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Obviously Guna Roxya (Roxanne) - 8 yrs.

$500 - Roxanne is an 8 year old APHA registered mare She is sound, healthy, has always had great care, well broke and current on everything she needs for 2016. She stands at 15.2 hands tall and as you can see, is strikingly beautiful. Roxanne is good for the vet and farrier, has excellent ground manners, gets along well with her herd mates, is easy to catch and handle and has been used for a variety of things. She has done trail rides, a few shows and has been used as a lesson horse. The reason she is at MHWF is because she was purchased to be used as a lesson horse for beginner riders and is a little too much for new, timid riders and is smart enough to know that a timid, green rider cannot make her work if she does not want to. For people who are not brand new to horses and have some time in the saddle, what a horse we have here for you. Roxanne came from a friend of MHWF, someone we know and trust.

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Kara B.
WOW... she is beautiful!
Awww..pretty. We need an up close  photo of that blue eye!
Jenni O.
Wow! She's a looker. Who's going to be the lucky person to make the first call?
Val P
Someone is going to be very lucky to have this gal grace their pasture[smile]
I saw this lovely mare in person while we were picking up Valid Jaz!  an absolutely lovely specimen, beautiful in every way.
Donna R
I love the colorful ones.  Pretty girl!
Lovely mare, with lots of talent!
Roxanne is really a wonderful horse who is an absolute pleasure to have around.  She has had three different people ride her since she has been here and has done great.  She does have that little stubborn streak that made her not a good lesson horse for kids, but with the right person on her does just great.  

One of the people who came and made the trip to meet her yesterday decided to adopt her!  Kim B. is the lucky one, and Roxanne gets to live with adoption horse Frannie!  (Frances Can Fly, Percheron)  We are very happy for Kim, and we look forward to official adoption day and pics when they come back to pick Roxanne up to take her home.  

In the meantime, here are a couple of pictures from yesterday of Roxanne with Kim, 6/18/2016.

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Jenni O.
Congratulations! I didn't think she would be there very long before someone adopted her.
Lisa B.
Congratulations to Roxy and Kim!!!  May you enjoy many trails together!

Kim, is that a Black Forest treeless saddle you are riding in?  I have two of them and absolutely love them, as do my horses.

Best wishes!
Kim B
Thanks, I am very excited and impatient to bring Roxanne home.

Lisa B - yes the saddle is a Black Forest saddle; I love them as well, so comfortable.
congratulations to Roxanne & Kim!
I just realized that I had not posted Roxanne and Kim's adoption day photos yet.  Kim and Brad came and picked up Roxanne this past Sunday, and everything has gone smoothly.  

Here are a couple of cute pics from Kim and Roxanne from official adoption day on Sunday, 6/26/2016.  

Thanks again Kim and Brad, and congratulations!  

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Congratulations!! Great pictures!
Congrats on the new addition to your herd.
Kim B
I figured since I wrote about Frannie I should add a few notes about Roxanne.  We took her out for the first time on Saturday to Red Wing and she did really well.  There was only one stretch of the trail where she saw something that she was not all that sure about...still not sure what it was...maybe a weird looking tree.  The stretch was probably 30' in length and I would get her to move forward a few steps and she would stop and start backing up...but we managed to move past it and she was just fine after that.  Unlike Frances she had no problem walking into the River on Monday...she kind of liked pawing at it...relentlessly.  Only having spent a week with her I think she did really well on the trails this past weekend; there was one or two things along the way that she was not all that sure about...like big rocks...but she would still push past them.  I am looking forward to getting to know her better and building more of a relationship so we both have more confidence in each other. 

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Jenni O.
Nice photos! You're doing great together, considering how long you've had her. Keep up the good work! Did you camp at Hay Creek in Red Wing?
Wow!  Only a week with you and you guys are doing so great!  Looking forward to tons more updates and adventures!
Looking good!

Roxanne on a trail ride. I had tried a couple bits with her since we brought her home and Roxanne didn’t seem to like any of them so we have now been riding bit-less and she has been doing awesome with it. She is  a pretty cool gal.

- Kimberly B.

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bitless rocks.  great update.
Looking great there, Kim!  Miss ya
Kim and Roxanne [smile]

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Lisa B.
I love this picture! It made me chuckle 😁😁
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