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Jenni O.
You're awesome, Geraldine! I can't wait for updates.
Adam (trainer) reports that Pandora is doing very well.  In his words, "She's doing great. Picking up her feet. She's relaxed. She's catching me."  
Those words are music to the ears.  
Yay. That's great news.
Can't wait to see Pandora blossom!
Donna R
Great news!  Can't wait to see their progress.
Love the "she's catching me" part of this update...very awesome!
A couple of our friends and friends of MHWF, Deb W. and Laura R., live not far from where Pandora is in training with Adam and they stopped by to visit over the past weekend.  Pandora was friendly to them, and they even snapped a couple of pictures while they were there.  Thank you Deb and Laura!  
Pandora is doing well.  She is not able to be turned out into the herd yet with being able to consistently be caught, but hopefully that comes soon.  

There is a pic included of Adam touching Pandora's back leg - to some that may not seem like a very big deal, but for Pandora that is a big deal.  😉  

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Jenni O.
She looks pretty relaxed in the pictures. 
Love how Pandora is looking at Adam with her eyes soft and her ears up as he touches that leg.
Donna R
That is a REALLY big deal for Pandora.  She does look relaxed.  This is very exciting to hear about.  Thanks Deb and Laura for the update!
Scott: MHWF
We have some very, very exciting news to share about Pandora......she got adopted!

Yes, you read that correct. Pandora is adopted!

One of our very special donors was generous enough to donate the money to send Pandora to the trainer that we felt confident could help Pandora and get her trained (Adam Hoon), who specializes in horses like Pandora. 

That donor made it possible for us to bring Pandora to Adam and get her rolling. While she was in training, someone who spends a lot of time at Adam's got to watch Adam work with her, got to know Pandora and fell in love with her. She asked us about the possibility of adopting her.

Everything fell into place and the best part is that her new adopter is going to keep Pandora there and in training for at least 6 months, longer if need be. This could not be a more perfect situation for Pandora and we are super excited to share the news.

A huge thank you to Geraldine S. for the donation that got this all started....a big thank you to Adam Hoon for taking Pandora on, and a huge thank you to Charmaine U. for seeing something in Pandora and for offering her a permanent home and continued training. 

This is a huge win for everyone involved and the perfect situation for Pandora. We could not be happier with the way this long journey with Pandora played out.

PS. We are waiting for adoption day photos from Charmaine and will post them once we get them.
Sue J
Wow this is great news!!![thumb]
Donna R
Be still my heart[smile]  This makes me SO happy!  Len and I initially tried to get Pandora in our trailer with Babs the day of the One Day Open Door Shelter Event.   Babs was easy.  Pandora after well over an hour of trying was a fail.  No matter what we tried, we knew getting her in a trailer wasn't going to happen at that time.  We left to go back to the shelter event with just Babs in our trailer. 

We have been following Babs and Pandora's stories ever since and have visited both of them when possible.  Pandora has come so far.  Thank you to everyone involved for not giving up on Pandora...and for seeing her true potential.  A big congratulations to Charmaine and Pandora!  What a great situation for both of you to be in to continue on in this journey together.
Well, I did not expect this in this update. Wow. Such good news. Thank you everyone.
Barb S
Yeehaw!!!! That is most awesome news!!!
Congratulations Pan! You are going to have an amazing life! Congratulations to Pans adopter! Thanks for giving her a very bright future!
OMG!!  This is such great news!!  So happy for Pandora.
Wow!!  Reading Pandora's adoption news gave me chillbumps!!  So excited for her and Charmaine!
Awesome news!!!
What great news and such an unexpected outcome!  Congratulations!
I am so in love with this whole story ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you to everyone involved in Pandora's journey from day one... including Len and Donna, Scott and Karen, the volunteers spending time with her, Mike the farrier, Dr. Suzanne and the vets who've worked with her, Geraldine for allowing her the opportunity to blossom, Adam for taking on such a special horse and working with her, and ultimately her adopter... Congratulations Charmaine and Pandora!! I apologize if I missed anyone but she has quite the story! Scott and Karen would not give up on this horse and I will continue to support this program for reasons exactly like this! GAH!!!!!🥰
Jenni O.I
Awesome news! After all this time she finally gets her very own person.
Wow! Such great news!  Perfect.  Pan's new person will have experienced help to make sure they build a positive relationship and she doesn't get pushed too fast.  Congratulations and BIG THANKS to all involved!
Donna M
Pandora has been one of the horses I’ve been quietly rooting for. She is strikingly beautiful and so deserved the time and patience it took to bring her to this stage of her journey. I love how an animal begins to make connections and learn to trust. It takes a giant leap of faith for them to make the switch after having been trapped in the fear of the unknown for so long. This is one of the greatest successes of MHWF.

Congratulations to all.
Check out Pandora being a rock star!  This video was taken yesterday, 8/9/2019.  

or click here
Wonderful progress!
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