make sure to get adoption day photos when she leaves for her new home.
Jan N
This is super [biggrin]
Barb S
Yes! Someone’s joining the “I Love Seniors Club”!!! Missa literally just stepped off the trailer the day I picked up Dillinger. Congratulations 🎊🎉
Wonderful news!
Missa, Missa, sweet Missa...  Yesterday was her official adoption day and her wonderful adopter came and picked her up and they headed off for their new life together.  As you can tell, we celebrate every single adoption here.  When a horse gets to be of a certain age, we celebrate a bit harder. 

We are so absolutely thrilled that Martha came along and put that age aside as just the number that it is and saw Missa for the most beautiful girl that she is.  Missa is going to be living the dream, alongside some big fancy horses and she will fit right in like a favorite pair of gloves.  Missa and Martha are such an awesome couple and they look beautiful together too.  

We take them in when they need help and a place to go and you all support us in this mission...then the heroes come along and adopt them, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  

Thank you Martha, and a big congratulations!  

Here are a few pictures of Missa and Martha's official adoption day from 12/15/2018 (I couldn't chose just one).  

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Name: missa-martha-dec15-adoption-IMG_9101-copy.jpg, Views: 75, Size: 214.30 KB

Name: missa-martha-trailer-dec15-IMG_9108-copy.jpg, Views: 73, Size: 423.63 KB

Kristin W.
This makes me so happy! Congratulations Martha and Missa! What a beautiful mare! 😊
Yes, yes, yes! So happy for Missa. She is cute and was a good girl under saddle. I almost came to visit MHWF yesterday but didn't. Too bad. I would have loved to see this adoption take place
We arrived safely and have settled in really well.  Attached are a few photos of us on our first day home.  😉 
- Martha

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Heike B
You both look very happy!
Missa in her adoptive home....

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She looks loved and spoiled. And very happy about that.
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