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Pauli's Lil Lena - 9 yrs.

$500 - Lena is a 9 year old Arab/QH cross mare. She stands at 15.1 hands tall and is sound, healthy and broke to ride. Lena has a ton of training on her and is a former reining champion. Lena came in with Peanut and Corey. We will update her listing and we learn more about her and get to know her better.

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Wow....love this mare!
DITTO... she is a beautiful mare.
Deb M
Wow...I need to learn more about her!  She sounds like my kind of horse.  Wonder what her story is.  Her accomplishments listing on AHA datasource is a mile long.  And she's only 9.
All three of the new horses came in together to MHWF from the same home; Lena, Corey and Peanut.  While we will not post personal information about their donor, it was for personal reasons that these horses came to us from their owner who wanted the protection of MHWF placement for her beloved girls when she could no longer keep them.  
Wow..she is gorgeous..AND a reining champ?!?!
Congratulations to Lena and her new person!
Congrats to Lena and her new family!
I know this lucky owner too! Yay! [smile]
MHWF is the lucky owner, but I do have a pic of the lucky adopter riding Lena last evening.  [smile]  

Lisa has been watching MHWF for some time now, and she was with Jenni when they came and met Diamond, and that is another story I will share on Peanut's thread.  Lisa saw the new girls on the website and her and Jenni came last evening to meet them.  I think it was love at first sight that got solidified after hitting the saddle.  Lena was a very popular horse here, and she is also a lucky girl who found herself a great home.  Lena and Peanut will be living very close to each other and will be going out riding together, so they will be able to stay in touch.  [wink]  

Lena and Peanut are still here at MHWF until they can be picked up, but I snapped a couple of riding pics from last evening to share.  We will do official adoption day pics when the girls are picked up.  

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I stand corrected. "Adopter."

Maybe look for Lobo and I out with these two as well. We can show off our adopted horses on the trails.
Jenni O.
Jurita, Lobo will love the two girls! Congratulations, Lisa. [wink]
Jane Liess
Congrats, Lisa.  You two look really comfortable together.  Jurita, that would be great to have all three girls on a ride (with the horses, too).
Lisa B
Lena is at her new home near Rice Lake WI.  She settled right into the box stall and immediately checked out the corner feeder (yes, there was some ration mixed with whole oats in there).  The other three horses are interested but are too busy munching their hay to cause much drama.  Hopefully things will go smoothly when I put them together in a few days.  In the meantime, she will have a grass arena to herself, next to the others.

Thank you, Scott and Karen, for the opportunity to adopt her.  I expect to have many years with Lena.
Lisa, congratulations on your new family member. Lena is missed but we are thrilled that she has found a great new home. I know you will love and enjoy her. 

Again (and again…) thank you to Scott and Karen.

Kim (Lena's old owner).
Thank you for posting, Kim, and thank you for entrusting us with the care and placement of the girls.  

I'm coming in a little late here with the adoption day photos.  The weather was a real treat and decided to rain the hardest when the girls were being picked up, but Jenni and Lisa were sports and posed for an adoption day picture anyway.  [smile]  I'm glad to hear the girls have settled in well!!  

Here are a couple of pics from yesterday.  Thank you, and congratulations Lisa and Jenni!  

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Great photos, and the TWO adopters look as happy as a lark.... and the adoptees look like ** ah yah, just another photo, BUT this rain sucks.Congratulations to the two very HAPPY adopters... 

The horses all got to do most of their introductions over the stall wall and gates so I decided to put them all together for a while. Lena is not easily intimidated by the other two mares but she does keep her distance from the barn (for now). I put her in the box stall last night as it looks like it might storm and I didn’t want her to get chilled.

She is eating well and has been a good girl.  I do expect her to become the boss mare though…much to Nutmeg’s chagrin. 

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REALLY great adoption photos - love the smiles! Congratulations and thanks to Scott and Karen for making all of these photos possible!
Lisa B
I feel I must explain the smiles.  Yes we are thrilled with the horses but I was actually laughing at Scott's antics to try to get the horses to put their ears forward.  I guess it only worked on me.
Scott: MHWF
Always happy to entertain, even at my own expense [smile]
Jenni O.
Yes, that alone made the trip worthwhile, watching Scott hop around in the rain in his poncho.
Lisa B
I rode Lena this evening with my boarders and she did well.  A little nervous but interested in getting out.  I ride in a treeless saddle so I think she was a little confused because she could feel every move I made.  She was patient with me though.  I  also rode her in a Myler C1 Cradle Bit (Parelli).  She did fine but I have a feeling she was ridden in a bit with a shank.  

I wish I knew more about equipment and aids that were used on her.  I think she and I will take some lessons so I can move up to her level of training (at least closer to it).  I'd hate to mess up such a good horse.

I'll keep you posted on how things go.

BTW, she has buddied up with my paint gelding.  He is very kind.  Today the two of them were in one of the in-and-out stalls together...just hanging out under the box fan.

Life is good!  
Lisa B
Just a quick update on how Pauli (Lena) is doing.

What can I say besides....I love her!

She is a little timid when riding but is becoming more comfortable as we encounter different "things".  It helps to have my boarders ride along on very relaxed horses to demonstrate that things are okay.  She is learning the que "touch" as signal to her that she is not going to be eaten by the LP tank or the manure spreader. 

I am learning her ques as well and was just thrilled yesterday when she sidepassed very nicely for me.  Her stop is excellent and she moves off of my legs very nicely.

I think we are in this for many years to come!

Thank you again, Kim, Karen, and Scott.  I also must thank my friend, Jenni O. for putting me in touch with this wonderful organization.

Life is Good!
Sounds like *Lena* chose the right famiy... It is fun to read your udates and the little tidbits that you throw in the update. Sounds like you will have alot of fun riding on the trails.. and you are sure LUCKY to have a FRIEND like Jenni O... Thanks for sharing.
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