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Jenni O.
Haha, the top picture is Peanut, wet from Pauli splashing her in the lake. And a little wild-eyed because there was a GIANT DONKEY in the vicinity. Apparently they are a thing to be wary of.

Lisa B.
Had the vet out yesterday for teeth float and general wellness check. Pauli is "perfect" according to the vet. Her teeth were pretty good (only needed a little grinding on the outside tops) and her weight and conditoning are right where they should be.

The farrier will pull shoes next week and then we'll be set for winter. I hope the winter goes by as quickly as the fall did
Lisa B.
First off I want to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

Pauli is doing great!  I don't ride in the winter (call me wimpy) so she is kind of bored.  But she and Rowdy get along pretty well and enjoy a good run/buck/snort/fart around their paddock each morning to keep them limbered up.

Last weekend everyone got some grass time in my little arena while I did some much needed barn and barnyard cleaning.  It was the first time I've had all four of them together in months. Pauli and Bella (sworn enemies) even played a bit after munching for a half an hour or so.  The other two (Rowdy and Nutmeg) weren't interested in play (not when there was grass to eat) so just kept out of the way.

We had thunderstorms/rain/sleet/snow here today (what's with that Mother Nature?) and then the wind picked up this evening.  So when I went out to do chores tonight, the horses were wet.  Pauli chills pretty easily so she was very happy to be blanketed and given some extra hay.  She's not spoiled though....[smile]  [wink]

After seeing the mud situation at MHWF I realize I how lucky we are to have enough slope to drain most of the water out of the paddocks.  I will never complain about mud here again.

Life is good!
Lisa B.
Oh my gosh...I haven't updated since December? Shame on me! Well, as we all know, winter is always way too long. I don't ride in the winter so didn't have much going on besides work and chores. In the case of Pauli, no news is good news. She wintered very well and seems happy, content, and healthy. She did get blanketed quite a lot during the coldest weather. She just doesn't get fuzzy enough for Wisconsin winters. Thank you Kim for giving me her blanket. We've managed to get a few rides in now that tax and mud season are over, and have many more planned. Pauli has been behaving very well and really does enjoy riding. She really, really loves arena work (what a strange little horse, I know) so we (hubby and I) are in the process of putting up a real arena. I'm hoping to do some western dressage (and make use of all of that reining training). Still, she will mostly be trail ridden. I'm looking forward to riding at Zumbro Bottoms over Memorial weekend and Wildcat sometime soon. Hoping to get down to Indiana and maybe Shawnee too. So many rides...so few weekends! I will try to upload a couple of pictures. I never seem to have much luck with that, but will give it a shot. Life is good! Lisa B.

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Great update....good luck with the trail rides and the arena!
Jenni O.
Looks like it worked. Yay on the arena!
I'd say she wintered well! She is gorgeous!  Have fun on all your adventures and I feel the same way, just not enough weekends!!!
Lisa B.
Jenni O., that's my grass arena that is too small. We're planning a 84' x 120' that is level and with arena footing instead of grass.

We're working on quotes right now but the biggest obstacle is the timeline...all the excavators are super busy!

It sure was a nice day...I hope some of you got saddle time in...I did
A group photo with Peanut in middle and Pauli on the right.

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Kim C.
Lisa, Pauli looks great! I'm so glad she weathered the winter so well. I'm so glad she went to the exact perfect place.

Pauli loves getting new shoes. She's such a girly girl!

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Lisa B.
Pauli and I continue to do well.  Here are a couple of pictures of us in our new arena!

Life is Good!

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Dang! You girls are looking fabulous!  Love your new arena Lisa!
Lisa B.
Thank you Jenn. We will get a lot of use out of it. I am looking for suggestions to make it more interesting for us to ride in it though. Come on you creative people...Pauli needs something to challenge her brain.
Jenni O.
Cavaletti, logs, noodles, a log or small tire to drag, that sort of thing? Cones, barrels, or how about a small bridge that tilts as you walk on it? You can practice riding patterns with seat/legs. Mailbox (put a live raccoon in it if that gets boring). You could rig up a gate of sorts.
Lisa, I love reading your updates and all the photos. 
Lisa B.
Thanks for the ideas Jenni O.!

Now...where do I find a live raccoon???
Jenni O.
I'll get you one.
Oh Oh oh!! I have an idea...instead of just a plain boring wood bridge how about if we have a woodchuck pop out from under it every now and then?  I could totally hook you up with a woodchuck or 8.
Tie a few white plastic bags at eye-level branches on trail and ride on a windy day [smile]  One of ours will freak, the other will approach thinking there may be a treat inside.
Lisa B.
So many great ideas....keep them coming.

Jenn, I think I may have a woodchuck around here somewhere, but will keep you in mind if not. I wonder, does it limit the experience to February 2nd each year?

John, we have bags get hung up in trees when the lid blows off the neighbor's garbage can. The horses no longer show interest...perhaps because there has never been a treat inside...only garbage.

Jenni O....I will let you know when I'm ready for the raccoon. Will you have it trained to stay in the mailbox until needed?

Scott: MHWF
[smile] No ideas, just love the updates........
Jenni O.
I'm no raccoon trainer. That will be your job. They like crayfish for treats, as well as spaghetti, cookies, anything they find in a cooler.

I like the woodchuck idea. How about a birdhouse with some actual birds to fly in and out?

Tires to walk through. A llama.

No more ideas tonight.
You can do a lot with cones and poles, too.  If you get PVC, fill them with sand and cap the ends so they stay put better.  A cheap alternative to cones are plastic wastebaskets from the dollar store.  Turn them over and drill holes in the bottom for fake flowers.  Old fake Christmas trees are useful, too.

You will never regret making your arena as large as you did.  Arenas are never too big, but they can be too small.  Enjoy!
Lisa B.
Rode at Zumbro Bottoms near Wabasha MN this weekend. If you haven't been there it is well worth the trip. Leave it to us to unintentionally take one of the most challenging trails there. It was fun and gave us an idea of what we are capable of. I will put pictures on Pea's and Eli's thread too.

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