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This is a fabulous update.  What a fantastic outcome for this rescue.
Jenni O.
I love that he is in the right home, and it's great to hear how well he did on the trail. Happy trails!
Sara H.
Had a chance early January with the better weather to get out on Never. He did awesome! Not jumpy or spooky. It couldn't have gone better. Only wish I'd gotten some pics
Love the updates!
It's always so great to hear updates, pictures or no pictures.  πŸ˜‰  So happy Nevermore is doing so well!  
Yes, exactly what Karen said!  So glad Never did so well for you!
Nevermore πŸ˜‰

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Hi everybody! Been quite a while since I gave an update... Never is doing great. He had some pretty major anxiety issues(tacking him up was a difficult task) that have become minor over time. It took the whole winter for him to settle in. He gets ridden about 1-2 times a week. We've planned his first camping trip for the end of June at forestville state park. Awesome riding there. My daughter and I rode 2 1/2 hours in hilly terrain with our two Arabs and it didn't faze them one bit. Actually, never is my favorite horse I've ever ridden. Calm, alert, level headed. Love his pace. Thank you again for helping us find this wonderful soul!!😊
WHat a fantastic update!  So happy for everyone.
Sara H.
The birthday boy getting his "cake". He gets sweet feed instead of oats tonight. As much as he enjoyed his cake, he didn't find the birthday hat very amusing. This must be his "I'm not amused face". ...
Happy Birthday Never 😁

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Scott: MHWF
Thanks for posting Sara and Happy Birthday Never!
Barb S
Happy Birthday Never! He’s adorable in his birthday hat.
Happy Birthday, Never!!  Hope you "enjoy" many more hats in the years to come!
Sara H.
Despite the heat and bugs our camping trip went really well. Never took everything in stride like he'd been there, done that. Doesn't always like to go first at obstacles, but doesn't hesitate if somebody else goes first. Never is the one resting his head on the bar. Picture was taken at 4:45 am and we hadn't ridden yet. 😊

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Wow...you cant beat that!  What a great update!
Barb S
Like Doreen said β€œgreat update”
Nevermore! πŸ˜‰

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Jan N
Such a great, interesting photo. I love it!
Happy Birthday, Never!!

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