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This will be Pandora's thread where we will keep all future updates and photos.  

Pandora came to MHWF via the 1-Day Open Door Shelter for Horses, but did not arrive on 10/22/2017 to the event like the rest of the horses.  Pandora is rather wild and had issues loading.  Information is copy/pasted below.  While Pandora does not technically count towards the 1-Day Open Door Shelter because she did not get run through the system the day of the event, MHWF went back and got her and brought her to MHWF.  We consider her #11 from the event.  

More updates and photos to come soon!  

Past information:  There is one more horse that is still coming into MHWF from this event. Several trips to where she lives and she still was not willing to load, but we will get her here and will share more details on her soon. We do know that she is a big, beautiful, sound, healthy Spanish Mustang cross mare (sire is Spanish Mustang) and is the daughter of Babs, who was also taken in from this event.  
Update 10/31/2017:  Number 11, affectionately known as Pandora, or Pan, has arrived safe and sound at Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation (MHWF).  Scott along with his friend Eric went and picked Pan up today.  
Pan is an 11-year-old Spanish Mustang (sire Spanish Mustang, dam is Babs the Mustang cross).  Pan has no training and we will be working with her and getting to know her.  

Here are a couple of quick cell phone pics of Pan from this evening, getting all settled into her stall.  

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Okay, let's try this again and see if I masked the background music good enough to be able to show the video.  

or click here
Jenni O.
She looks curious, and like she wants to be friendly. Poor girl needs some confidence- I'd guess she's been thrown for quite the loop, and I would think it's worse for horses that weren't really handled previously (to end up at a different place with a group of mostly unfamiliar horses, in a pen, etc). I can see you falling for this one after you spend all that time with her. 😁.
Scott: MHWF
Pandora has now been with us almost a month and we were making very little, if any progress with her. Tonight seemed like a good night to push the issue and see if we could make any progress at all. She is very leary of people and terrified of anything resembling a rope or halter.

We started by letting her out of her stall where she would not feel so confined and not trash any more (and borrowed) round pen panels. She is used to being out, as we always let the horses out while their stalls are being cleaned.

So, time to find my lariat, got her on the first throw and she shook it off, missed two times, then got her again on the 4th try.

Now she knew she was caught. She ran around, acted up, freaked out, pulled back, reared, you name it.....two hours later, Pandora now has a halter on and after working with her another 20 minutes or so, I was able to lead her quietly back into her stall for the night....huge progress on a horse we were really starting to think we were not going to be able to help.

Tired and hungry.....

(we have video and will share when it uploads)

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Wow! What a marathon!  Congratulations, and I hope you can continue to build on tonight's work.   
Thank you for taking a chance on her and all your hard work, time and patience
Wow!  Super,  Scott and Karen!   Talk about patience.  
Donna R
Wow!  Nice going!  It may not seem like it to you but you are making great progress with Pandora, Quest, and Calamity Jane.
Thank you for always taking a chance and a huge thank you for always taking the time.  I am so glad you guys get to do this out of the elements for the most part.  You guys are fantastic.
Jenni O.
Keep up the good work! I'm sure it was not fun nor easy nor for the faint of heart, but sounds like it had to be done sooner or later. Hopefully things progress a little bit better from here on out.
I think you'll find progress will move along quickly now that you have her attention. Thanks for trying so hard with her. She really is a good girl. We just let her training get away from us. And let her get away with practically anything she wanted.
Scott: MHWF
Pandora has a lot of fear, not so much from people, although there is some of that, but of ropes and anything that looks like it might be a rope or halter. Was there anything you can think of in her past that happened to her that might have caused this?
Other than the trauma of trying to load her those two times, no. She lived a pretty simple life around here. She was never injured or caught up in anything that I know of. She has always had very high flight instincts.But we did have her as far along as a saddle on her back years ago. I never imagined she would be this tough a nut to crack.
Wow....what a sight to have seen, I can only imagine.  So glad that Pan is wearing a halter and coming along better now.  You guys are rock stars to so many....
Suzanne McKichan
Is there any more progress with Pandora?
Thanks for asking, Suzanne.  Yes, she is very slowly coming along.  You saw what a reactive horse she is, and that is very, very slowly getting a bit better.  I can now touch her without her overreacting from her head to middle back, but it doesn't take much to set her off with her lack of trust and her worries.  We are working on her giving to pressure and starting some exercises to build her confidence and trust.  We work with Pandora on a long lead because if something startles her, she will run you right over, she goes into high flight mode pretty quickly.  I will hopefully get a chance to record a little video over the weekend to share so everyone can see her progress.  Quest has come around much, much faster than Pandora.  Quest has already learned to give to pressure (if you remember how Quest was, she was the one who reared straight up every time there was any pressure on her halter) and we can touch Quest everywhere now without her being over-reactive at all and she has learned to lead pretty well.
I am going to post the same update on Pandora's and Quest's threads, since these two girls were the last ones living in the arena together.  

The babies, Charlie and Rose, have made their transition out to pasture with Faith, Mac and Bella (the TWH from the 1-day event).  The babies are doing great, and I will update their threads as well.  Pandora was very unhappy when we turned those babies out for the first couple of days and she seemed very worried about them.  

We have been working with both Pandora and Quest while they have been in the arena.  Quest has come leaps and bounds and we can touch her everywhere now, and she is easily catchable.  She will be getting her feet trimmed again soon as well.  Quest's one front foot that had the horrible long hoof on it that hadn't broken off like the others is rather crooked, and we don't doubt that foot will probably always be crooked, but we'll see how much it straightens with more hoof growth and trimming.  

Pandora is not coming along as quickly as Quest did.  Pandora is very reactive and has a very high flight response that kicks in very easily.  We can pet Pandora now, all over her face, down her back and down her legs.  She will come up to the front of her pen for attention, and she will follow me at liberty in the arena.  Pandora does not seem to understand giving to pressure applied to the halter, but I have been working on this as well and she has made progress there...but that progress tends to go out the window when she is startled by anything, and it can be things that you wouldn't even notice, such as a noise she thinks she hears.  

With all of the other horses being out, and Pandora seeming to be at a standstill in her progress, we thought it best to turn them out and let them live normally for now and see if this helps Pandora.  

On Christmas Day, we turned Pandora and Quest out into the pasture.  As many of you Wisconsinites know, we are in a cold snap and temps have dipped below zero.  The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day in a lot of respects.  Pandora and Quest finally went through the gate to the pasture and out to freedom.  They met all of the horses in the pasture, and Pandora found Babs fairly quickly (Babs is Pandora's mother) and they picked up where they left off (whether that is a good thing or not for Pan and her training is yet to be seen).  The girls both ran around for a while, running from the eating spot at the hay bale, over to behind the tree line by the shelters, and meeting everyone in the herd.  It all went extremely well, and it was exciting to see Quest be able to run like a normal horse.  They did well all day and settled in nicely.  In the evening, I went in the pasture to see if I could catch Pan and Quest and they both came up to me immediately to greet me, which made me very happy and was a great Christmas present to me.  [smile]  

Now another new journey begins, and we will continue working with them both after giving them a little time to just live in the herd.  

Here are some pictures from Christmas Day for Pandora and Quest, 12/25/2017:  

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Pandora has a very nice trot!  So glad she came up to you after being released...I think that says quite a bit on her trust in you.
Here is a picture from just a few minutes ago.  When Pan and Quest heard and saw me, they came up looking for goodies.  [smile]  
It is below zero here in central Wisconsin today.  You can see the frostiness.  

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Jenni O.
She sure is pretty! What a great sign, that she came up to you after being turned out. Maybe this will be just what she needs, and once you start working with her again she will be less reactive. Fingers crossed.
Donna R
That is a really sweet photo of Quest and Pandora with their frozen whiskers. They look so relaxed and content. They are both beauties.  Hopefully being out with the herd is just what Pandora needs to go the next step.  You will figure her out.  You always do. 

It has been really interesting watching Quest and Pandora become a part of the herd.  Pandora has had some decisions to make here and there while out in the pasture.  What I mean by that is that she has decided that Quest is one of her best friends, and there are times she will decide to leave her mom, Babs, and hang out with Quest instead.  I really love seeing that and that Pan feels confident and independent enough to be away from her mom in the pasture.  Pandora will hang out with Babs, but she chooses to hang out with Quest over Babs.  Quest and Pandora will come to me every time in the pasture...probably looking for goodies, but I'll take that.  
That must be so rewarding!!!!
With my severely sprained ankle, it took me out of commission from being able to do much with the horses for a while there, but I am back at it again, thankfully and happily!  Pandora has had quite a breakthrough over the last couple of days, and now she not only lets me pet her and brush her, but she let other people pet her as well.  

Welcome to the land of horses and volunteering to Alisa!  Alisa doesn't live very far from us and came and spent the day on Saturday and even got to brush Pandora a bit.

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Good news and great picture!
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