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Wendy W - WI
Look at that!!  She looks beautiful and this is such a wonderful story.  Congrats on your new horse and a giant Thank You to EVERYONE involved in getting her to this point.  She is one of the lucky ones.  
Donna R
Look at you, Pandora!  Can't love this enough!  Great progress!
Donna M
Look at her starting to realize her potential! Love this journey and look forward to every update.
Way to go!!

We had the opportunity to talk to Pandora's adopter, Charmaine, the other evening and we realized that we never received their official adoption day picture that Charmaine had taken of the two of them.  What a beautiful picture of two beautiful ladies!  

Charmaine told us that Pandora continues to do very well and they are doing great together!  

So better late than never, here is that official adoption day photo of Pandora and Charmaine.  😉  (Pandora was at the training facility when she was adopted, so that is why a pic wasn't done here at MHWF)  

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Good to have news of Pandora!
Barb S
That’s great news! Love the dedication to Pan!
This is so awesome how Pandora found her person!!
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