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Link to adoption application:  

This will be Never's thread where we will keep updates.  Never was part of the Lucky 13 herd that MHWF took custody of and responsibility for in June 2018, which included 4 stallions that have been gelded now.  You can find the other horses threads as well to read more about them.  

Nevermore, known as Never, is a 13-year-old (2005) registered Arabian gelding.  He was gelded as a youngster.  Never is a horse who had 30 days of training back in 2009 and was handled for a while after that, but then his owner did not seem to have time for him. He has been out to pasture since that time (2009) with very little handling and no riding at all. Never is part of a herd of 13 horses that included 4 stallions (who are recently gelded) that the Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation took responsibility for and ownership of when the owner could no longer care for them. Never has tons of potential and we are all thrilled that he has been accepted into the Trainers Challenge and being given such a great second chance in life.  

Never is now in Michigan with trainer, Hillary Holman, and we will be posting updates of their training progress.  Never will be available for adoption at the Midwest Rescue Horse Trainers Challenge event on September 22, 2018, at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds.  

Here are some links to learn more about the Trainers Challenge, and to follow the other horses as well as Never.  



Here is a video of Never for the beginning of his adventure and loading into the trailer to head to Michigan.  Never got to be in a trailer on a boat crossing Lake Michigan, and he was on a trailer for approximately 24 hours (big trailer with box stall).  He did great and traveled well!  

Here are some pictures of never as well.  


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What a good-looking guy!  He looks like an Arabian should; not like some of the freaks breeders are producing now.

I am always looking at any Arabians that come up on your adoption page!  Over the years you have had some really classy animals.  How tall is Never and do you know anything about his breeding, like whether it is Polish, Russian, etc.?  I know how busy you guys are so, if you don't know offhand,  please don't put any effort in looking up his breeding. I am sure someone will come up with info from the registry.

Thanks, Diane

Hi Diane, and thank you!  

We do know Never's breeding and also have his registration papers.  He is Egyptian.  
While we did not measure Never, my best guess is that he is probably about 14.3.  

Maybe this is the time to mention that Sky is still waiting for a home. 
What an adventure for Never!  Love how this boy is built and nice a nice quiet eye.
I'll be watching this one in September!!  What a great opportunity for Never.
I hope everyone follows along with Never and his trainer, Hillary, on their journey to the Trainers Challenge!  

Here is a link to follow things directly through Facebook, and I will copy some of it over to this thread when I am able also (some videos I cannot copy over).  


or click here
Wow, do I ever like this guy, this is one very nice horse.  Love his classic conformation, looks like an Arabian should.  And to-die-for bloodlines, Babson and Crabbet. Those Babson Egyptians can't be beat for great dispositions.  I sure wish I could.
I found his pedigree (DH Nevermore) and was impressed with how close up some older bloodlines are.  You get back to the 60's in just a few generations.

The listing said he was 14.1, but I don't know how accurate that is. He certainly looks bigger.
I will ask Hillary how tall he is and post that here.  BetC, if you were looking on the Allbreedpedigree or whatever that is called, she probably entered that back when he was about 3 years old, so there is the possibility he could have grown a little taller since then.  

Update:  Never stands at about 14.3.  

Here is a link to Nevermore's blog that his trainer, Hillary, is keeping updates.  


I will copy some of the updates and put them here as well.  Also attaching a few pictures from the blog.  

Nevermore and Hillary working on some tricks.


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What a good steady guy.

Update from Hillary Wipp, Nevermore's trainer:  

"A lot of people have been asking about DH Nevermore "Never", my Midwest Rescue Horse Trainers Challenge horse. Here he is doing what he does best! Stay tuned next Saturday August 19th I'm going to attempt to do a Facebook live answering any questions potential adopters of Never may have in correlation with the horse preview happening in WI.
Adopters need to be pre approved for adoption
Adoption is done in silent auction format with a starting bid of 750.00

DH Nevermore "stats"
2005 Registered Arabian Dark Bay Gelding 14.3h 
60 days under saddle WTC. Prefers the bosal, does not like bit contact yet. No dental problems. I have had his teeth done and oral x-rays taken.
Good to tie, clip, bathe, pick up all 4 feet, load, lunge, mount, over obstacles, on the trail. Good in pasture with or without buddy. Good being stalled.
An easy going guy to be around. Not much phases him! I could see him being a great trail or endurance mount."

The Sneak Preview event is August 19, 2018, and the Trainers Challenge is September 22, 2018!  Get your applications in now!  This is one heck of a horse right here!  

It looks like Nevermore's thread has not been updated enough here, we were slacking on that!  

Nevermore was at the Trainers Challenge with Hillary on September 22nd and they did fantastic together!!  Nevermore went home with someone for a trial period and after a couple of weeks, they decided they just didn't click together.  Nevermore headed back to us today and a person who has been watching and waiting through this whole period now had her shot at meeting this beautiful boy.  Her name is Sara and her and her daughters drove over to be here when Never arrived so they could meet him and decide if they wanted to adopt him.  Even though Sara had been talking to us about Never and following him closely through the Challenge, she couldn't make it to the Trainers Challenge.  When she saw he was "tentatively" adopted after that, she kept watching the website daily (we won't mention how many times daily).  Sara has had Arabians her whole life and there was a feeling from the start that Never was the one for her.  They clicked and Sara did decide to dedicate to Never and make it official!  Nevermore was officially adopted today and went home with Sara and her family!  

Now today is October 14, 2018, but by the snow we had while they were here you'd think it was December.  Here are a couple of very cute and snowy official adoption day pictures.  

Thank you for choosing adoption, Sara, and a big congratulations!  We all look forward to hearing about Never's new life with you!  

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Terrrific news and congratulations all around!

Sounds like it was meant to be. Hope it works out.
Yippee!  Please post updates as you get to know him.
Love it!  Congratulations to Never and Sara!  The photos are so cool although snow in October is not!!
Sara H.
Hi all! Sara here giving a Never update...
I brought never out in the yard this morning to brush him, hang on him, scratch on him, basically smoother him :) When I thought he might be getting sick of me, I sat on the ground about a leadropes lenghth away to just watch him graze. The next thing I know he's grazing where you see him in this picture, under my knees, around my legs! Apparently he wasn't sick of me. I even rested my arm over his head between his ears while he ate.
Nevers first selfie?
Maybe, probably! :)
That's how I got to start my day

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Sara H.
Took Never for his first trail ride with us today! We live only two miles from State Park horse trails, so we thought it'd be a good first ride. He was amazing!! Steady Eddy! He took the lead and didn't falter once. I'm still flying high from the ride! I got to ride behind him and watch him the whole time. I'm trying to attach pics, but having trouble
Sara H.
Nevers first ride๐Ÿ˜‰

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Off to a great start!!
Woohoo!  You guys rock!!!  Some things just fall in place and were meant to be.  We knew that Never is an awesome all-around horse and you really made our day by proving it to us.  ๐Ÿ˜‰  
Scott: MHWF
Love the update and the pics, excellent! Thank you!
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