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We’d like to introduce you to Nitro, the new guy who just arrived to MHWF on 12/12/2019 (during some snow!). Nitro found himself needing some help and a place to go and made his way here to MHWF for a nice soft landing.  He has a very sweet personality, and we will get to the bottom of his weight issues with a full evaluation and get him everything he needs. We are not exactly sure of his age, but he is said to be around 17 or 18 years old and quarter horse type of horse. We will continue to update everyone on Nitro and get more pictures soon as well.  

If you would like to help with Nitro’s initial and ongoing care and evaluation, it would be greatly appreciated. Every penny makes all the difference in being able to help Nitro and horses like him.  Thank you!  

You can give in a variety of ways below.
Thank you!!

🔷❖PayPal direct link:  click here

🔷❖ Donate button (gold-colored button) on MHWF website: http://www.equineadoption.com 

🔷❖Mail to:
10990 State Highway 73
Pittsville, WI 54466

❤️Thank you for helping Nitro! ❤️


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Jenni O.
He has such a sweet face.  Looks like he lucked out coming to MHWF.  I bet he looks a lot better pretty quickly.
Soft landing for  sure!  Welcome  Nitro!



Nitro continues to do well since his arrival on 12/12/2019.  He has settled in well, seems very happy and bright, eats like a champ and is a very nice gentleman with great manners.  

I want to stress the importance of checking under blankets in the winter and "feeling" your horse, as they can grow quite and thick and even long winter coat that can hide "bones" pretty easily.  Nitro has such thick and long winter hair, and it hides some of his bones quite well.  I am going to post more photos that I've taken of Nitro to document his progress.  He has a lot of weight and muscle to gain, and we're hoping we can help him through.  So far, so good.  

Nitro also appeared in our "MHWF Minute", short video clips that we share, and here is a link to that as well.  

or click here

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Barb S
Nitro is starting to look better in his short time at MHWF. By spring he will look great!👍🏼
So so glad he is with you.  Giving the old guy a chance.  Thank you.
Barb S
Nitro reminds me of another older gentleman that you saved 2 years ago. 😊
Nitro is such a nice boy, super sweet and polite.  I've seen him trot around a few times now, his energy level is good too.  

Barb, he does remind me of your boy!  
So Nitro is much older than you first thought?  I hope he does as well as Dillinger.
Barb S
Which Dillinger continues to be a Rockstar at the age of 29!
Great with the grandboys and I can see the same future for Nitro.
I hope he can find a wonderful home when he’s ready.
Yes, Nitro is much older than what was thought upon inspection.  You know how that goes... someone gets a horse, is told how old they are and never really had a vet or anyone tell them any different, some years go by and they add the years on and that is how old they think the horse is.  Then someone actually gets in their mouth and looks at the whole picture and it's obvious that the original age they were told was pretty far off.  😉  It does not matter to us, we were taking him in whether he was 1 year or 40 years.  

The older horses have so much to offer!  Barb, that Dillinger is really something and we're so happy he landed in the absolutely perfect home!
How is Nitro's rehab coming along?

I'm glad you asked about Nitro, thank you for asking!  

Nitro is feeling good and eating great (boy, can he eat!).  His weight gain is very slow, but he is having no issues with pain or lameness or anything like that, so at this point we are happy with where he is at, other than we hope to see the weight and muscle start coming on better.  He has a very happy and bright attitude and is very settled in and feels at home.  

Here are a couple of pictures of Nitro from just a couple of days ago when Karen R. came out on her birthday and celebrated with some cupcakes for us people and some apples and carrots for all the horses.  Nitro really enjoyed the carrots and gave a cupcake a try too.  😉  

Nitro is a really super sweet guy who is very, very well behaved and just a joy to have around.  

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He just has a really cute face!
I Matter Monday!
Nitro arrived to MHWF back in December 2019. He had a rough go of things in life, and was quite thin. Nitro is believed to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 30(+) years old. He has been doing fantastic and is such a lovable guy! Here are a couple of pictures to show you the great weight and muscle gain that he has had so far. Whether a youngster or an oldster, they all matter!

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Barb S
He looks great! Another fantastic job MHWF!!!
Sandy K.
He looks so much better !
Nitro has come so far.  Thank you for all you do.

Nitro wanted to show you all how he's doing.  He always comes running when he knows you have food for him!  They ran through a big ole mud puddle on their way up.  Here's a little video clip from this morning, 4/6/2020.  

Thank you for helping Nitro, and all of the horses!  

Or Click Here

Wonderful the vitality these old guys and gals have.  Nitro looks great.
Barb S
Nitro makes my heart happy and puts a big smile on my face😊
Nitro and Piccolo - the oldest and youngest horses in the pasture.  Nitro the 30-something guy and Piccolo the just turned 2-year-old filly.  Aren't they just the cutest together??!

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What a sweet picture.💕
Barb S
Love this picture!
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