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Pea (Red Hot Democracy), Eli and Pauli at Zumbrota.

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Jenni O.
Hey, go big or go home, right? Next time we will check out Motorcycle Trail. Zoom zoom.
Looks like fun!!
Lisa B.
I'm so ashamed that I haven't posted anything about Pauli for so long.

Once again, she wintered well without getting fat (like my other two). She also continues her love/hate relationship with another mare here, which is kind of a pain in butt sometimes.

To fill in since July...Jenni, Jurita and I rode together several times...mostly around Barron, Chippewa, and St. Croix counties. Many fun miles there.

During the hottest and buggiest part of the summer we rode in the arena regularly in the evening. I lucked out in where I put the arena...it gets a nice little breeze later in the day and the bugs are minimal since we aren't stirring them up in the grasses.

Pauli and I got together with friends at a Trail Challenge. Suffice it to say we survived and I stayed in the saddle (even during the river crossing attempt, think 180 spin at 40 mph).

In September I took Pauli down to south central Indiana to meet my sister and her friends at Brown County Park. It's a beautiful area with some moderately challenging trails and decent facilities. We rode for three days. I have to say, it was obvious that Pauli and I had a lot of saddle time in, compared to the other gals we were with. Still, we all had a wonderful time.

I'm hoping to get more lesson time in this year. Pauli is very forward sometimes and I tend to get heavy in the hands so need to work on that.

Tonight I finally had a chance to get together with a friend and spend some time in the arena. Pauli did pretty well but was a bit of a squirrel...nothing horrible, just not very productive. Needless to say...we'll have a few more rides in the arena before heading out on the trail.

That's about it for now...Life is good!
We will be looking for you out on the trails soon!
Nice update.  I am so glad you could see the results of all your hard work with Pauli at the trail ride.  It makes it all worth it!
Jenni O.
You should be ashamed. [smile] Lots of squirrelliness this time of year. At least we get an earlier start this year.
Scott: MHWF
And with that.....new pics of Lena came in tonight [smile]

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Lisa B.
Sometimes I refer to her as my little red corvette, other times as my little red squirrel. She is such a fun horse!
Look'n good! [smile]
She looks good.
She looks really good.
Jenni O.
Lisa refers to her as other things too, at times. 😀. Kidding! They're a match made in...Pittsville?
Lisa B.
Pauli and I are having fun this summer.

Although we haven't done too much trail riding we are putting in quite a bit of saddle time around the farm. After our attempts on the obstacles at Changing Winds a few weeks ago I am very motivated to work on trust issues. So today I spent a good share of the day setting up my own obstacles and then a friend and I worked our horses through them. We took our time and didn't pressure them and the results were amazing.

We are planning to do a trail challenge on Labor Day weekend...I think we'll do much better this year.

As I've said before...I love this little red horse!

Life is good!

Trust takes time. I personally think trail riding really helps build that trust.
Good for you to be motivated and set up obstacles at your house.

My two cents: it's fine to put pressure on but remember to reward any "try" from your horse by quickly releasing that pressure.

I'm glad you're having fun. What's the point if you are not enjoying it? [smile]
Obstacles are one of the best training tools out there.  I am so glad you are having fun with them.  I do agree with Jurita about trails...there is no where else true trust can be built than out on a tricky trail where you have to trust your horse to put his brains and feet to work....and...for your horse to learn that when you say "its ok to go"  it really truly is OK TO GO.  Keep riding, and keep having fun!
Jenni O.
Lisa's obstacles are pretty fun. I love doing stuff like that, and desensitizing. Maybe some day the humans will be smart enough to take some pictures off all the fun they are having.

Pauli is a sensitive horse. I think once you get a little trust in place things are going to really click.
Lisa B.
I look at the process as a set of stairs. Right now I feel like we take two steps up but we drop down one step every now and then. Eventually we'll reach the top of the staircase...just might take a long time.
Scott: MHWF

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Lisa B.
Yep...that's about right! 😵
Jenni O.
That's perfect, actually! The stairs analogy works also, but lacks the detail of the one Scott posted.

Pauli and the round-a-bout and the kiddie pool

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These are from the trail obstacle clinic at Changing Winds in Withee. I assure you there was plenty of snorting. We didn’t win any prizes but we came back in one piece.

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Both of you  looking good!
What fun photos! You stuck with it and I'm impressed with your ambition to work through stuff....building all those obstacles at home, doing groundwork. It will pay off.

She did very well on our trail ride Sunday.

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