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Oreo and Charley

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Barb S.
What a sweet guy! He warms my heart
Oreo was an absolute gem this weekend at the fun show! I could not be more proud of my boy. He took everything in stride, and was so patient with all the goofy things I asked of him. He was a champ with my son for his leadline classes too. He even wore socks on his ears for the costume class. My heart is just bursting with pride!

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Very cool [cool]

Donna R
What a fantastic horse!  I'm so happy for you and Oreo.
Ok that costume is really adorable.
Oreo and Charley

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Holly and Oreo

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Jenni O.
I missed the one of Oreo and Charlie. Cute. Love all the photos.
Oreo and Gus would have made a great matched pair. They look so much alike. Just good ole boys:-)
Holly on Oreo, giving rides in a sled.

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HAHA!  I love it!  Doesn't get any better than that in the winter!  What a fabulous guy, he definitely looks round and happy and pretty pleased with life. 

OMG!  LOVE Oreo!
Oreo was a model today, and a pretty darn cute one in my opinion. He tolerated my obnoxious kitten sitting on top of his head, and crawling all over him. He is just the biggest marshmallow. ?

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Forgot to mention the last photo is after Oreo fogged up the camera lense! He's a goon.
Super cute and such a great horse [smile]
LOL...and I was just thinking "What great special effects on that last shot!!"
There is just something so lovable about this horse.
I agree, he is a big lovable guy who is really loving his life and it shows. 
Jenni O.
What a good boy!
Oreo and Holly

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Oreo getting lunch and a nap at the same time.

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Oreo, adopted by Holly K.

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