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I know people have heard me say that we are lucky enough to be surrounded by some of the best people on the planet via this horse program that is our life, and I just have to say it again today. I am so extremely proud of this group of people that I could just burst.  In 2013 we had an opportunity to do concessions at the Packer game as a group for MWHF, and we took it.  They give you a mere 10% of the profits made in the concession stand for the day for your organization.  When I say that running a concession stand at a Packer game is a challenge, that is a huge understatement. Many groups, after doing it once, run the other direction and never look back.  It is so much hard work and many people have to do jobs that are way out of their wheelhouse, and they have to do them well.  And the drive!  People drive to come and help MHWF at a game from all directions and like yesterday, on terrible Wisconsin winter roads.  Fast forward to now after quite a few games under our belt, and as a group we have pulled it off and pulled it off beautifully.  We always really rock it!  We had the opportunity to do another Packer game yesterday and we had a group of 22.  Our group did everything from counting inventory, preparing food, keeping track of the money, serving food and drink, cleaning up, more inventory, and running that thing like a well-oiled machine.  It is like getting thrown into a small business and having every position in place and bringing it all together as a group.  As I barely have a voice today and my body is aching a bit, I know that others share in this tiredness and achiness, I am reflecting on how all of these people gave up all of their time and worked their ever-lovin’ butts off for the horses and drove on those roads to do so, I am speechless, and could just burst from the amount of gratitude, pride and respect I have for each and every one of them.  Christine, our team lead, worked this game on her birthday on 12/2/2018, and goes to Lambeau to work the day before to prepare things for game day too.  We all did this Packer game yesterday and completely rocked it, like every single game our group has ever worked.  The concession supervisors always want to get MHWF’s group to work their stands, and that right there says a lot.  Never believe that caring people can’t change the world… A mere THANK YOU does not seem like enough, but please know that is a very heartfelt and sincere thank-you.  

A special thank-you to Sandy for driving up and staying at the MHWF farm for us so that we could take the day away to go work the game!  We couldn't do this without someone here to hold down the fort!  

I didn't get to take very many pics, but here are a couple of pics to enjoy of our stand and some candids from the game on 12/2/2018.  

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Jenni O.
A huge kudos to all of you that do this. It's no easy task, so thank you from someone that did it once and was tired for two days afterwards. You all rock!
Barb S
It was a fun time yesterday ! I even made it to work on time and pulled a full shift 👍🏼
Carla E (Wis)Zimmerman
I was thinking about you all yesterday.....and worrying about the road conditions....I am an obsessive worrier anyway even in good driving conditions.  And then, to have McCarthy fired.  Geesh….you all worked an unexpectedly 'historic' game.  
Jan N
Exchanging stories of our Sunday a.m. driving experiences revealed some of the really difficult conditions some of the volunteers had to deal with, I think especially for those who made their way up through or across Central WI to get to Lambeau. I had it easier, because coming up I-43 the change from rain to snow did not happen until somewhere a bit past Manitowoc.

That said everyone would have liked better road conditions. Only inconvenience for me was 30-35 mph speeds while following a gang-plowing operation not long after sunrise. We rarely see this in my (southern) part of the state. Polite Wisconsinites drove sensibly in the queue where I was, keeping plenty of distance between vehicles and not lane-weaving, etc. Couple of through the windshield shots with my phone dash-mount swiveled around forward:

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Some of you guys were saying how far you came and how the roads were and I was just amazed, I had a max 20 minute drive from my house 3 towns down from Green Bay and I white knuckled it the whole way. MAJOR props to everyone that got in and out from so far away and over such gross roads.

It was a fun time, as always, running one of the registers and chasing down cheese curds. Too bad the game didn't end the way we wanted (A certain coach's career ending, however...) but it was fun meeting new people and working with everyone!

Fingers crossed for better weather and more bodies next year (AND MORE BEVERAGE CUPS!)
Once again, it was such a great group of people working the stand!! It became a comical adventure regarding the cheese curds when eight people were standing at the window waiting for cheese curds and fighting for them! The customers were getting a kick out of it too 🙂 On the contrary, they weren't as happy about no hot chocolate, coffee, or Bailey's 😳

Thanks to each and every one of you for coming out and working hard and earning much-needed funds for the program!
It seems that most times working these games, the roads are terrible.  I'd like to think of a different fundraiser that would bring MHWF as much money that wasn't so risky.  

I also have to share this picture that Carolyn got of a group of us waiting for CHEESE CURDS!!  This is Carolyn's view from inside the kitchen area where she was wrapping brats and dogs and helping with all of the kitchen stuff.  

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Working a bunch of grab and go's for the Paul McCartney concert!

LOVE that picture!
Dawn N
The best was Walker in between all those women fighting them off.... ok he was elbowing through the crowd for Cheese Curds, but if Scott asks, it's because women think his tractor is sexy...
Dawn N
And who got a picture of John smiling?   That's gotta be a first!
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