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Update 10-27-2018

Sahar is now back from training and MacKenzie did an excellent job with her. She loaded right up for the trip home and came off the trailer calm and cool. She had 13 weeks of training and although she is still considered green, she is a horse that just about anyone who can ride will be able to handle and ride. Thank you MacKenzie!

Sahar has been quite the health case and we’ve gone through extensive assessment to figure it all out and treat her properly. She came to us with a very large oozing mass on the side of her neck and some swelling in a back hock. She would also pop up with smaller masses here and there on her body from time to time, and also had on and off joint swelling. We went to extensive vetting measures to figure out exactly what was going on with her.  We had the vet do x-rays of all of her joints and determined there was nothing significant going on with that, no real bony involvement or arthritis. We also did testing for Lyme and sent it to Cornell University. That came back negative, but we wanted to rule that out. We wound up having the vet do biopsies of the big mass and another small tiny one. It was determined that the large mass is a mast cell tumor. Sahar’s prognosis is guarded and we don’t know exactly how well she will do and how this will effect her in the long run, but we are keeping a close eye on things, and we also had her on a course of steroids that was veterinarian recommended.

The course of steroids did completely calm down the smaller masses and she has had no recurrence of the smaller ones to date, but the steroids are something that she may need to go on from time to time for the rest of her life, if this cancer has not spread internally, which a little more time will tell.  

UPDATE: 3-27-2019

It is with sadness that we share the news of Sahar's passing last night.

At around 4 pm last night we planned to do our evening chores after a long day outside getting a few things done,  then go in for the night. While doing chores, we noticed Sahar acting strange. She looked uncomfortable and did not want to eat her grain. Within minutes she went down and we ran into the house to get the phone to call the vet, thinking that she was colicing. Before we could even make the call, she went into some kind of seizure and passed, right there in front of both of us. She passed away at  about 4:30 last night.
As you might have guessed, we have became pretty attached to Sahar, having spent so much time with her these past 6 months or so. Seeing her pass right there in front of us both was a little shocking, even for someone who has been doing this kind of work for the past 20 years. Not much was said, we kind of stood there for a few minutes, doubled checked her eyes to make sure she was truly gone, then finished our chores and went in for the night feeling pretty freaked out.
This was certainly not the update we thought we would be sharing this morning. Sahar never gave us any grief while she was with us, she lived with her buddies, two young fillies and 2 donkeys, giving us a hello whenever we came out to her paddock. We take in a lot of horses and we are proud to say that we do not have to put many down and we lose even less. We knew that sooner or later Sahar’s condition would cut her life short, but we certainly did not think that it would be quite this soon.

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That had to be a difficult thing to witness. I admire your strength. RIP Sahar.
I'm so sorry to read this, especially after her training went well and .her prospects seemed positive
Oh guys...that is heartbreaking.  I am so sorry.  Sahar will be missed [frown]
So sorry to hear this news.  RIP Sahar.
Sooo very sorry.  Sounds like a heart attack.  I've seen this happen to a horse once too.  Shocking, and it happened so suddenly.   It's hard to loose one, at any time. 
Heike B
So sorry to hear this news. It's too bad that her medical issues cut her life short.
Kate G
Sorry to hear the loss! So traumatic to witness. 
Just so sad. I am so sorry for her, her buddies, and for you both 😢
Wendy W - WI
I am so sorry.  What a terrifying thing to go through.  Thinking of you both.

Donna R
I'm so sorry Scott and Karen.  This is shocking news.   I know each horse that comes through your program means the world to you, especially those you have spent so much time making  whole again.  Thank you for all you have done for Sahar and for so many others.
Sue J
I'm so sorry you guys had to go through this. She had so much potential.
So very sorry to hear this... just heartbreaking.  Through your kindness, she knew she was loved and that is a tremendous gift. Thank you Scott and Karen for everything you do for these wonderful horses.  RIP Sahar.
I am so sorry to hear this.  How devastating for both of you.  My heart goes out to you.
Jenni O.
I'm sorry. 
Leslie V
I'm so sorry that this happened - my heart goes out to you both!  Not an easy thing to see or deal with.  I'm glad the time she had left was spent in your wonderful care.
Katie M.
I am so sorry to hear of Sahar's passing. You gave her so much care and love. Sending prayers of peace and thanks for all you do to give all the horses the best life they can have.
Diane B
So sorry to hear this!  Thanks for taking her in.  As always, you did all you could and gave her a loving home.
Jan N
Through no small amount of tears, sending condolences and a bear hug for each of you. So very, very sorry such a quick, shocking death was yours to witness. At least for her it was only a brief time of feeling "off" and a then mercifully quick passing. With all my sympathy, J.
Oh my god, I loved the way Sahar looked, was curious of what was going on with a beautiful horse, RIP Beautiful Soul, run free with Cheyenne, Alice, and the others who have fallen with us!
Oh, I am sad to hear this.  Horses are so fragile some times.  I had a cat pass suddenly one day (never sick at all) but I didn't have to see it happen. Hugs to you both.
Sandy K
So sad to hear news like this . I am sure it never gets any easier , even after all these years of dealing with things like this.
Amber Marie
Sorry for your loss I too have recently lost my Arabian pinto mare Sierra. We had her for 19 wonderful years. My dad and I trained her ourselves.
Appreciate all you did for her, Mckenzie, Scott and Karen.  So promising and then cut short.
Tough times

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