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We are thrilled to announce that Oreo found his home!  Holly came and rode Oreo last week and made the decision to bring this boy home and call him her own.  We've known Holly since she was just a little girl and her mom (Feleicia, who many of you know who has quite a few adoption horses too) adopted a horse named Cherokee for her.  After all these years, Holly still has Cherokee who is living a nice life of being mostly retired.  On a personal note, Holly is now married and has a little boy named Charlie and Scott and I are Charlie's Godparents.  [smile]  Anyway, Holly fell in love with the big teddy bear, Oreo and we are so happy for all of them.  We really look forward to hearing of their adventures together, and look forward to seeing them at the MHWF Fun Show on August 27th too!!  [wink]  

Here are a couple of official adoption day pictures from tonight, 6/7/2016, of Holly and Oreo.  
Thank you, and congratulations Holly and Oreo!!

P.S.  Oreo rolled in the mud, really covered himself, and we didn't clean him up for the pics.  LOL!  

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Beautiful! Enjoy a very long adventure together and let us know your trips, leaps and bounds [smile]
Woohoo!! Congratulations Holly and Oreo [smile]
Jenni O.
Congratulations! Those are great photos! How cool that he will be with someone you know so well.
Great news! Oreo is adorable.
Yay for Oreo and Holly!!  Oreo is one sweet boy.  Please post updates often [smile]
Oh Yay! Happy to see he was adopted and by Holly too!
Donna R
Congratulations Oreo and Holly!  What great news!!!
oh awesome!  Things couldn't have worked out more perfectly for the big cookie!  Congrats Holly and Oreo!
I am going to share a recent picture of Holly's Cherokee, who she adopted when she was just a kid (I think about 9 years old).  We didn't do threads for each adoption horse back then, so Cherokee doesn't have her own thread.  

Here is Cherokee, one of Oreo's pasture mates.  She is 26 years old now and she only has one eye due to the one eye having to be removed from complications of uveitis and an odd infection and trouble, but she has done great for years with one eye and as beautiful as ever!  

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Donna M
Congratulations Holly and Oreo! 
Congratulations to Oreo & Holly! Love the pic of Cherokee as well..very sweet story.
How wonderful!  We are so glad that he found a good home so quickly!  We are thrilled for both he and Holly! [smile]
Oreo is settling in really well! He's such a lover. I'm so excited to get to know him. I rode him bareback the other day and he was so patient with me. I'm still getting used to his big stride after riding a pony and Cherokee for so many years!

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Bareback [confused] how the heck did you get on that big boy?  You must have been a lil peanut on him

Great looking lad you have there Holly [cool]
She even cantered him bareback.  [smile]  
Riding him bareback and cantering! Good for you Holly! 
Oreo is such a blast! He's so focused on me when I'm doing anything with him. I love it!

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I just have to brag here! Oreo is already such a trusted companion. I'm so blessed to have him taking me on adventures and safely bringing me home. Tonight we went solo, exploring my neighbors field lanes. He did not care about leaving his buddies, traffic didn't phase him - a motorcycle even passed. He's AMAZING. He does test to see if you're paying attention when you're going down the road. He likes to try and turn around. I caught on super quick and now he knows I'm boss. After we got home from our little adventure, my husband rode him for a bit. Then Charlie and I took him back to the field lanes for a quick jaunt. Charlie absolutely loves riding Oreo, and he takes such good care of us. He's worth his weight in gold! My puppy came with us the last time we went to the fields, and Oreo didn't bat an eye. [smile]

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Awesome update Holly and I love the pictures!!  what a happy family!  Love it!
besides all that he is stinking adorable.
Donna R
So happy for you Holly that you found such a wonderful trusted companion for your family!
Good to see Oreo is doing so well. When I met him and rode him he seemed really sweet. 
Jenni O.
What a sweetheart of a horse! Love the photos!
Don and Mary
Beautiful pics and update.  We are so happy to see that Oreo is thriving and that he has fit into your family so well.  We miss him, but it is so nice to know that he has found such a peaceful and loving home.  Thank you for sharing.  [smile]
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