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MHWF, Inc.
Here we go, this could be the very last Hay Drive Challenge of the year.

Super donor, Geraldine, has once again asked us to put out a Hay Drive Challenge.

If we can raise $800.00 by Tuesday night at 9pm, she will match your donation, therefore doubling your donation. That, in turn, will get us very close to the end of the Hay Drive for 2020 and that is a really, really big deal.

Can we do it? Can we raise $800 in the next few days?
MHWF, Inc.
Thank you very, very much to Kara B. and Sandra P. for their donations to the Hay Drive and the challenge today!

MHWF, Inc.
A huge thank you to Don & Marianna A. as well as Roger & Jamie M. for their donations to the Hay Drive and the Hay Drive Challenge last night!

Thank you!

MHWF, Inc.
A big thank you to Len & Donna R. for their donation to the Hay Drive and Challenge last night!!

Thank you!

MHWF, Inc.
Thank you very, very much to Nick & Christine A. and Dan and Marisa D. for their donations to the Hay Drive and the Hay Drive Challenge today!

Thank you!

MHWF, Inc.
Gotta admit, this is the first time we have been nervous about a challenge so far this year. Almost $500 to go and only two days to do it.....yikes.
MHWF, Inc.
A long Monday at work and when I finally get home and to my computer, you folks really took it by the horns. Thank you! A very big thank you to some super special and very generous people for their donations to the Hay Drive and toward the Hay Drive Challenge today.

Thank you to:

Judy S.
Carla Z.
Kristin K.
Kathryn Q.
Sue J.
Heike B.

Challenge Goal: $800.00
Raised so far: $645.00
Still needed to reach challenge goal by tomorrow night: $155.00

MHWF, Inc.
The latest Hay Drive Challenge has been met!

And we were worried.....you guys have it covered 😉 Thank you to everyone who contributed to make this challenge work. A very special thank you to the last few people that sent in donations to get us across the finish line and actually $10 past the finish line.

So a very special thank you to:

Deb L.
Brad & Kim B.
Donna M.

Thank you to each of you who helped us get this done and a very, very special thank you to Geraldine S., who put up the money and the challenge. What a super, generous and wonderful person you are Geraldine! Thank you!

Now we can start a countdown to the remaining funds needed to end the Hay Drive for the year. Instead of counting up, we can begin to count down. 

Please consider making one final donation to the Hay Drive to help us finish this thing off for the season. The last dollars are always the hardest to come by. If everyone who reads this sends in a small amount, we can wipe this thing out with ease.

Thank you again!
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