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It's wonderful to hear you two are getting along so well!  Thanks a bunch for the update, Lisa!  
Jenni O.
Yes, so lucky to have a friend like Jenni O.  HAHA!  Can't wait to ride with you!  You might have to be patient as I'm taking things slowly.
Lisa B
Planning on a first "real" trail ride on Saturday with Pauli (Lena).  She has done very well in our fields and down the road so I'm confident she'll be fine on the trail.  We'll be on easy trails at Lake Wissota.  Hopefully she'll be ready for Northern Kettle Moraine in a couple of weeks.

Lisa B
Pauli and I hit the trails at Wissota State Park today (just outside of Chippewa Falls) with friend Theresa on Nut.

Pauli is so much fun to ride.  She's a bit of a grass snatcher...don't know if that has always been her way or if it is something new.  Nothing horrible and she makes a game of it but it will have to be addressed.  

She did spook a couple of times.  Her first one was when we came across an open bluebird house alongside the trail.  She was giving it a wide berth so we worked on her "touch" cue.  Nut demonstrated for her so Pauli did like a kid dared to ring the scary old guy's doorbell.  She "touched" it then did a 90 degree spook and stopped.  It was actually quite funny.  I stayed in the saddle, although a bit off center [smile].

The next one was when a branch got hung up on my foot.  I think it may have poked her so she jumped forward about two hops and stopped.  Kim said that she comes down very quickly from spooks and she is right.  She continued on as if nothing had happened.

I have attached a picture of us by the sign near the entrance to the park.  She didn't want to get too close to it but after the picture was taken she bit one of the posts it is attached to.

I hope to get her to Governor Knowles (Trade River) next week to see how she is with water crossings.

I am really enjoying her and think she enjoyed herself today.


Lisa B
Today was hoof care day here on the farm.  Pauli behaved very well for our farrier...she's so cooperative with just about everything...

Our farrier (Rick) really likes Pauli and said her feet are healthy and nice and big.  She was due for a trim.  He'll be back every six weeks through the riding season then every eight weeks through the winter.

I took her for a ride without the other horses a few days ago.  She did very well, although a bit antsy when asked to stand quietly.  She'll get better about that with more time.  I really enjoy her responsiveness and am planning to take her to Indiana this summer to ride Brown County and do some training with my sister.  She is going to love her too!

We hope to see some of you on the trail...Life is Good!
Jenni O.
My farrier Rick also really liked Peanut. [smile] Some day Lisa and I will get together to ride, and hopefully remember to get video of the horses' reunion.
Kim C.
I'm so glad you're enjoying Pauli! Wonderful to hear her feet are healthy. I couldn't be happier that she found a home with someone who loves her as much as I did. And I really look forward to that video of her and Pea...!
Lisa B
Jenni O. and I are planning (weather permitting) to ride at Governor Knowles State Park (near Cushing WI) on Sunday, June 21st.  My friend, Theresa, will ride steady ole Nutmeg to set a good example for bridge and water crossings.

I will be sure to have my helmet camera (I'm a nerd, I know) fully charged for their reunion and ride.

I noticed that the picture I thought I had posted earlier didn't show up so here it is again.  I'm pretty sure I did it right this time!

Life just gets better and better!
At Wissota State Park.jpg

Glad to see things are going well for you and Lena. I am out of my hammock now so maybe we can ride together sometime this summer [smile]
Nice photo... *Lena* looks nice.. thanx for sharing photo. Have you seen any TICKS yet?
Lisa B
Only a few ticks so far.  I ride her on mown trails mostly right now so the little buggers aren't as thick as they are off trail.  I also spray the legs pretty well before riding...seems to really help.

I am a GoPro geek too, just never have the time to upload the videos.  Can't wait to see yours!  
Lisa B
Pauli and Peanut got together for the first time since leaving MHWF.  We thought they'd be all excited and emotional but no.  They sniffed noses and then stepped away from each other.  I sent an email with a short video of their reunion as I was not able to load a video to this forum.  Sorry for the date and time being wrong.  I guess I'm not as much of a nerd as I thought.  

I did fall off of Pauli today (nothing really hurt but my pride).  I had boots on her and one of them came loose in some heavy hay/grasses.  I think she stepped on it and stumbled and it scared her when the boot flopped on her foot.  I landed on my derriere and will feel it tomorrow but I'm encouraged by how well she did the rest of the ride.  She was a little nervous on the brushier trails and really doesn't like muddy footing.  I don't know if it is because of inexperience with them or a personal dislike.  Either way, she was a trooper.

Peanut did pretty well also but I will let Jenni tell that story.

Life is good.
Jenni O.
I'm happy to report that I turned around in time to see Lisa fall off. [wink] Nobody saw me when I fell off Peanut, and it was a good one! But Lisa wasn't videoing when she fell off. [frown]

Anyway, both horses did very well. We went through all kinds of terrain, near traffic, under a highway overpass, wide trails, narrow trail, no trail, mowed trail... They took it all pretty well.
Lisa B
Well, our trip down to Northern Kettle Moraine State Park was a success.  Pauli behaved very well, although she did go after another horse at one point, ready to bite.  Not sure why but other horses reacted the same way toward him so maybe it was something he said.

We arrived on Thursday afternoon and went for a short ride with a group of 6 or so.  We traveled in walk/trot/canter and I found that her trot and canter are pretty rough, at least they were on the trail.  I guess I have to relearn how to post [smile] 

On Friday we overdid the riding a bit and did 14.3 miles total.  She was tired and a bit tenderfooted by the time we got back to camp but was a real trooper.  I found that she willingly goes into and crosses moving water.  She is good at negotiating rock trails and she even liked being the lead horse...until we encountered the Sandhill Crane on the trail...then she was happy to let someone else take over.  She eventually got over the saber-toothed chipmunks and now just strolls along as they skitter around.

Saturday we took it easy as we were both tired from Friday's ride.  We did do about 5.5 miles though and she was great.  We need to do more day rides during the week to build up our endurance.  She seems game so our adventure continues!

Life is Good!
You guys are having such a great time with your new additions!  Congrats again [smile]
Jenni O.
Lisa, what water / river did you find at KMN?  We ride there often and can not think of any water crossings.  Sounds like you and Pauli are doing great
Awesome report on some awesome rides...love the "Maybe it was something he said" comment regarding the horse none of the other horse's liked!  Interesting that none of them liked him.  Glad you two are enjoying yourselves!
Lisa B
John, we took a trail that went through New Prospect and crossed the creek near the bridge. 

There is also a watering spot close to New Fane.  You cross Mill Rd(?) and there is a picnic area to the side of the trail that has a spot to water in.  We then went back out to the road and rode into New Fane and had lunch and refreshmenst at the Rusty Spur.  They have hitching posts there and the mushroom swiss burger was excellent!  That was our 14.3 mile day.

Hope you have a chance to check them out soon.
Ahhhh ok Lisa, yeah we like that that ride from camp to the Rusty Spur for lunch (for anyone reading this and goes to KMN, ask the hosts how to get to it as it is off the trail a bit) and now I remember that watering spot near there with picnic table.  Was Wayne, Maryian and there lab Hope, still hosting or was it the other ones?
I wish they would put in a proper trail a bit off the road in New Prospect (SS) as a school bus flying through missed Jett and I by like 2 ft. one year and the home owners are very sensitive about stepping on their yards so you pretty much have to ride the edge of the road.  Of course can make the loop but that adds an hour or so up the gravel road and over to the day parking.

Keep having fun with Pauli [smile]

p.s. Have you tried Governor Dodge?  If I recall you reside in the West part of the St. so it would not be too far for you.  The camping is a bit odd but the trails are amazing with great views and lots of options for long to short rides without backtracking - my favorite trails in the lower half of the St.
Lisa B
John, I actually like in Northwestern WI (north of Eau Claire).  I have not ridden at Governor Dodge but it is on my bucket list.  When is the best time to ride those trails?
Jenni O.
When your friend Jenni can go. That's the best time.
Lisa B
Jenni, let's start planning for that one!
Lisa B
Jenni O. and I took Peanut and Pauli (Lena) to a local trainer for lessons last night.  We had a great time and learned a lot (at least I did).  

Jenni and Pea did ground work, flexing, halting, and backing.  By the end of the lesson they were doing much better.  I'll let Jenni give more details.

I was working on cuing.  Pauli is so super responsive and what a blast to ride.  I can now get her to slow and soften her trot and lope so the ride is much more comfortable for both of us.  We also showed off some of her reining by doing a little bit of spinning and roll backs.  Next week maybe we'll try flying lead changes.

She has a great work ethic.  She hardly broke into a sweat last night and was very relaxed in the arena.  It was amusing to watch her look at herself in the mirrors that were placed in corners.  She knows how pretty she is!

I was told that I should show her as she moves so nicely.  So I am considering trail classes and maybe some competitive trail horse (ACTHA).  They are low key and would be lots of fun.

Life is good and getting better!

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