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Tracy Z.
Sorry, I rode the short bus. [smile]
Today we had some wonderful visitors to the MHWF farm, and it was a perfect chance to take Oreo out and see how he'd do under saddle since he hasn't been ridden in some time.  Oreo did fantastic.  Kathy and Emily (adopted little Chubby Checkers) came with their friends for a visit today (and thank you for those great donuts again!), and we had Emily go out and get Oreo from the pasture and bring him up while everyone doted over him and groomed him and then saddled him up.  Jurita and Travis (adopted Eli, Lobo, Mandy and Sassy) were also here for a visit today, and Jurita hopped on Oreo and gave him a spin too after Emily was done riding.  Oreo did just fantastic.  It was held to walk and trot in the round pen today, since we've had so much rain and things are still pretty wet we did not want to take it up to a canter.  Oreo was such a good boy, and I want to thank Emily and Jurita for riding him today and letting me get some pics to post here.  

Here are some pics of Oreo being ridden today, 11/7/2015:  

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Name: oreo-ride-emily-nov7-IMG_8323-copy.jpg, Views: 1050, Size: 254.71 KB

Name: oreo-ride-nov7-IMG_8337-copy.jpg, Views: 1045, Size: 244.24 KB

Name: oreo-trot-nov7-IMG_8344-copy.jpg, Views: 1054, Size: 248.65 KB

Name: oreo-trot-nov7-IMG_8348-copy.jpg, Views: 1048, Size: 284.80 KB

Name: oreo-trot-nov7-IMG_8361-copy.jpg, Views: 1038, Size: 223.39 KB

Name: oreo-trot-nov7-IMG_8378-copy.jpg, Views: 1035, Size: 209.14 KB

Jenni O.
They both look little on him, he's a big guy! He seems to be quite the sweetheart, and pretty willing. Someone is going to get a gem of a horse.
What a great horse!!  Hasn't been ridden and anyone can jump on him and he does great!!  That is what anyone would love to have [smile]  I know there will be one lucky adopter coming his way!
I couldn't resist sharing [smile]

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Jane Liess
Did you make that, Christine?  It's wonderful.
I wish I was that talented Jane [smile] I actually came across the pillow online and was tickled to see Oreo's name
Nice pillow and nice 'bump' for this sweet fellow.  I wish he'd get a adopted for Christmas.
How's Oreo doing?
Oreo is doing great, a big sweetheart.  
I snapped a pic of Oreo before the sun set tonight, the 1st day of 2016, enjoying his favorite past time.  [smile]  

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Name: OREO-JAN1-IMG_0458-copy.jpg, Views: 643, Size: 287.17 KB

Donna M
He looks like he is heading for a food coma! 
Jenni O.
Haha, he does look a little sleepy. And full.
Hes adorable.  Looks ready for a hug.
Oreo is extremely huggable.  Very affectionate guy he is.  [smile]  
Just had to share this pic I snapped a few minutes ago of a birdie sitting on Oreo to keep warm.  [smile]  

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Name: oreo-bird-on-back-jan9-IMG_0994-copy.jpg, Views: 524, Size: 241.37 KB

Kate G
So adorable!
oh now that is cute.
Is it a Robin?  I can't believe how many are hanging around in the fruit trees around here and it is cold Jan.

What a great picture Karen of Oreo and his new found friend [smile]
Jenni O.
Here we go again, John and his robins. [wink] That is the cutest picture! He sure doesn't mind his little passenger.
Jan N
Looks like a junco to me.
Adopted?! Yeah!!!
I see an "Adopted" under Oreos' name.  [smile]
chris MI
Do I see someone with adopted under his name?

Looking forward to some happier news...it's been a rough week.
Oreo has a very important job to do and we hope that it will all work out for all involved.  I will refer you to KC's thread to read about the heartbreaking loss of KC.  
Mary and Don have been through a lot over the last couple of months and losing KC was very heartbreaking, and also left their one horse living alone.  We talked to Mary and Don and had them come up to pick a horse to take home with them to keep their Sully company, and in hopes that this will be their next horse who will work his way into their hearts like KC did.  As anyone who has lost a beloved horse knows, it is a tough grieving process and there are a lot of emotions we go through.  Oreo is really a rock star, and even though he hadn't been ridden since fall he did fantastic, despite the bitter cold and poor footing as well.  Oreo even stood tied at the trailer very patiently while we all did paperwork inside the garage, and then loaded up like a champ.  We hope that Oreo will help Sully get over the loss of KC, as well as Mary and Don.  

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