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Nemo (Eye Ought To Go) - 6 yrs.

$600- Nemo is a registered 6 year old QH gelding. He is 15 hands tall, sound, healthy, well broke and beautiful as well as well-behaved and well-balanced. Nemo was only broke to ride just over a year ago, but has had a ton of experience since then and is an exceptional horse. Not only is he good looking, healthy, sound and well trained, he is very sweet and a really likable fella too. He has done a lot of trail riding, ridden both English and Western (mostly English). He is very traffic safe and will ride out alone, no problem. We cannot see any downside to this exceptional horse, but will say that although he is very well broke and very calm and experienced, he is only 6, so we will not offer him up to green or first time horse riders. He has a great foundation under his belt and we would like to see him go to someone who will continue to build on that strong foundation. We do not get horses in this nice every day, call or you will lose out on a gem!

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Very nice looking horse, he won't last long!
Kara W.
Omg u guys are killing me.
I got the chance to ride him and he was very nice. Rode very well and has great brakes. Love a horse with good brakes. He came off the trailer was saddled up and ridden, no problem. He was really calm and even though his donor said she could tell he was a little nervous I thought "Wow..if that is his nervousness he is a mellow horse." He wasn't even afraid of the purple porta potty that always get a look from the horses. He was curious about it but not afraid. Curious is good. Nice horse! 
Trail riders..here you go.
Heather H
How tall is he? I didn't think I saw that in his description.
Oh man, what a beautiful horse with talents to boot!
Oops, sorry, he is 15 hands tall.
Oh handsome fello.  He will make someone so happy.
Donna R
Beautiful!  A lot of great horses to choose from for some lucky adopters.
mel d
Wow, he sounds like a great horse...off the trailer and ridden immediately! Nice!!!
After parking cars from horseback at Outagamie Co. WI breakfast on the Farm on Sunday; having a talented, quiet, versatile quarter horse adds to the pleasure of the volunteer job.    Being able to manuever in tight quarters with cars and people coming from all directions is so necessary for safety.   Looks like this horse is a prospect for lots of riding disciplines.    Is there a registered name for Nemo?

Dang, what a steal!
You guys are killing me with these beautiful horses!
Nemo is a really sweetie pie and he already acts like he's lived here his whole life.  He has really settled in well and made friends very quickly here.  

Excellent!  Just what I have been hoping to hear!

Nemo and Hope have really buddied up.  He is hanging with everyone, but I think Hope is following him around like a starry-eyed teenage girl and he sure doesn't seem to mind a bit.  
Congratulations to Nemo and his new family!!
Thank you so much Doreen, for entrusting us with the care and placement of Nemo.  He is an absolutely wonderful boy and I have a great deal of respect for your training talents.  Nemo is a treasure and we truly enjoyed having him here with us.  

We are all very happy to announce that Nemo did find his home today, and he actually did leave for his new home today already too.  Georgi and Kevin S. came by today with their daughter Cassie and met Nemo.  They worked with him and rode him for some time and he really fit exactly what they were looking for.  We have known Georgi and Kevin for years, and you will even see Georgi and Whitney in MHWF's production video with an appearance of one of their other adoption horses, Dawn, if you click on that link from any of our web pages.  Some of you will remember Whitney and Dawn doing their freestyle demo back at the Central Wisconsin Horse Expo as well.  Whitney's sister, Cassie, is 12 years old now and that is so hard to believe because we tend to picture her in a stroller yet.  LOL!  Nemo is Cassie's horse and we are sure they are going to have an absolutely great time together!  We missed doing MHWF's spring trail ride this year, but we plan to do a fall one this year and we are sure we will see Cassie and Nemo along with Georgi and Kevin and the crew!  

Thank you so much Georgi, Kevin and Cassie, and congratulations!  

Cassie was unable to come back when they picked up Nemo, but Georgi was kind enough to pose for an adoption day picture with Nemo for us.  :)  

(P.S.  I am embarrassed at Nemo's black socks, but after the 6 inches of rain we just got there was some nice mud to walk through when coming out of the pasture and we didn't think to hose him down before his pic)

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Congratulations to all!!
Jane Liess
`How fantastic!  And Nemo looks adorable with the mud; he's just a chestnut with bay legs!
congratulations on the new addition to the family!
With such a stellar pedigree with race winnings up close on both sides, how fortunate for this family!  Wish them many years of happiness with Nemo.
Jenni O.
I missed this. Congratulations!
mel d
Congratulations, sounds as if Cassie has herself one wonderful horse :-)
Just wondering how Memo is doing, he is a very good looking horse
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