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Onyx - 7 yrs.

$400 - Onyx is a 7 year old Missouri Foxtrotter gelding. He is 15.1 hands tall and and is solid black, not a spot of white anywhere. He is sound and healthy and is current on all his shots. Onyx is green broke and needs more time under saddle. He is unsure of himself and will need someone who is experienced, confident and someone who can be a leader without the use of a heavy hand to take him the rest of the way. He is super sweet and has a very kind eye. His ground manners are excellent and as you can see, he is a looker. This is a green horse, so we will not show him to kids or first time horse adopters or owners, only someone with the time and knowledge to build his confidence and finish his training. It will take us a week or two to get a few more pounds on him and to get to know him, but we will make him available very soon.  

We will be letting Onyx relax and get his bearings here, as he has been through some training, has some confidence issues and looks like he has gotten a bit stressed and must have lost some weight during this.  We will focus on getting the weight on him and then evaluating to see where he is at mentally.  

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Wow, even though he needs some groceries he is one fine looking lad [smile]  
Donna M
Welcome to MHWF, Onyx. You don't know it yet but you just hit the jackpot. I look forward to watching your progress. 
I will post updates on Onyx' progression here on his thread from time to time.  Onyx was turned out to pasture on Saturday afternoon, 5/21/2016.  He was pretty excited to get out by the rest of the herd and seems to be settling in nicely.  

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He's gorgeous! Cant' wait to see him with a few more pounds on him!
[love]  What a nice looking guy! 
I have Onyx's brother and we just love him he did take some consistent riding and now he is great.  Good luck to whom ever gets him he will be a great horse with some time
I saw him this weekend and he has already put weight on since the arrival photos. He has a few more to go but it shouldn't take much time. He is gorgeous and was very sweet.
Onyx is doing very well and adjusting to the herd and fitting in well.  He has made a good friend in Oreo and they hang out together a lot.  Onyx has not been difficult to catch at all for me, which is a great thing.  He is very busy relaxing and being a horse for now.  [smile]  

Here are a couple of pics from a very short time ago this evening, 5/23/2016:  

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I find myself checking in on this guy's progress often, hoping to see that he is available.
Onyx got his feet trimmed today, and while I'm not out there helping with farrier day today due to work, I hear he did just fine with that.  He is starting to gain some weight as well.  We haven't asked anything of Onyx at all yet, we are just letting him really settle in and get used to things and getting to know him and unravel things with him to figure out exactly what he needs.  He has settled into a nice routine very nicely.  

Onyx really needs someone who knows about training horses and knows about a re-start on training horses who have had some bad/improper training on them.  It seems Onyx has had a bad experience or two in his past and truly needs ground up work right from the start.  Onyx is definitely not a horse for a beginner or first-time horse owner or adopter, and we have found that there is a little more to him than just being green and needing time on him.  We are looking for a very experienced horse person for this guy.  We will continue to work with him while he is here, starting with the very basics, and we will definitely announce when he is ready to move on to be adopted.
Donna M
Onyx is so stunning. I have faith the right person is out there for him. My heart goes out to him as these are the types of animals I LOVE to work with. It's beautiful to watch when they start to understand and trust.
Very nice horse, with a very kind eye.  Love how expressive his face is.
Hello! Would it be possible for you to post a video of him moving at the walk trot and canter? I am looking for a potential dressage horse and would love to see him move before driving the 4 hours to see him. Thank you!
Onyx is a Foxtrotter. He probably doesn't trot and canter like we see most dressage horses do. Also, do you have an approved adoption application on file as you need to in order to inquire about a horse or to make an appointment to go see a horse.
Hi Faith! I do have an approved application on file as I have adopted from here in the past. I did see that he was a Missouri Foxtrotter so that was also my thought, but since it didn't say anything about him being gaited or anything I figured it didn't hurt to ask.
Jan N
Hey Kayla, I knew (and he boarded here for awhile) just the loveliest and sweetest black Tenn Walker gelding who was a wonderful dressage mount [smile]. And he so sooo loved to jump too! His owner hardly had to point him towards an obstacle, he liked to sail over stuff just *because it was there* !!
Hi Kayla! That's great that you are approved already. I'm not sure if Foxtrotters are naturally gaited or not so maybe he would work. But now that Jan mentioned it, I also knew of a Walker that was great at dressage so maybe Onyx would be too. 
I am just getting here to answer now, I apologize for being behind on the forum.  

I would need to ask what it is that you aspire to do with Dressage?  Anyone can work on Dressage with almost any horse, but there is a lot to consider when choosing a horse for Dressage if you are aspiring to take this far and "compete" or along those lines.  Besides looking at 3 solid and decent gaits, you need to look at conformation as well.  How the neck ties into the shoulders.  I think that shows pretty well in Onyx' pictures.  Onyx also has a slight "goose rump", and depending on where you are taking your Dressage that might play into it, as I am sure you know what a goose rump would mean as far as working in Dressage.  You'd also like to see uphill movement, and we do not see that really with Onyx in his natural state running around in the pasture.   If you're looking for a horse to go far in Dressage, it would also be desirable that they have kind of a big motor and I can't really answer whether Onyx has that or not yet because we have been working on getting the weight on him and getting him through the bad "training" experience he went through previously, so he isn't under saddle yet.  

So, all in all, really hard to say whether he is going to make a "good Dressage prospect" or not at this point, but he is gaited and does have the ambling gaits that many Foxtrotters have.  If a person is looking to putz around with Dressage, almost any horse can do that.  If I was looking for a Dressage prospect to go up through the levels with, really working on a Dressage career for the horse and myself and hit the show ring, I probably wouldn't be looking at a horse with Onyx' conformation.  
Thank you for your response Karen. I am looking to compete in dressage and my current horse is doing well in first level but isn't built well enough to do second level, so I was looking for a horse that could take me there. I wasn't sure if he would look better once he filled out more or not, but thank you for describing his natural movement out in the pasture. He seems like a wonderful boy, but probably not the right fit for me.
Pam B.
Has Onyx been tried out under saddle yet? Is he ready for a new home? We have been following his progress but havent seen any updates recently.
Scott: MHWF

Onyx has mellowed out quite a bit and now seems very settled in. He has also gained most of the weight he needed since he first came in. We have not tried to ride him and we probably won't try, but will continue to work with him. He is ready for adoption, but he will be looking for an adopter that can start from the beginning and take him slowly to where he should be as far as his training goes.  You can read the update from Karen from a few days ago that explains quite a bit.  
Heike B
I would love to see an updated photo of Onyx, But I bet you're going to post them when he reaches his goal weight.  In the meantime I love reading updates on him and all of the horses. 
I actually just haven't had much computer time at all lately, but I quick ran out on my lunch and snapped a couple of crappy cell phone pics of Onyx that would be quick to share.  
Here they are, hot off the press.  [smile]  

He is looking great, but the pictures are pretty bad.  I'll take some nice ones soon.  He has a little bit of the "summer gingers" from coat fade, but shiny as can be.  He is on ExcelEQ and it has helped him tremendously.  

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By the way, I am pretty sure he thinks his name is "Handsome".  
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