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Oreo - 16 yrs.


Date of arrival:  3/7/2015  

$400 - Oreo is a 16 year old Appy gelding. He stands at 15.3 hands tall and is sound, healthy and well broke.He has been ridden Western and has been used mostly as a trail riding horse. He is blind in his right eye, but looks normal and is not cloudy. He is fully adjusted to not having sight and most people would never even notice. He is very people friendly, polite, sweet and confident. We will post more information on Oreo as we get to know him better and once we get a chance to test ride him.

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Oh, look at this cute boy! How will I ever choose?
Cute cute cute!!
Andrea B
Well from the pictures he sure looks like a sweetheart. (I mean you can always tell from pictures right?......JK!)  Look forward to hearing more about him!
You pegged him right Andrea, this boy is a sweetheart.  We call him a lovable teddy bear.  I have some updates and pics to go along with his riding update as well that I will share today, soon.  [smile]  
I think the only reason Oreo didn't get snatched up this past weekend is because there just weren't enough people to go around.  If we would have had one more person here looking for a horse, I have no doubt this guy would be marked as adopted right now.  

Oreo came out on Sunday, 3/15/2015, for his very first test ride.  Oreo and Cisco have lived together as the only two horses for about the past 10 years.  We thought there would be some issues with separation, but believe me, it was only very minimal concern for a short while on Oreo's part, and then he settled right.  He was a perfect gentleman.  His blind eye does not seem to bother him in the least bit, but you will see him turn his head more to look at something compared to a horse who has sight in both eyes, but a lot of people would never even notice that he has vision loss in one eye.  The one thing that Oreo needs some time with is his cinchiness.  He does get a little cinchy/girthy when you are first saddling him up.  Under saddle this boy was absolutely wonderful.  He never questioned a cue, would stop with seat and without even using the reins.  He did walk-trot-canter beautifully!!  

Whoever is looking for a teddy bear personality in a horse and one that would make a fantastic trail horse, here's your guy.  

Here are a few pictures of Oreo and Priscilla from 3/15/2015:  (thank you Priscilla!)  

The first picture of Oreo being lunged is with his blind eye to his handler.  Like I said, this blind eye is not a disability at all for Oreo.  

We had some sloppy footing and even some water in the round pen, and Oreo didn't mind any of it, right through the water like a champ.  

Here's your guy!  I can't wait to meet the lucky person who is going to take this guy home.  [smile]

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Oh he seems just so lovable!  Good luck finding your new home handsome Oreo.
I always love to see Priscilla riding!
Christina -NY
Wish I was closer! I have a mega soft spot for appys, especially half blind ones. I had one with uveitis and ironically, I developed it recently too. So in love with Oreo!
Jenni O.
Aww, he will make someone so happy! He has that face that just looks like he wants to please. And he looks really nice in English tack. I think it's his style.
Bev W.
Wait until you see him without the winter coat! He is a real beauty! He's a diamond in the rough. He also had everyone gawking at the park. I do like him in Eastern tack.
Wendy W - WI
He is so cute and I'm sure he's stunning with a summer coat.  I rode Conn with one blind eye for a few years and we did just fine.  Appy's are very trusting when they connect with their person.  I really love this breed and someone will have a great partner with this boy once they bond.  And I have to add.......my Appy is a total goof.  Sooo much fun.
Look at his nose in that second to last picture.  Oh he is cute and yes, Appys are unique personalities for certain.  Someone give this darling a smoooootch on his nose.  Better yet, adopt him!
I really love this guy.  Lovable teddy bear is the best way I can describe him.  Oreo was having a bit of a hard time adjusting to his 10-year companion leaving here the other day and was calling for some time, but he has settled in and is making new buddies now.  He is one of those horses that always comes to greet you when you go out to the pasture, and not just looking for food or treats.  [smile]  Someone is going to be really lucky, as you can't train a personality into a horse, and this guy has a personality that anyone would love.  
Oreo is also great for the farrier, perfect.  He didn't care about the chickens pecking around at the hoof shavings or the dog trying to grab a snack either.  

Oreo also does this really cute thing....when you give him a treat, after he eats it he will suck on any tidbits and you can see his tongue stick out a little while he is sucking on it.  

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Jenni O.
Hehe. He has the cutest expression in that second picture. Brown Eyes also is a tongue-sucker.
Jenni O.
Hehe. He has the cutest expression in that second picture. Brown Eyes also is a tongue-sucker.
Yes, this farrier has the KNAACK alright... *Caine* standing there for SUPPORT, to make sure all is well for his 4 legged buddies. *Oreo* sure loves those SNACKS.... huh?
Kara B.
[smile] so excited to meet the new guy!
Sometimes everyone knows the journey a person went on when they came to find their equine match at MHWF, and sometimes it isn't so obvious.  Sometimes it only takes a person coming along and a matter of weeks before they find the right horse for them, and sometimes it takes a year or more.  I am going to share a little background on an adopter and supporter's journey to finding Oreo.  Andrea came to MHWF well over a year ago (I can't remember the exact timeline, I just know it's been longer than a year) to find out about adopting and learning more about horses and their care.  This story is also about how the MHWF network really can work.  Andrea was in the same area as Kara (who has adopted Cassie, and manages Lindsey's barn, who has Iorek and Aria).  We contacted Kara to see if she would like to have some help around the barn and help Andrea gain some hands-on horse experience, to which Kara welcomed.  The situation has worked out perfectly, and we thank both Andrea and Kara for making this happen.  Andrea has been on a search for the perfect equine partner, and enter Oreo into MHWF.  Andrea made the trip yesterday to meet Oreo, and it couldn't be a better match.  Oreo is so rock solid, Andrea rode him all over the lot out here at the MHWF farm, with dogs running around like fools and plenty of other activity.  They were great together!!  Oreo has the issue with being cinchy/girthy, but as Andrea saw, he is already on his way to working completely through that.  

A big thank you to Andrea for choosing adoption, and for putting so much time and dedication into making this happen, and to Kara for helping this happen as well!!!  

Oreo will be with us until transportation can be arranged, but here are a couple of adoption day pics from yesterday, 3/27/2015.  

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Jane Liess
It does't get much better than that!  Congratulations to Oreo, Andrea, Kara, Scott, Karen, and everyone who makes MHWF happen.
Emily W
I'm so glad Oreo has found a good home, and I hope you two will love and ride until the end!
Take good care of him please!
I'll miss you, Oreo.

Wow! What an amazing story! Have fun!
Another beautiful match and happy ending/beginning, brought to you by WHWF. Congratulations, Andrea!
Jenni O.
Congratulations! Another great story, too. I'm so glad sweet Oreo found a home, and it sounds like a perfect match.
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