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Another adoption. Must have been a busy weekend at MHWF!
Yes, it was a stellar weekend at MHWF for adoptions!!  

We are overwhelming happy for another super great adoption that happened Sunday, 4/29/2018!  Lady found her person!  Valerie was going to get a horse to keep with her sister Sheryl and has been watching and reading about Lady.  Sheryl is someone who has been a supporter of MHWF for a very long time (and Belle is her first adoption horse), and we are so happy that she has a sister with a heart of gold as well.  Sheryl's sister, Valerie was the one really looking for a horse, but a few circumstances changed and Sheryl found herself looking for a horse as well and adopted Belle.  Belle and Lady will be living their happy lives together.  Who could think of a better way to add a horse to a family than adopting one, right?!  Adopting two saves four horses!  

What a super fun day watching these two beautiful ladies meeting and getting to know the horses.  Sheryl will be keeping both of the horses at her new place, and the horses will be moving there later in May.  I am incredibly happy that these two horses got so lucky to find such a perfect home, and I am thrilled that Sheryl and Valerie are going to have such a great time together and with these girls.  

I want to do a photo of both Valerie and Sheryl with their girls too when they come back to pick up them up, but I do have a couple of very sweet photos of Valerie and Lady to share now too.   

Thank you so much to Valerie and Sheryl for choosing adoption and giving these wonderful horses such a great home!  See you both soon!  

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Jenni O.
Aww, cn ongratulations! This couldn't have worked out better.
That's very sweet! Congratulations!
I am so very happy for my beautiful sister and her beautiful Lady. We are going to have so much fun riding together. Life is good and it is the beginning of a great new chapter in life for all 4 of us. Thank you  once again, Karen and Scott. for   everything.
Donna R
Congratulations Valerie!  We were once again admiring the beautiful Lady on Vet Day.  Let the adventures begin for you two and your wonderful horses!
Congratulations Valerie and Lady!
Wendy W - WI
Congratulations Valerie!!  Lady is a real beauty.  
Thanks for all the nice words and congratulations, everyone. From the moment I saw Lady, I could hardly look away--love at first sight and I was resisting that feeling from the first time I read about her. I even asked my sister Sheryl to stop me from making a decision until after a 24-hour waiting period. But! When it's right, it's right. What a wonderful horse! Thanks for keeping her safe, Karen and Scott. And thanks for keeping so many others safe until they find their new home. With heartfelt gratitude for your work and your kindness, Valerie
Hi all, we had a very smooth trip home and the girls unloaded like perfect angels. They are settling in nicely.

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Valerie Jahns
Finally! Looks like it is attached. Let's hope it doesn't come out sideways. That said, here's Passion Lady!

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Jan N
She is beautiful, sideways or not.
Scott: MHWF

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Valerie J.
Thanks, Scott!
oh she looks lovely...and happy!

Passion Lady - 24 years

$300 - Passion Lady is a 24 year old Arabian mare that has been a part of MHWF for many years, so we know her very well. She stands at 15.1 hands tall and is as well broke as a horse can get, having spent countless hours out on the trails. Lady is a horse that just about anyone can ride, super sweet, easy going, mellow, and very experienced. She has some slight arthritis in her left front knee, so we would like to see her kept to lighter riding, walk/trot on the trails. She is a true gem and one of the MHWF all time favorites.

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I see some lucky person got to add this lovely mare to their herd!
Who adopted Passion Lady?
Passion Lady will still be here with us for a couple of weeks and we will post about the official adoption as soon as that day comes and we will snap some pics.  ๐Ÿ˜‰  I believe that is going to take place about November 5th.  Lady's adopter has one other horse after that horse lost his pasture buddy.  Lady's adopter was going to a clinic with their horse for 3-4 days towards the end of the month and none of us wanted Lady to go home, start getting settled with a new buddy and then be alone for 3-4 days while the other horse was at the clinic, so Lady is staying here until that is over.
Lisa B.
Awesome news!

Passion Lady is a remarkable horse and I was devastated that her placement with me did not work out. While I am thrilled that she's found a new home, I'm equally sad that a new home was necessary. A few notes to pass on to her new adopter: 1) she is very smart and practically pantomimes her thoughts, 2) she's a Houdini with any latch that doesn't require a thumb, and 3) she loves loves loves treats but is remarkably gentle with her mouth. What a fantastic horse!

Lady's long-awaited adoption day finally arrived today!  Lady has been adopted, but her adopter, Steve, had a 3-day long clinic with his horse this past weekend and no one wanted Lady to have to stay alone after just having settled in, so we kept her here until the clinic was over.  Now Lady can go home and settle in and be great company for her new buddy named Diamond.  Diamond has been living alone for a bit, so this is a really great thing for him too.  Lady is still en route to her new home, and we look forward to an update when she makes it home and hearing about how her and Diamond get along.  

Here are a couple of pics from official adoption day today, 11/5/2018.  Just a couple extra with Lady getting first look at the trailer and then inspecting the ramp.  Lady hesitated a little bit, but loaded and stood on the trailer like the champ that she is.  

Thank you again for choosing adoption, Steve, and big congratulations on such a great horse to add to your family!  

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Best wishes to all.  I always thought of her as "perfect".
Congratulations to Steve and Lady!
Lady exploring with Diamond as her tour guide. Theyโ€™re both sorting things out between each other but everything is going good.
- Steve 

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