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They look like they could be related! Cute.
He looks so much better now. He is so cute


Wow, what a transformation on Nitro!  Nitro has done nothing but gotten better and better day by day, week by week.  He is doing fantastic and feeling fantastic!  You'd never know this boy is 30+ years old, would you?!  

Posted are a couple of "before and after" pictures to show you his progress, and a couple of fun riding pictures from yesterday as well.  Even though Nitro hadn't been ridden in some years, he thought he was pretty cool showing us that he knows what he's doing and enjoys it!  [wink]  😉  

There is quite a story that has unfolded for Nitro and it's time to share.  I have been trying to figure out how to simplify this a little bit so that it doesn't wind up being paragraphs long.  The person who originally had to rehome Nitro (not where we got him from), was a gentleman who was diagnosed with cancer and had to rehome Nitro along with the pony and mini's that he had.  Nitro had trouble in the home that he went to with his weight and this person reached out to us and we took Nitro in back in December.  We are so thankful they reached out to us and we were able to take Nitro in.  Fast forward to earlier this month when I got an email from a family friend saying that they were directed to look at the MHWF website now that their 14-year-old daughter, Zoey, may be wanting to get a horse and board the horse at our nephew and his wife's place when they have it ready for horses.  They got to our website and saw Nitro and contacted me immediately, telling me they were sure this was their dad's horse (Zoey's grandfather) in the past... we went over the stories, and yes, Nitro was in fact her dad's horse, and more good news, her dad did survive the cancer!  They set up a time to come and visit and had a lot of fun grooming Nitro and hanging out.  They came back again yesterday, and Zoey even rode Nitro!  It looks like Nitro has found himself a home, back with family, as soon as our nephew and his wife get their place ready for the horses sometime this summer.  😉  

How's that for an incredible twist of fate?  

Thank you for being the co-authors in this amazing book we have been writing together for the past 19 years, and we look forward to the wonderful chapters coming up in the rest of 2020.  

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What an amazing story!
Wendy W - WI
What an amazing, wonderful story!  Nitro looks fabulous and I love the pictures!  
This is so AWESOME and why I love MHWF so much!!!
What a perfect ending!
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I am proud to be a supporter of this fine rescue.
Carla Z.
Wondering what you will suggest to the owners of Nitro, to keep him at his best weight?  Good hay and what else did he get that turned the corner for him?
This brought happy tears to my eyes. I love that kind of story.
Thanks everyone!  It's always such a great feeling to be able to celebrate these successes together.  

Carla, Nitro gets a pretty simple diet of hay (now pasture as well) along with senior feed that we mix with soaked beet pulp and alfalfa pellets.  His new people have had the opportunity to be here at feeding time and see what Nitro eats.  😉  
He looks just outstanding!  Yay!
What a sweet twist of fate and especially happy to hear that Nitro's past owner survived cancer ❤️❤️❤️
Donna R
Nitro has rehabbed so beautifully!  You two do wonderful work with the horses that are lucky enough to land in your care.  

Such a perfect twist of fate for Nitro to go back to his family.  I second what Christine said.  So glad to hear his past owner survived cancer.
Amanda M
Welcome back home, Nitro! 💜
Here are a couple of pictures of Nitro just hanging out in the pasture that I must have forgot to post, from June 16, 2020.  And a really cute and funny one too.  
Please don't anyone tell him that he's about 35 years old, he really has no idea!  😉  

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He really does look amazing.  Are you tempted to put a saddle on him?
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