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Kimberly B
She kept on trying to grab my phone when I was taking pictures...One of the pictures I took you can even see her teeth as she was moving in to strike...LOL.  

I do really love my little Roxanne...she is a lot of fun and has a ton of energy.  She runs everywhere she goes...pretty funny.  Brad calls her Red because he thinks she looks like a red Holstein :0 I strongly disagree...LOL.  Not a ton to report on over the winter; last fall she had a hoof abscess, but she healed from that quickly.  I did have some trouble figuring out a bit she liked so as a last ditch effort I tried a bit-less bridle that I use for one of my other horses and she responds really well to it.  Therefore; she is now a bit-less girl and does great with it.  I do round pen work with her before we go riding, mostly because she is a ball of energy and I want to get her in work mode and seems to do really well with that routine.  She does hate walking under low branches so we were working on that last fall before her hoof abscess; something we will pick back up here in the spring.  I had my husbands "help" (he did all the work) last fall in building me a little contraption to hang a bunch of noodles to so I can work on getting Roxanne walking under things.  When I say she struggles with it...I mean we made it past one noodle last fall...ONE.   Another funny little quirk is that she seems to be somewhat shy around new people.  Whenever my husband or I go outside she is always on the run to great us; but when we have visitors she never comes over to the fence even if I call her.  She will stand about 30-ish feet away even if treats come out...however, if we walk out to her she is fine...kinda funny.
Jenni O.
Smart mare--noodles are dangerous!!! After doing a day of desensitizing last weekend, we went on a trail ride and joked about what the horses thought of it. They'd be thinking, "if we are on a trail in the woods and come across a bunch of pool noodles or a ripped up tablecloth hanging from a tree, there's a psychopath in the woods and we are out of here!" The things we do...but they are for a reason. Good luck making it to noodle #2 this season. [smile]
Kim B
Since I wrote an update for Frances I figured I better put one together for my wild child (maybe rambunctious is a better word)...Roxanne 

Roxanne went through the same moving journey as Frances as well as the same boarding facility.  A couple different things to add for my Foxy Roxie is that we had brought her to an eye specialist in the metro before we moved her in order to get a better understanding of the status of her bad eye and to make sure all is well with her other one.  I guess I shouldn't say "we", I was already up north working at my new job so my husband involuntarily volunteered to take her by himself to the clinic.  She was a total rock-star for the vet and luckily stayed calm the entire time for Brad.  They told us that she is completely blind in her bad eye and her blue eye is fine and dandy.  The vet that did the exam gave us a list of things to look out for.

Just like Frances, Roxanne has settled in well to the new place and is as sweet as ever.  I don't think she is as big of a fan as Frances is with the cold weather, but she tolerates it.  I have to say she tolerates winter better up here than she did down in the Metro; she has not needed a blanket yet, but last winter she would get cold when the temp would drop below zero.  

A little more information about our new living situation...our house is completely off the grid; therefore, one of our big challenges has been keeping water available for the girls in the winter.  Because we are off the grid we don't have the capacity to constantly run a tank heater...so we had to get a little creative.  After a lot of reading we built a passive solar tank heater and it has been rather impressive.  Days like today when it is -28 and you add in the -40 to -50 wind chills it starts to build a bit of ice, but we are able to run the tank heater for a few hours concurrently with the generator which is just enough to keep the water free of ice for my girls. When the temps are in the teens/twenties it has done wonders all by itself...anyway...I brought that up because in one of the pictures you can see it next to Roxie so I figured I would explain what it is in case someone is wondering [smile]

1.Roxanne...I would like to say she is doing something fun, but really she was just following me around...the tank heater I mentioned above is in this picture.
2.I pulled our two hay nets this morning so the girls are pushing the leftover hay around impatiently waiting for us to get the next round bale out.
3.Roxanne looking for edibles 
4. Roxanne and Frances...oh the warmer days.

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Jane Liess
They both look great!  You should patent your solar water tank design..I'm really impressed.  I guess you've probably had to be creative to go off the grid totally.  Congratulations!
I too am impressed with the solar heater for the water tank as well as being off the grid!  The horses look great, and so does your place.
Kim B
Not going to lie...after we bought our house we did look into what it would cost to get power ran to our house...let’s just say I could buy a pretty nice new car for the same price. Walking into our house you would never guess it is off the grid...minus the fact I would be constantly nagging you about shutting off lights and charging all electronics when the sun is shining...lol. Summertime it really doesn’t matter, we can save up enough power during the day where we don’t have to pay any attention to usage. :)

The girls had gotten their feet trimmed this past Monday and for some reason Roxanne was a total brat; I don’t know what her deal was, but I was so embarrassed to have the naughtiest horse of the day...lol :0 it was one of the animal moments where you find yourself saying...she is normally so good, never acts up like this...ugh...lol. She just did not want to stay still...I think she had enough of winter...little does she know it will be here for awhile yet.
MHWF, Inc.

Obviously Guna Roxya - 12 yrs.

$500 - Obviously Guna Roxya is a 12 year old APHA registered mare. She is sound, healthy and current on everything. She stands at 15.2 hands tall. She is blind in one eye, but has been for quite some time and it does not affect her at all. She was originally donated a few years back by a good friend of MHWF and was adopted almost immediately. Roxanne has done a little of everything and has been used as a lesson horse. The past few years she has been a trail horse and is a very solid out on the trails.

Roxy is back at MHWF after all these years because her adopter had to get out of horses completely. They were excellent adopters and took very good care of the horses they had. Thank you Brad and Kim for giving MHWF the chance to find them great new homes!

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Kara B.
I think I'm in Love... <3 <3 <3
She’s gorgeous. And sounds like a dream.
6/28/2020 ADOPTED!

Roxanne found herself a great home already!  Karla, Rod and their niece Maddie came to meet horses on Saturday, 6/27/2020, and after lots of handling, riding and deep discussion, they decided on Roxanne.  Roxanne had an issue with her "bad eye" the day previous to them coming, and I was hesitant to even show her to anyone until we got it sorted out, but they wanted to meet her regardless.  It was funny because the eye was completely okay again yesterday, so we talked in depth about how Roxanne will need to keep that fly mask on and if she has a flare that bute or banamine can be of great help - and if in the future that eye becomes painful and an issue for Roxanne, that the eye will need to be removed.  They fully understood all of this and still wanted to welcome Roxanne into their hearts and herd.  
Roxanne will be tested out for her ability to drive and she may become a driving horse for Karla and Rod, as well as riding horse for Maddie and also for Karla and Rod's adult daughter.  But, if she doesn't work out as a driving horse for them, they will still keep her as a riding horse for their niece and daughter.  😉  

A big warm welcome and thank you to Karla, Rod and family, and a big congratulations to all, including Roxanne!!  

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Sounds like an awesome fit any way you look at it!
Karla E
Roxy is wonderful. She made the ride home quiet and calm. We settled her into her box stall and she was completely relaxed. Today we rode her for a very brief time and were totally impressed with all she knows and can do. We are excited to get to know her more and provide her her forever home!!!
Karla E.
Roxy loves her box stall. It’s been so hot all she wants to do is stand in her stall under the fan. My daughter and her are fast becoming bffs.

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Karla E
Ferrier day and Roxy couldn’t have been better. Love her more everyday

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