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Great story and another great match. Congrats Oreo and Andrea. BTW I think Oreo is a cute name.
Wendy W - WI
Beautiful pictures and what a story.  Congratulations!
Congratulations to Oreo and Andrea! 
Congratulations to Andrea and Oreo!!! 
Outstanding.  I still think he is so precious.  Love the ears!  Love the story.  Congrats all around.   Smooootch and best wishes to cutie pie Oreo.
Andrea B.
I am so greatful to Scott and Karen for introducing me to Kara and Lindsey. I searched for several months, albeit intermittently, for a place that would offer me some hands on experience on what it is to own a horse. I couldn't have found a better place or better people than Kara and Lindsey. Now on with the horses....as Kara can attest to, Oreo was not the first horse that I brought to her attention as my possible first horse (I would have to say there have probably been 10-15). It was a very good lesson in patience for me...can't believe I am still in need of lessons in patience, I can't tell you how many times I heard "patience Andrea, patience" in grade school. So onto Oreo, when he came on the website, I just had this feeling. I knew I had a wanted a gelding, preferably 15+ hands, and bombproof. Oreo just fit the bill, and he is quite a handsome guy as well. He is going to get a lot of love from me as well as Kara, Lindsey, and the other girls that help at the barn. Thank you so much MHWF! Its awesome and reassuring to be a part of such a wonderful community.

I think it's safe to say Iorek and Oreo love each other.

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...black and white, so perfect.  [smile]  
If you could clone Iorek and make him white, that would pretty much be Oreo.  They are so much alike in so many ways.  I knew that they would hit it off, and now Iorek will have a really good buddy.  
Wendy W - WI
They look wonderful together!  Kind of reminds me of when Jay spent the night with Conn at our house before going to his home, instant friends.  

Jenni O.
That's awesome! Good for them!
Andrea B.
Oreo did great yesterday!  He and Iorek met, exchanged a sniff, and continued eating side by side for rest of the night.  Here is a pick of the two of them.  Adorable big babies!

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Andrea B.... pictures say 1000 words.... surprisingly enough, I think that ANIMALS teach us humans plenty. You have the perfect MATCH there, we just have to pay attention to recognize it..
Lindsey K
I got to meet Oreo today! Boy, he is a true sweety. He and Iorek are almost identical in size, and Oreo is a quiet leader between the two of them. No muss, no fuss. His eye doesn't seem to bother him at all and he has a fabulous appetite. I'm so excited to see him fill out!! The only real difference between him and Iorek seems to be that he really craves human contact. Iorek likes it, but he's no attention hog. I think Andrea and him are going to have a great future!!!
Jenni O.
And Iorek looks like such a snuggly teddy bear type. I guess appearances are deceiving. Andrea is going to have so much fun with Oreo.
Lindsey K
Jenni O - Iorek had been handled very rough in his past life and I think that has stayed with him to some degree. He has had nothing but positive experiences with our barn, but he is not the one that will come up to check you out unless you have food (minor hijack).  Once you are petting or scratching his itchy spots, he thinks touches are the greatest thing in the world, but it's like he just needs to remember each time.  Oreo, he is just like a puppy dog and loves any and all attention he can get...at least this far [smile]  I can't wait to watch him and Andrea grow together!!!  Lily got to meet him yesterday and she loves him already too.  He is also so much taller than he looks in pictures!  I would put him closer to 16 hands, he is one big boy and will be quite the tank!
Andrea and Oreo

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Wow- shed out and slicked up, he hardly looks like the same horse!  Great job! 
Jenni O.
He looks really good!
Kara B.
Just wanted to show Oreo's other side [smile]
You can really see all his black spots after a bath.


*Oreo* looks goood to me... just standing there, looking so nice and clean, and liking being with you at EASE... Thanks for sharing the photo... your updates are always exciting to read.
He looks beautiful! I'm so happy for you both!
MHWF, Inc.
Oreo returned to MHWF on October 31, 2015.  
Oreo was not ridden much at all in the 7 months' time that he was in his adoptive home (maybe just a couple of times), but we will start riding him again here and evaluate where he is at and where he can be under saddle, and get him back to work.  

Oreo - 15 yrs.

$400 - Oreo is a 14 year old Appy gelding. He is sound, healthy and stands at 15.3 hands tall. He is a big stocky boy, current on all his shots, wormers and dental work. Oreo is an easy keeper and is a very sweet horse with excellent ground manners. He is also broke to ride and has been used as a trail horse. Oreo is content being toward the bottom of the herd and gets along with anyone who wants to hang out with him. He is blind on one eye, but it does not affect him in the least and the eye is clear. You would never know he lost sight in that eye if we did not tell you. He has been blind in that eye forever, so no issues at all with it. Oreo is an excellent horse, big, strong, healthy, well broke, a gem.

For more information, photos and updates please visit our discussion forum.

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(NOTE FROM MHWF:  The below is a message and photos from someone who knew Oreo when he was in his adoptive home with Andrea and Kara, and these are pictures from when he was there.  Oreo has since returned to MHWF and is looking for a new adoptive home.)  

I sure will miss Oreo, but I'm excited to see him go to a new home! 
I have a few pictures of him from when he was with Andrea.

Me and Andrea had a good laugh when Oreo started rolling after Andrea brushed him, and he rolled right in a fresh pile of manure! LOL

He's so goofy <3 
11038930_438259556347170_6167232806037245432_n.jpg 11178284_438909906282135_6928275723221359187_n.jpg 11188255_438909989615460_7348963140301832780_n.jpg 11182071_438257829680676_2878144765841097483_n.jpg 11209716_438257533014039_8405561891546267007_n.jpg

Tracy Z.
Just wondering about Oreo ? He was surrendered with my Mare Cisco ( now Willow ) I saw he was back up for adoption, but then saw picture of new home from 17 hours ago.
Scott: MHWF
Hello, Oreo was returned because he simply was not being ridden. Did you read the text above the photos? If you read the text above the photos? It explains the photos.........

"I sure will miss Oreo, but I'm excited to see him go to a new home! 
I have a few pictures of him from when he was with Andrea".
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