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Jenni O.
Where is photo #44? My favorite!

Despite the snorting, the photos show a horse that is thinking and trying, and she looks pretty relaxed too.
Lisa B.
Thanks girls...you are always so fun to ride with...As well as encouraging and patient. Zumbro is going to be great!
Lisa B.

Pauli and I continue to do well together. 


She does like to push my buttons but I have learned to not take anything she does too seriously.  I smile and for the most part just let her work it out as I have found the more I react to her antics the more she pushes.

Her latest thing is to refuse to go across the teeter totter bridge that I built or to step in the “kiddie pool” full of water, sand, and plastic jugs/bottles.  She’s not afraid of either of these obstacles, just decides she doesn’t want to cooperate.  We work on it until she at least gives me a sincere effort.  She is quite treat motivated so often times she’ll do something if she’s going to get something for it (a sense of fairness??).


The pictures attached are from a couple of evenings ago.  She’s all cleaned up and ready for the saddle and a little arena time and then a nice walk around our 40 acres.  I decided to try something different on her that day and not use a bridle but just the halter you see her wearing in the pictures.  I am always concerned that I rely too much on the reins and get heavy handed so I thought this might be a nice experiment.  All I can say is that she was perfect…responsive, relaxed, paying attention, etc.  She even walked across the teeter totter bridge (end to end, not hopping off at the fulcrum) twice!  Maybe I need to consider a bitless bridle on her…I’ll keep using the halter for a while until I know if it is something that I can trust her in on a real trail ride.  I’ll have her bridle in the saddle bag just in case though.


This fall we plan to go to Caney Mountain in Arkansas.  I hear the trails are very challenging but Pauli enjoys challenges and likes to think on her feet.  I will just have to see what her attitude is when we need to make a decision to go for it or go around it.  She did great at Shawnee last fall although the trails we were on weren’t very difficult. 


I guess that’s about it for now.  I do really enjoy this little red horse and am so glad that Jenni O. introduced me to MHWF.


As I always say…LIFE IS GOOD!

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Jenni O.
Ooh, if you go bitless you should buy an S hack and then I can try it at some point!😁
Sounds like you are finding some good compromises with you little red mare!  I have really enjoyed going bitless with the horses who like it, and love riding with just a neck rope to refine my leg and seat.  Continue to enjoy!
Lisa B.
Thanks Doreen, I had a horse years ago that I rode bitless.  He did quite well with it.

Jenni, of course you can try it, if I get one. [biggrin]
A friend and I took our girls to Lake Wissota State Park for a nice day ride. I again rode Pauli with just her halter and again she behaved perfectly! She was relaxed, soft, and responsive. The only issue she has is that it’s easier to snatch a bite to eat on the trail (but she did that with a bit too).

The picture shows her watching a motorboat that was working it’s way along the lake. The girls were fascinated by the wake he boat made.

Again...Life is Good!

- Lisa B.

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