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What a great shot!
Jenni O.
That's amazing! (You know how to say it, Jurita. Amaaaaazing!) Great update, and thanks for volunteering, Alisa.
Donna R
Good to see her coming around.  Thanks for volunteering to help Alisa.
So happy to see some progress being made with her. She never turned down a good grooming here. Hopefully things will move along nicely now that she's decided humans are ok again.
We have been able to spend quite a bit of extra time with Pandora and she has really made great strides.  She still has some of her underlying issues that she came to us with, but they are getting less and less all the time.  We had our big spring vet day yesterday, 4/28/2018, and it was our hope to be able to get Pandora sedated to be able to get her feet trimmed...and it happened!  Pandora got her full vetting done and got all 4 feet trimmed!  I am hoping to be able to place Pandora with a very experienced trainer who has a lot of Mustang training under his belt soon... she is about ready for that next step in her journey, and we hope to bring her out her full potential.  

Huge shout-out and thank you to all of the volunteers yesterday!!  

Here is a picture of Pandora with farrier Mike and volunteer extraordinaire Len.  😉 


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Jenni O.
Hmm, maybe Len found his next horse?😂😂 I'm excited to see this mare's progress. She and Quest came up to visit us when we dropped Trigger off this winter, and she was quite friendly. She's also pretty.😁
What a joy to see and hear about Pandora's progress!

Time for a Pandora update too!  

Pandora has been doing really great.  She has come leaps and bounds, and now anyone can walk up and pet her (she used to run away from anyone and wanted nothing to do with people for the most part).  She is ready to send off to training at this point!  I think I have found a trainer for her and looking into that and the cost.  😉  

Here is a short video clip I grabbed this morning while I was out doing chores.  

Barb S
I didn’t notice the video before. Karen you sure have a knack with the untouched ones. Pan is so calm.
Sure love this video. Thanks for the bump, she has come so far.
Kate G
Takes after her mama, Babs, with those eyes and that long face. What a sweety. 
Kate D
Any updates on Pandora? She seems like she has such potential!
We do have an exciting update on Pandora.  We were going to wait until the time drew a little nearer, but what the hay.  Because of the extreme kindness and generosity of a supporter, Pandora will be going to a trainer in June!  She will be there a minimum of 60 days, learning to trust more than a couple of people and all of the basic skills a horse needs to know, and then eventually she will be started under saddle if all goes well and that is something she can achieve.  We are so excited about this!  This trainer is someone that I've wanted to send Pandora to for some time now, and with that opening spot with this trainer and because of the love, kindness and generosity of this supporter, this is going to become a reality!  [kiss][love]  
Kate D
Amazing news!! I can't wait to see the progress she makes!! [love]
That's fantastic! What a very generous and wonderful thing to do and Pandora will reap such great benefits from this!!
Awesome fantastic news! Thank you to the wonderful person who is help making this happen and thank you to the trainer!
Scott: MHWF
Today was a pretty big day for us and especially for Pandora, Quest and Serenity. These three horses are the ones that are the most difficult to get caught, handled, de-wormed, trimmed, Coggins tested, vaccinated, etc. 

Normally we do this kind of thing during vet day, which was two weeks ago, but with tons of people here, the horses can sometimes get worked up and know something is up, so we do not always get the opportunity to get the things done with Serenity, Quest and Pandora during Vet day like we would like to. 

Today was a day that we planned a while back, have the vet and farrier here and the entire day to get these three caught, sedated and get all their shots, blood work and dental work done with no crowds or time constraints.

We are very happy to say that all three got their feet trimmed, their teeth floated, their shots, de-wormers and new Coggins tests done today....and it went pretty darn well with no drama and nobody got hurt.

A huge thank you to our Dr. Suzanne and our farrier Mike K. for clearing out their schedules to get this all done with us today. It was fun, it was productive and always good company. 

Congrats to Pandora, Quest and Serenity too!

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Job well done!

Guess who is in the trailer and heading to the trainer? :)
WOOT WOOT!!  How exciting!!
This is such big news for Pandora! I'm so excited for her future ❤️
Scott: MHWF
Yesterday was a really big day for us and Pandora....we took her to a very specialized trainer who has a ton of experience and a lot of success working with horses like her.

Getting her caught and loaded was no small feat either. We basically had to rearrange our entire paddock system, on the fly, yesterday to make sure it was going to get Pandora loaded without injury to horse or human. Happily, after a few hours, she got in. Today we can put the paddocks back the way they were. We are pretty proud that we were able to get her loaded quietly and without incident with just Karen and myself. 

We are super excited to see what lies ahead for Pandora!

A HUGE thank you to Geraldine for sponsoring Pandora's training! You have helped change her life dramatically and for the better.
Wendy W - WI
So excited to hear updates her her training!  Great job on getting her loaded too!  I love the patience you have for the horses and I'm so glad neither of you got hurt!  

Thanks to Geraldine for this generous gift!  
Great job you guys!! Thank you Geraldine!! This is life changing ❤️
Sue J
Thank you Geraldine for sponsoring Pandora's training! Scott and Karen thank you so much for giving Pandora this chance for a future!
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