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Jenni O.
Cute! What a good pony!

Patch - 14 years 

$300 - Patch is an 14 year old mini gelding. He stands at 38 inches tall and is sound, healthy, super laid back and current on everything. Patch is not only broke to ride, he is also broke to drive and is very good at both. His biggest flaw is that he can be a little lazy under saddle at times. Many of you may already know Patch, since he was adopted from MHWF 4 years ago. The grandkids no longer ride him and his pasture mate had to be put down, so he is back here with us and some lucky soul is going to get a doll of a mini. He is super laid back, never does anything wrong and takes everything in stride. No special needs or health problems, just an adorable little guy with a lot of good training.

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Jessica K.
He’s exactly what we are looking for! I’ll get an app in. 😊
Still the cutest little guy!
Donna R
Such a cute guy!  I was interested in adopting Patch but wasn't quick enough when he came in a few years back with Vinny and Annie.  I ended up adopting his pasture mate, Annie.  It isn't very often you find a mini like Patch who can do it all.  I'll bet he won't be there long.

Patch came to MHWF from a loving owner who could no longer keep him and wanted MHWF to find Patch a good home.  Patch came to MHWF back in 2014 and was in an adoptive home until recently when circumstances changed, Patch losing his buddy, and made his way back to MHWF to find another loving home with a new buddy.  Patch hit the jackpot when Jessica and her family came along to meet him!  They instantly fell in love with Patch, and Patch loved the whole family!  Patch will have a beautiful Saddlebred as a buddy, and 4 kids loving and doting on him.  Pony heaven! 

A huge thank-you to Jessica for choosing adoption!  Here are a couple of pictures of Patch from the day his new family met him as well as official adoption day of 5/31/2018.  The whole family couldn’t be pictured, but our Bella the Basset Hound happily photo-bombed for one of the pictures. 


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Patch's family is already enjoying him immensely!  Today Cameron rode Patch to the bus and Chael rode him back.  😉  

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Donna R
What a great adoption!  So happy for all of you.  Congratulations!
Congratulations and wow!!  What a great update!  Very cool!
Jessica K
Just wanted to update that Patch is doing wonderful!  Him and my saddlebred, Cash, have taken a nice liking to each other.  They are pretty cute together!

We are shopping for a cart and harness and more updates will follow once we make a purchase and start driving him. [smile]
Jessica K
Just wanted to post an update about Patch.  We love this little mini SO much!  He is such a joy to have around.  We purchased him a cart last fall and have been practicing some driving in the arena.  Looking forward to taking him out for a drive in spring. 😉 

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Patch and his kids are beyond cute!  Can't wait to see driving pictures in the spring!
Jessica K

It's been too long since I've posted.  I wanted to share a new photo of Patch.  He is doing fabulous and our family adores this little guy! Here is our 5 year old riding him this weekend. [love]


MHWF, Inc.
Patch and his buddies 😉

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