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Nadirah Sahar (Sahar) - 17 years (Black/Dark Bay)

Nadirah Sahar and Nadjim El Salaam are two Arabian mares that MHWF recently took in (7-14-2018). They both have world class bloodlines and are both sound and healthy. They came to us from a donor who could no longer care for them. They have only had one owner and were born and raised on her farm until coming to MHWF. Both are sweet mares, but have not been anywhere or seen much of the world at all. They lead a little bit and will stand for the farrier, but neither has any real training. Both now have a brand new Coggins, have all their vaccinations and are current on de-wormers. Nadjim, called Nedji came to us with a bad irritation and infection on the left side of her face and on her belly. That is now almost cleared up. Other than that, she has no health issues at all. Sahar came to us with 2 plum sized growths on the right side of her neck. The vets do not think they are operable and will not cause her any issues at all. We will know more with time.

We took these two horses in knowing that they will need to go directly to trainers to learn the basics, then on to training under saddle. Sahar left to begin her training on 7-21-2018 and we are still looking for a good qualified trainer for Nedji. We are anxious to see the results of their training and will share updates along the way. When they are done with training, they will be made available for adoption.  

Link to adoption application:  

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Pretty girls with such big soft eyes!
Mana L.
These two are super pretty!!! Did you know Nadirah Sahar means Precious or Rare Dawn and Sahar by itself is Dawn, Nadjim El Salam I'm pretty sure means Star of Peace.

They do have beautiful names, Mana!  

A word from Sahar's trainer:  
She’s leading much better and today I was able to put the tarp over her, throw the rope over her and around her legs, have her walk over the tarp and mattress, and had her “lunge” around me at the walk and trot. She’s doing very well!  
Jan N
This is great news [smile]


An update from Sahar's trainer, Kenzi:  

We’ve been working on desensitizing to tarp, ball, mattress, rope, cavalettis, and noodles (none of which she minds). Ground manners, she’s a lot better about leading but still likes to try and walk ahead of you, flexing her head, yielding fore/hindquarters, lunging w/t/c, tying, picking up hooves, trailering, and catching in the arena in hopes that she can transition to outdoor living soon. She also wore a saddle for the first time today, which she didn’t mind at all and stood perfectly for cinching!  

Here is a video clip of Sahar from today:  

You are doing a fantastic job!  Thank you so much...she just looks so lovely in the video.
8/3/2018:  Update video clip from trainer, Kenzi:  

Sahar spent her first full day outside, on approximately 4 acres of pasture. Here is me approaching her.  😉  

Awwww... She's cute !

Update from Sahar's trainer, Kenzi:  

As expected, letting Sahar out to pasture has been great for her! She’s able to let out any excess energy she may have, leaving her calm and alert for our sessions. She has been easy to catch and even follows both my boyfriend and I when we set out hay. Today she stood (and even rested her back leg!) for me to brush her, pick up her hooves, and tack her up. Then we went through all of her ground work and some obstacles, and ended with some practice accepting the rider! Being that Sahar is a more of a brave horse, I figured she’d have no problem with it, and she didn’t! One step closer to riding.

Scott: MHWF
Good job and thank you for the update!
Heike B
So  much potential! great updates!


Update from Kenzi, Sahar's trainer:  

Working on some more of Sahar’s adoptable qualities! Since she has done extremely well at catching, leading, tying, picking up hooves, obstacles, and the beginnings of mounting I decided to start work on fly spraying and getting in the trailer on her own. She does not like the idea of backing out yet, but we will get there too!  

She is so darn cute. She looks little. Is she little?
She really is super cute, sweet and a small girl.  Kenzi also said, "I’m pleasantly surprised by how quickly she warmed up to me, she walks right up to me in the pasture. It’s so rewarding!"  

We didn't measure the girls when they were here with us because the last thing they needed to worry about was a measuring stick after going through such huge changes in their lives and being moved from the only home they ever knew in their lives, having never left their property or been trailered, etc.  But I'd say that Sahar probably measures right about the 14 hand mark and Nedji probably around the 15 hand mark.  

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Update from Kenzi on 8/11/2018:  
And today Sahar had her first ride! I was extremely pleased with how calm she was, she did not offer to buck/kick/rear/etc. at all! Steering and stop seem to come easier to her than go, but she picked up on everything very nicely! I’m really taking a liking to her, she is so cute and sweet, and progressing so well. Going to make someone a great horse soon!  

Very nice first ride!

Update from Kenzi:  

Sahar update! She’s been doing great with all of her ground manners. Undersaddle we have started working with the bit, this is her second ride using one (simple snaffle). She tolerates it fine, but is still working on figuring out how it works. She is riding w/t currently and I have high hopes to have her riding in the big outdoor arena and cantering soon. She catches on quickly!  


Looks like she is coming along nicely!  She is going to have some lovely movement.
Update 8/30/2018:  

From Kenzi:  

Practiced some under saddle obstacles today! Sahar’s steering with the bit is getting much better. She is a fun little horse to ride and always gives her best without a fuss. I’m thinking she would make a fun project for an experienced youth.



Kenzi is doing such a great job with Sahar and Sahar is a little rock star!  Someone is going to be so happy with this sweet little mare.  

Update from Kenzi:  

Sahar had her first official out of the arena ride today, we just rode down the driveway and by the road for a bit and then back. She did great, was not spooky, just alert and nice and forward moving. We did both walk and trot and she behaved very nicely.  

She is coming along really well!! Great job!
Jenni O.
😁😁 She's going to be a lot of fun for the right person, I think.
Very cool!

Update 10-1-2018

Sahar has now been in training for the past 60 days, but we felt that an additional 30 days would make a huge difference in making her more adoptable. Sahar will be in continued training until the end of October.

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